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ICTInnovations Has released New Version Of ICTFax 3.2

Latest Blog - Sat, 04/18/2015 - 23:45
ICT innovations has released the new version of ICTFax 3.2 For those who not now about ICTFax i briefly explain it. ICTFax is an open source Fax Over Internet protocol(FoIP) software solution. This open source solution is made with the combination of different open source frameworks drupal7, Freeswitch and very light weighted ICTCore. ICTFax is pioneer in T.38 and G711 origination and termination. ICTFax is also pioneer for providing unified open source communication software solution which supported Email to fax, web to fax and fax to email. ICTFax is a web based software which can be used mufti-user. ICTFax is designed in such a way that benefit gets by both businesses and service providers. Changes In Latest Version Of ICTFax 3.2 ICTinnovations has aim to provide such type of software solution to open source community which address basic needs of users and team of ICTInnovations always try to solve those problem which user encounter during using their applications. Release of Latest version of ICTFax 3.2 is also based on this aim.In New release of ICTFax 3.2 Plivo Framework has been drop and new light weighted ICTCore is in.Why ICTCore In And Plivo Out User of ICTFax was facing bugs in Plivo Framework and Plivo community seem not interested for solving these bugs. Therefore ICTInnovations decide to Out Plivo Framework and In new ICTCore Communication Framework. ICTCore is an open source communications library with a purpose to provide unified communications on a single platform. It is built with a focus on providing high-level APIs that will not only allow to create telephony applications easily but will also allow communication gateways to communicate with one another at the application level. This is the real edge that ICTCore has over its competitors. ICTCore is developed using object-oriented principles of PHP and is built to provide reliable communication with different gateways such as FreeSWITCH, Kannel and Sendmail. Share

Best Top 5 Softphone

Latest Blog - Wed, 04/15/2015 - 23:25
Softphone is a software application which use voice over internet protocol(VoIP) for telephony calls by using computer devices. It is also known as soft clients. Some softphone design is similar to traditional telephone looking like same display panel and button style. Softphone used headset and microphone or some time using analog telephone adaptor which allow VoIP calling from telephone handset. Best softphone is one whose User Interface(UI) is well design and button are medium size and arrange properly. Properly design softphone show important functions in front of softphone and configuration and integration of well design softphone is easy to understandable. Lets we see some of the top 5 best softphone. 3CX 3CX is a well design softphone and this softphone has also win the award for its good design and useful features. The team of 3CX is very motivated and work continuously to provide some thing different as compare to competitors. Button are well designed and large size which easily visible and other important functions are given in front of softphone.X-Lite X-Lite is is manufactured by Canadian based company. X-Lite softphone is feature enrich and freeware version. you can install this sip softphone free of cost. X-Lite provide the benefit of Use the Contact list to manage your contact information and sort them into groups for work, friends or family. Open standards and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based call signaling allows X-Lite to work with a wide number of networks.Zoiper Zoiper is another great softphone. Zoiper is also compatible with most VoIP service providers and PBX. Zoiper supported text messaging, receiving and sending faxes and audio video calls. Zoiper includes some basic features which used in call centers, such as call recording and auto answer. Zoiper runs on different platforms. No matter either you are using Linux, mac or windows.Twinkle Twinkle is another free and open source softphone for Linux user. This softphone is used for voice over IP and instant messaging communications using the SIP protocol. You can also use it for directly IP phone to IP phone communication or in a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls and messages. Twinkle provide the features of Multiple active call identities, Call Waiting, Blind call transfer,Automatic failover to an alternate server if a server is unavailable etc. QuteCom QuteCom is what was previously known as WengoPhone. This is free of cost open source and easily downloadable sip supported softphone initially develop by WengoPhone. You can modify its appearance according to your need and you can also modify The video and sound priorities. Share

