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Best Free And Open Source Educational Software For Kids

Latest Blog - Thu, 07/30/2015 - 00:52
Best Free And Open Source Educational Software For Kids Tux Paint Tux Paint is a free and open source drawing program for children. It is very excellent award winning program. It consist of very user friendly graphical user interface desinged for children. It consist of sounds effects and cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. Tux Paint provide the very comprehensive drawing tool,it provide very good features to their user like paint brush, rubber stamp, line tool, shape tool, text and label tools ,eraser,undo and multiple levels of undo, undo actions can themselves be undone with the 'Redo' button etc. Tux Paint supported cross platform (Mac OS X (10.4 through 10.9), Windows (Windows95 through Windows 8), Linux and other systems).It is released under the GNU General Public License. Canorus Canorus is a free and open source music editor tool for children. It supported number of functions like MIDI playback of written notes, import and export filters in numerous formats,import and export filters, staffs and polyphony. Since it is open source therefor its source code is publicly open. You have freedom to change its functionality according to your needs. It is released under GNU GPL license. It can be run on different operating system like Linux, Windows, MacOSX. List of features provided by this software are provide multiple view for different task,provide numerous import possibilities,provide lyrics,translate into different languages,supported standard notation elements,provide undo,redo, copy and past,print preview and many more features. Childsplay Childsplay is a free suit of educational games for children. You can used it at home and schools. It is very interesting learning games for young children. By playing this game you learn math,spelling,letters of the alphabet, eye-hand coordination and many more things. It has been released under the GNU-GPL license, and supported different operating systems like GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and the Windows platforms. Childsplay provide number of features to their user some the main features are based on object oriented framework for easy activity development in Python, login facility to monitor the children progress, supported MySQL database, support multiple languages, game activity included puzzles, pong, pacman and billiards, teach the children about the use of mouse and keyboard and many more. Share

The Top 5 Open Source DVD Burners

Latest Blog - Wed, 07/29/2015 - 00:45
The Top 5 Open Source DVD Burners ImgBurn ImgBurn is a free and open source burning application solution. It has ability to burn data and files directly to CD/DVD and supported different types of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray images to record able media. It is written in C++ language and released under license Freeware. It is developed by Lightning UK and it is based on the optical disc burning engine of DVD Decrypte. Features provided by ImgBurn are: ImgBrun supported different type of file formats like ISO, MDS, NRG,BIN, CUE,DI,PDI etc. It has ability to create different type of video disc like DVD Video discs,HD DVD Video discs and Blu-ray Video discs. It Supported full unicode folder,file name. It is light weighted application,it has 1.8MB size. It supported different Window's version like 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 and 2008 R2. By using it you can burn several images with minimum interaction. StarBurn StarBurn is a free and excellent software burning application. It has ability to burn the mastering CD, DVD and Blu-Ray media. It supported all most all type of optical storage like CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE and DVD-RAM.It also supported different type of hardware burning.StarBurn is very easy to install and use. Even a new user can easily install and use this software. Features provided by StarBurn are: StarBurn supported all Multi-Media Command Set. StarBurn is compatible CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD devices. It supported different type media like CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, HD-DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM media. It provide the backup facility to your data. It allow you to erase all type of data in disc. It store audio tracks as uncompressed (WAV) and compressed Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. It supported ISO9660 file system. DVD Flick DVD Flick is an open source burning software tool. It supported Windows platforms and developed by Dennis Meuwissen. It is released under the GNU General Public License and written in Visual Basic 6.It has ability to perform multiple task like video files and subtitles, importing audio tracks,create an ISO image,composes DVD-Video movie and burning. Features provided by DVD Flick are: It has ability to burn any video files to DVD. It supported four subtitle formats like SubStation Alpha,MicroDVD,SubRip,SubView. DVD Flick allow encoding and burn project in to disc. By using DVD Flick you can add subtitle and menus. DVD Flick relies on the FFMPEG project to decode the file formats and codecs. It supported 53 container formats, It also supported 42 different types of audio codecs and 72 different types of video codecs. DVDStyler DVDStyler is a free and open source authoring tool. It supported cross platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions. It is released under the GNU GPL license. It provide function of DVD previews,button and menu creations. Features provided by DVDStyler are: It provide different templates for DVD menus. It allow you to import image for background. It supported different type of format like MP2, MP3, AC-3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, etc. It supported different file format like MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV, AVI, MOV. In DVDStyler MPEG and VOB files are used without re-encoded. It supported number of audio track and subtitles. Share