Appointment Reminder Software Uses In Business

Latest Blog - Mon, 04/13/2015 - 23:31
Appointment Reminder is a software solution which dial contact no. from a contact list and send sms, email or voice message to recipient for remind important meeting, event or appointment. Appointment reminder is a best way to remind prospective important upcoming event, appointment or meeting just pressing one button. Appointment Reminder make alert to the recipient. Uses of appointment reminder is increasing day by day not only in health care organizations ,Many organization use this alert system to remind important meeting to staff. Its is very important in health care industries like hospital, doctor's clinic to remind patient appointment. Appointment reminder reduce the miss appointment chances. We know that appointment of doctor made few weeks in advance or sometimes even a month in advance. Today busy life we forget our appointment date and time. Appointment reminder software solution like (eg, ICTBroadcast) is a best way to remind prospective patient prior one day or few hours. Uses And Benefits Of Using Appointment Reminder Software In Business There are many benefits of using automated appointment reminders to remind your clients of upcoming appointments, its benefits for both you and for your clients. Let we see some of these benefits. 1.Using appointment reminder in your offices or business biggest benefit is it save your time and money by preventing miss appointment. Some time companies staff forget the time of meeting and they reached late in meeting its waste important time, by using appointment reminder you can save your time by sending alert message few hour before the meeting time to alert the staff. 2.By using automated appointment reminder software you can monitor the result of appointments, you have no need to transfer the response of calls manually. By using appointment reminder you mointer real time response and save time. 3.By using appointment reminder software you can cover the appointment slots very fast. You can confirm who show availability of appointment and who not show availability its enable you to fill these vacant slot effectively. 4.Appointment reminder software increase patient satisfaction by sending him alert message to remind their appointment. 5.Some businesses or companies do phone or send postal card reminders for upcoming event or appointment. They record the response of phone call either its confirm appointment or note by manually, its very hard and time consuming work. Automated appointment reminder ease the work of admin and escape from manual entry. Share

Virtualization VS Cloud Computing And Benefits Of Virtualization

Latest Blog - Fri, 04/10/2015 - 23:10
Not every one is clear about these two technologies "virtualization and cloud computing".Most of the people think that both technologies are same. But in actual these are different from each other. But the purpose of these technologies are same to maximize the computing resources. However it is important to understand the difference between these two. Virtualization By using virtualization you can run multiple application and multiple operating system in a single physical hardware. Virtualization allow you to run different computing application in a single physical server. The idea behind this technology work is to reduce cost by operating multiple server in a single hardware. Cloud Computing Cloud computing allow you to store different data and applications on a virtual server instead to store data and applications in physical hardware. In other words we can say that cloud computing provides shared resources such like different software and data over internet as a services which is different from virtualization which use physical hardware resources. Benefits Of Using Virtualization Utilize Maximum Resources Virtualization utilize the maximum number of resources by reducing the number of physical hardware for multiple operating system. Virtualization provide maximum use of the hardware investment. Utilize Multiple System The biggest benefit of using the Virtualization is you can use multiple operating system in a single physical hardware and can utilize all resources in different operating system. Reduce Cost We know that less server utilization means less cost you bear. By using virtualization you can reduced cost by utilizing sing physical server on multiple operating system. you can use single Hardisk RAM DVD drives etc in virtualized operating systems and save too much cost. Move To The Cloud By using virtualization you can make your server portable. When we feel comfortable and understand technology is mature we can move it to the cloud. Share

Asterisk Uses And Benefits In Business

Latest Blog - Wed, 04/08/2015 - 23:25
Asterisk is an open source PBX software solution used by many individuals enterprise and businesses. Many of the businesses are gaining befits form this PBX solution , Asterisk is highly equipped and affordable software solution for businesses. Small and large organization are utilizing this solution in all over the world. The biggest benefit of using the Asterisk in business is open source. Open source not only means its free of cost but it also provide source code. By using this source code you can modify this pbx solution according to your business need and extend the functionality of Asterisk PBX to innovative their work. As we know that Asterisk is free and open source PBX software solution it reduces your business communication expense. This software is very affordable save your licence and development cost if you have your own development staff. Asterisk PBX solution provide APIs. You can integrate your communication pbx solution with any third party software to enhance the functionality of your businesses. you can integrate internally and externally your Asterisk PBX software solution. you can easily integrate other application with your Asterisk PBX application internally and also integrate with other application your own Asterisk PBX application through externally. Most of the large organization which operate all over the world need conference calling to discuss business matters. Asterisk PBX provide the remote access of these offices over the network. By using Asterisk PBX you can enjoy feature of conference calling at very cheap rate as compare to other commercial PBX solution. Asterisk PBX provide many features to individual businesses and organization and make look professional. Feature which Asterisk PBX provide are call forward, auto attendant, call queuing, caller id, caller name, IVR and voice-mail and many more. These feature grow professional look of your small businesses. If you are interested to install telephony PBX solution in your business i suggest you install Asterisk PBX solution in your businesses.Asterisk is feature enrich telephony PBX solution it will fulfill your basic and advance communication needs and you can modify it according to your requirements. Share

ICTFax A Poineer Open Source FoIP Software Solution

Latest Blog - Mon, 04/06/2015 - 23:25
FoIP is a process of sending and receiving faxes through voice over internet protocol(Voip).FoIP is grew up from the last few years. FoIP remain successful for getting the huge attention of people because of its cost saving, reliability and mobility factors. ICTFax is a pioneer in the filed of FoIP software solution. ICTFax is an open source FoIP software solution. This open source solution is made with the combination of different open source frameworks drupal7,Freeswitch and very light weighted ICTCore. ICTFax is pioneer in T.38 and G711 origination and termination. ICTFax is also pioneer for providing unified open source communication software solution which supported Email to fax, web to fax and fax to email. ICTFax is a web based software which can be used multi-user. ICTFax is designed in such a way that benefit gets by both businesses and service providers. Benefits Of Using ICTFax FoIP Software The biggest benefit of using ICTFax FoIP software is an open source means free of cost, no downloading cost This FoIP solution is very easy to install use and administrate Very user friendly web based GUI interface Least cost routing due to FoIP Reduce the equipment cost and maintenance cost Provide the fast consistent and IP fax services throughout the organization Provide secure real time faxing Share

Integration Of ICTBRoadcast With WHMCS

Latest Blog - Fri, 04/03/2015 - 23:28
About ICTBroadcast ICTBroadcast is a broadcasting web based autodialer software solution.It broadcast voice sms fax and email.It is suitable for large and medium size businesses and also suitable for service provider.Service provider edition of ICTBroadcast provide multiple services for user such like scalability,load balancing,routing white labeling etc.It blast thousand of simultaneous call at a time by using Voip and PSTN lines.It is simple, reliable, poweful and provides a user-friendly web portal for effective and efficient communications management. About WHMCS WHMCS is a complete web based all in one billing,support and client managment solution for all online businesses.WHMCS provide cart and invoice setup for your online business website.By using WHMCS you can automate everything from account provisioning to domain management to email reminders and many more. WHMCS provide facility of multiple currencies, auto exchange rates syncing, up to 2 levels of tax rules and a fully multilingual client area. Integration ICTBroadcast With WHMCS The ICTBroadcast REST APIs provide an interface to allow you to access and perform an action in ICTBroadcast for external aplications. ICTBroadcast integeration with WHMCS by using REST based API's completly automate your buinsess process.ICTBroadcast APIs are defined in 3 classes API_User,API_Contact and API_Campaign we integrate in WHMCS.Mostly ICTBroadcast REST based APIs are used in WHMCS are related to account administration. Lets we see some of the APIs functions of ICTBroadcast which we call in WHMCS. User_Credit_Get This function returns credit of ICTBroadcast user whose ID is provided. Input Parameters usr_id: ID of the user whose credit is required. Output Returns json encoded string containing true and success message if successful. In case of failure, it will return false with a failure message. Sample Code <?php $arguments = array( 'usr_id' => 2, ); $result = broadcast_api('User_Credit_Get', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { print_r($result[1]); } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?> User_Payment_Create This function creates a payment from a user whose id is provided. This payment amount will credited into that user's account. Input Parameters usr_id: ID of the user who paid the amount value: Paid amount that will be added to user's account type: Payment type. One of the following 4 values. cash, cheque, online, other. description: Any textual description associated with this payment. paid_date: Optional, Date payment made on. example 2014-06-05, if missing current date will be used Output Returns json encoded string containing true and success message if successful. In case of any failure, it will return false with a failure message. Sample Code <?php $arguments = array( 'usr_id' => 5, 'value' => 500, 'type' => 'cash', 'description' => 'Paid cash amount'); $result = broadcast_api('User_Payment_Create', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { print_r($result[1]); } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?> User_Payment_List This function list of all the payments made by a user. Input Parameters usr_id: Optional. id of the user. Output Returns json encoded string containing true and list of payments if successful. In case of any failure, it will return false. Sample Code <?php $arguments = array('usr_id'=> $usr_id); $result = broadcast_api('User_Payment_List', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { $paymentList = $result[1]; foreach ($paymentList as $payment) { print_r($payment); } } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?> Share