Best Programming Languages For Learner

Latest Blog - Tue, 07/28/2015 - 01:16
Best Programming Languages For Learner Java Java is one of the world most popular programming language. It is a general purpose programming language developed by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems. It can be run on all platforms that supported Java,you can run it on Java virtual machine without consideration of computer architecture. It is little hard to learn therefor in most schools first learn C/C++ to full understanding Java language because lot of its syntax from those earlier languages. It is use for client-server web applications,cross-platform application development,other network applications. It is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. It designed as to be portable and workable on different platforms. It provide the features of Platform independence,rich standard library,familiar C++-like syntax,garbage collection,object orientation etc. It is released under GNU General Public License. Ruby Ruby is an open source object-oriented programming language. It is developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto it supported cross platform. One very interesting thing about this language is it is very easy to learn, because it is very easy to read and write and not need to learn lot of commands. Even you can grasp basic learning with a 20 minute quick start guide which is available on official website. It is very flexible language which support procedural, functional, and imperative programming. It was released under license Ruby, GPLv2 and developed in the mid-1990s.It has the features of dynamic type system and automatic memory management. It also supported unicode and multiple character encodings. It has big standard library which has module for FTP, RSS, curses,YAML, JSON, XML,OpenSSL and many more. C/C++ C is strong system programming language while C++ is an comprehensive general purpose programming language with much more advance features as compare to C. For learning C++ it would be better to first learn C language. C is widely used general purpose programming language which was developed in 1970s.C language supported lexical variable scope and recursion,structured programming, while C++ is an object oriented and generic programming language and used in almost every things like software to games etc. C++ is difficult as compare to C language. Learning these languages is beneficial for those people who interested in computer science and programming. C++ supported cross platform. JavaScript JavaScript is an excellent scripting language for coding beginners. Javascript is different from Java language it is also known as ECMAScript language. It is dynamic programming language designed by Brendan Eich. It is flexible language. Provide the flexibility to their user to use object oriented programming style and it is mostly used in web browsers. It supported almost all the major web browser. You can use it on different platform like network programming of server side,desktop,game development and mobile applications. Javascript is easy to learn as compare to Java language,its most of the syntax is driven from C language. It is supported different style of language like object-oriented,functional programming and imperative language. Share

Free And Open Source Applications For Small Business

Latest Blog - Sun, 07/26/2015 - 00:50
Free And Open Source Applications For Small Business Apache OpenOffice Apache OpenOffice is an open source office suite.It is similar to Microsoft Office and is very helpful for small business.It is available free of cost.It provide the various usefull programme for small business like word processing (Writer), spreadsheets (Calc), presentations (Impress),formula editor (Math), graphics databases and more.It is available in different languages and compatible with various operating systems.It was released under the SISSL and GNU LGPL licesnse.The commercial support of this product is also available.It has the ability to export file in PDF format.It provide the multiple features to their small business users like better print preview and refined selection visualization,extensions and templates available,performance improvements and unified menu APIs etc. GnuCash GnuCash is a free and open source small business financial-accounting software that implements a double entry bookkeeping system.It was released under the GNU GPL and supported different operating system like GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.It is written in C language.It is very helpful for small business like it can be used for to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.It also provide the features of tracking invoices,account receivable,customers, vendors, jobs,reporting,employee expense voucher,Payroll Management through use of account receivable and account payable,setting up tax tables and applying sales tax on invoices,find depreciation etc. GIMP GIMP is a free and open source image editing tool which is used as a substitute of Photoshop.It is comprehensive professional graphic designers tool.It was began in 1995 and can be used for image editing, resizing, converting, retouching and many more task we can accomplished by using this tool.It supported number of operating system like GNU/Linux,Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista),Mac OS X,Sun OpenSolaris and FreeBSD. It also supported the plugin to enhance the functionality. File format supported by GIMP are JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD by using plugin you can increase the format capability. GIMP provide the customization facility you can change the color,widget,icon size etc. It is very useful for advanced retouching techniques and it also support the various hardware devices. GIMP released under license GNU GPL v3. Linux Linux is a free and open source operating system it was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991.Because it is free most of the small business can get benefit from this.Linux operating system also known as fast performing operating system.The interfaces of some Linux distribution are elegant and intuitive, much more so than even Windows or Mac. Unlike Window OS, Linux is an open source and also open publically anyone customize it according to their need. In very start Linux was run on Server OS with the contribution of different people now its used on different platform such like desktop computer, laptop and mobiles.Linux OS are categories in different distributions. Each Linux distribution have some unique features and qualities. Share