Top 5 Open Source CRM Solutions

Latest Blog - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 23:18
For building relationship with customer is very difficult task, for this purpose need sophisticated CRM solution. CRM is a best solution for sustaining business customer relationship. (Customer Relationship Management) is web based software solution, it is use for record customer contact no. customer transactions, customer sales purchase history and customer detailed information for future perspective. Open source CRM is a free of cost customer relationship management solution. Any one modify open source CRM according to their needs. No need to buy expensive commercial CRM solution. If you have technical experiences you can modify with no cost, if you do not have any technical expertise you can customize it from freelancer developer at cheap rate as compare to commercial CRM. Lets we see the top 5 open source CRM solution which are numbered according to their unique features and based on user satisfaction. 1.SugarCRM SugarCRM is very famous open source customer relationship management software solution. It was found in 2004 by the trio of John Roberts. This Software applications is written in PHP and its also work with Microsoft sql server database and mysql database. SugarCRM is use for multipurpose in business, It can be use as a marketing tool, customer information storage, analyzing and reporting. SugarCRM has two version one is commercial and other one is open source. Hosted version of SugarCRM is commercial version while Community version of SugarCrm is free and opens source. 2.Vtigar Vtigar is also open source customer relationship engagement software solution, is actually based on SugarCRM. Vtigar was a part of SugarCRM but now it is independent. Therefore most of the functions of both CRM is same but few functions like management task,integration are missing. Vtigar is a suitable choice for small and mediums businesses. Vtigar can be download on your own server or you can purchase hosted version of vtigar in a very reasonable price. 3.ZohoCRM ZohoCRM is another free open source CRM software solution for managing customer leads.ZohoCRM is free for only 3 users and store 5000 records of user. ZohoCRm has a mobile application you cans easily manage records by your mobile. The most useful things about ZohoCRM is easy to use and development features. 4.Bitrix24 Bitrix24 provide free 12 user account and 5 GB storage and also provide free hand to do anything with this storage. Bitrix24 provide unlimited user account and fifty gig storage capacity only $99.This deal is very reasonable and Bitrix24 provide flexibality if you want to add more storage its provide this option. Like ZohoCRM it is very easy to use CRM solution. 5.FreeCRM FreeCRM is a web based opens source customer relationship management software solution available one year free account. This CRM provide 5 user account free of cost and in which 2500 customer contacts included. This CRM provide up gradation very affordable rates. This software do not provide customer support in free account. Share

ICTBroadcast Integration With SugarCRM and Vtiger

Latest Blog - Mon, 03/30/2015 - 23:36
ICTBroadcast is a marketing and broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTBroadcast use open source asterisk gateway in back end. ICTBroadcast is a unified broadcasting communication software solution, it broadcast sms , voice, email and fax. ICTBroadcast support Voip and PSTN lines as a trunk/gateway. ICTBroadcast has multiple features its blast thousand of call at a time, it support multi service billing,it has unique IVR designer survey and appointment reminder modules,it provide live monitoring AMD support and scalability feature. ICTbroadcast has also many other features which should be avilable in any marketing software autodialer. ICTBroadcast autodialer software is flexible solution, it give the freedom to integrate externally with top 2 CRM solutions SugarCRM and Vtiger.By using ICTBroadcast APIs we can integrate it with SugarCRM and Vtiger. Integration of ICTBroadcast with these two CRM is little technical and needed ICTBroadcast's APIs. This integration is very cost effective, customizable, functional and flexibly scalable. By using ICTBroadcast marketing autodialer software with these two CRM(SugarCRM & Vtiger) is a great opportunity to increase sales and long term relationship with customer. API ICTBRoadcast ICTBroadcast provide REST base APIs to integrate with SugarCRM and Vtigar without compromising quality and services of ICTBroadcast. To integrate and access ICTBroadcast in SugaCRM and Vtiger needs to write some code on these CRM. ICTBroadcast provides three different types of Rest based API to integrate with SugarCRM and Vtiger. 1.API_User 2.API_Contact 3.API_Campaign Lets see how we use some external REST APIs of ICTBroadcast in SugarCRM and Vtigar for creating contacts,contact groups,recording and simple campaign. Contact_Create This function creates a new contact in a group whose contact_group_id is provided while calling this method. Input Parameters contact: An array containing the contact data. For example, first_name, last_name, phone, email, address, description etc. contact_group_id: ID of the contact group whose contacts are to be dialed by this campaign Output Returns json encoded string containing contact_id if successful. In case of any failure, it will return false. Sample Code <?php $contact = array( 'phone' => '12345678', 'first_name'=>'first', 'last_name'=>'last', 'email'=> 'test@test.com' ); $arguments = array('contact'=>$contact, 'contact_group_id'=> $group_id); $result = broadcast_api('Contact_Create', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { $contact_id = $result[1]; print_r($contact_id); } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?> Campaign_Create This function creates a message (voice) campaign. It requires a recording message and a contact group to run campaign. Input Parameters campaign: An array of campaign containing IDs of the message (recording_id in this case) and contact_group_id as mandatory fields. campaign array can contain following optional fields: name, contact_repeat, campaign_mode, am_action, am_message etc. Output Returns json encoded string containing campaign_id if successful. In case of any failure, it will return false. Sample Code <?php $campaign = array( 'contact_group_id' => 1, // contact_group_id 'message' => 1, // recording_id ); $arguments = array('campaign'=>$campaign); $result = broadcast_api('Campaign_Create', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { $campaign_id = $result[1]; print_r($campaign_id); } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?>Contact_Group_Create This function creates a new contact groups. Input Parameters contact_group: An array containing the contact group data. For example, name and description. Output Returns json encoded string containing true and contact_group_id if successful. In case of any failure, it will return false. Sample Code <?php $arguments = array('contact_group'=> array('name' => 'mygroup')); $result = broadcast_api('Contact_Group_Create', $arguments); if($result[0] == true) { $contact_group_id = $result[1]; print_r($contact_id); } else { $errmsg = $result[1]; print_r($errmsg); } ?> Share

IP Phone System Advantages In Business

Latest Blog - Sat, 03/28/2015 - 00:35
IP phone system is a telephony system provides calls on Internet Protocol(IP) network. All the calls on IP phones are deliver over the internet. Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) has dramatically boost the telecommunication industry. Most of the businesses now using IP based telephony communication system in their offices because of the some unique advantages as compare to tradition telephony systems. IP phone system is a very advance telecommunication technology provides video, audio and wireless communication over internet. IP phone system provides flexibility in businesses communication by using IP phone system we communicate computer to computer, telephone to telephone and telephone to computer. Businesses which heavily depends on telephony communication can save millions of dollars by installing IP phone system in their offices. Because IP phone system based on internet therefor local and long distance(out of country) calling become very cheap. IP phone system provide scalable communication solution. In Traditional phone system for handle high volumes of calls needs new lines and expensive hardware integration. Buy using IP phone system no need to add extra phone lines and hardware integration just add more phone to expand the communication network. IP phone system provide feature enrich business communication solution. IP phone system provides call conferencing, auto attendant, call Que, voice mail, call forward, call transfer, call mute and caller id etc. IP phone has a great feature it save time of technical maintenance. Whenever your IP phone need technical support you provide the technical person remote administrator GUI access and technician will resolve problem from remote location. It save time of travailing and as well travailing expense. IP phone system has provide mobility features. If you want to change the place of your business your phone no. remain same. In traditional phone system when you change the place your phone no. also change in respect to new location. But IP phone provide the ease your phone no. remain same if you change your business location, city to city, state to stat or even country to country. Share

Why Most Businesses prefer Outsource Call Center

Latest Blog - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 01:19
Most of the businesses is now focus on outsourcing their call center activities. The main reason of outsourcing call center is to pay attention on their core business and save precious time, resources and cost. Peoples who cannot familiar with outsourcing i little explain for them. Outsource is a practice in which one company provides their services for another companies which normally do itself. Trend of outsourcing is dramatically increasing in call center related business. Outsourcing provide many benefits to call center businesses. Following are the some benefits which call center businesses take by outsourcing. Reduce Cost Every business has a strategy to reduce cost and increase profit for this purpose many businesses adopt different methods. Outsourcing is a best method of reducing cost for call centers. Outsourcing reduce call center labor cost significantly by Outsourcing call center in under develop countries whose per ca pita income is low. Outsourcing also reduce call center operational and infrastructure cost and pay significant impact on profits by reducing cost. Save Resources Outsourcing major befits in call center is eliminate staff related issues. Outsourcing save your company's cost, time and headache of hiring, training, monitoring and managing the staff. Focus On Business Outsourcing less your headache by outsourcing call center functions to third party. you can focus better way on your core business by reducing burden of talking and making call for business. 24/7 Customer Services Some of the businesses needs to provide the 24/7 continuous support of globally spreed customer. Its become difficult for business owner to handle this continuous 24/7 support due to the different time zone. Outsourcing in such scenario is very useful and provide round the clock support services. Eliminate Language Barriers If your business is spread in whole world and you need to communicate with customer of different languages its become difficult to handle these varied languages customers. Outsourcing provide ease in this case. Outsourced call center agent are able to communicate in different languages. Share

Choose IVR System For Your Business

Latest Blog - Tue, 03/24/2015 - 23:33
Interactive Voice Response is a method of telephony communication that permit computer to communicate with caller by using voice and DTMF and route the calls to appropriate recipients. The main purpose of IVR is to facilitate the client to serve themselves by using advance IVR technology. IVR technology use the speech recognition or DTMF to direct the customer in right way and answer their questions instead to speaks directly with companies staff. There are numerous benefits of choosing IVR system for your businesses. Lets we see some of these benefits. Save Time Time is money most successful businesses and pay full concentration on time management. Interactive Voice Response(IVR) great benefit is it save the time. Instead every time to answer the most frequently asking questions(FAQ) by agent IVR play the recorded message of FAQ it save lot of time for businesses and for individuals. Save Money By saving time and money businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. Interactive Voice Response have tremendous effect of most of the business by saving their cost through the deployment of IVR system in their businesses. IVR reduce the cost of staff which usually stand on receptions, IVR has a great ability to taking care of your business. Customer Feedback Customer feedback is very important to customize and improve the quality of product and services in business. Most of the companies conduct door to door survey and manually fill up the forum to understand the customer views and needs about the specifics product and services. Interactive Voice Response provide the great feature of getting the customer feedback about specific product and services by using DTMF response. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Interactive Voice Response enhance customer satisfaction. By using properly design and easy to use IVR routing like (eg, ICTBRoadcast) increase the customer satisfaction, reliability and loyalty.Enhance Company Image By using IVR system in companies it enhance companies image and professionalism look. When caller call the IVR system provide the ease to interconnect with either purchase department ,sales department,marketing department, logistic department, technical support department etc. Caller is engage the specific agent after the selection of specific department by using IVR routing functions. This smooth process increase company's image and its professionalism. Share