The Best Open Source Survey Applications

Latest Blog - Sat, 07/25/2015 - 00:59
The Best Open Source Survey Applications FluidSurvey FluidSurvey is an open source online Survey Software Solution. This application used worldwide and not for profit,small business, industries and education institutions are its main users. It is very comprehensive application and designed in such a way to collect and analyze data from its customers. By using FluidSurvey you can get feedback from employees, conduct customer satisfaction polls, gather market research and academic research and many more. It provide the drag and drop interface different type of questions. It supported multiple file format and you can easily import and export survey questions. It provide customizable survey appearance and compatible with mobile devices. It has ability to send surveys via Email, link, Facebook, Twitter and conduct 50 different question. It has a features of branding and white label. SurveyGizmo SurveyGizmo is the cloud based online survey tool for marketers, researchers and educators. It is very excellent solution provide secure survey through their pro services. It is feature enrich survey tool, you can conduct simple surveys, complex surveys, evaluations, polls etc. It is very easy to use no experience needed. It provide the sophisticated reporting data you can share with your peers and clients. It also provide you branding facility. Well known user of this application are Microsoft, Bloomberg Television, FedEx, GE, IBM,Disney and ESPN. It supported cross platform like Windows Phone, Linux, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App,Mac. The list of features provided by SurveyGizmo are email notifications and form posts,Email Invitations and payment forms,supported 28 question types,website intercept surveys and open text analysis,embed surveys in your app and site and many more. Typeform Typeform is an online cloud based survey and forms application solution. It is very user friendly application which engaged both end users and creator. It built very beautiful online survey and forms. By using Typeform you can collect data in different ways such as interactive narratives,make unique and creative micro-apps,personalized forms, interactive guides, team presentations and many more. User of this application are Small Business,Freelancers,Public Administrations,Non Profits organization,Mid Size and large organization. It supported cross platform like mobile web app,Linux,Windows phone,web-based,Windows. It provide free plan with unlimited questions and responses. It provide the features of customization you can design your own theme and allow customizable self-notifications. Typeform provide the function of calculator for scoring and pricing. Survey Analytics Survey Analytics is an excellent data collection and analysis tools. It can be used for conducting online survey and mobile data collection. The business and organization which communicate with customers can robust their sale by using this tool. Survey Analytics is currently using in 15 countries and more than 30 industries are serving this tool. Survey Analytics offer cloud based surveys and real-time analytic. It is a cusmtomizable solution you can integrate it with your site it also offer APIs. It supported different platform like mobile web app, iPhone-iPad, Mac, Windows, web-based. The most frequent user of this applications are small medium and large business,public administrations, freelancers, non profits. By using Survey Analytics you can conduct unlimited surveys and get responses. It supported 50 question types,multilingual surveys,employee feedback and consumer insights. Share

Best Open Source Unified Modeling Language Tools

Latest Blog - Fri, 07/24/2015 - 01:12
Best Open Source Unified Modeling Language Tools ArgoUML ArgoUML is an open source Unified Modeling Language tool. It is written in Java language and released under open source Eclipse Public License. You can run it on any Java based platform and it is available in 10 languages. It has very user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The user interface is split in different panes are explorer,ToDo and details. ArgoUML provide diagramming features which are easy to used and provide help in formatting,allign process. This software is very useful for beginner that wants to learn UML diagrams. The list of features provided by ArgoUML are code generation and reverse engineering,closely follows the UML standard,support XML and OCL,diagram editing and zoom,modules interface and independent platform etc. ATL ATL (ATL Transformation Language) is an open source model transformation language and toolkit. ATL is developed and maintained by OBEO and AtlanMod. It is written in JAVA language and released under EPL license. It has an M2M component inside of the Eclipse Modeling Project and ATL gives ways and produce targets model from a source models. The purpose of ATL is to provide ease in development of ATL transformations and it also provide the number of standard development tools. It supported XML. You can convert UML & EMF models into other models. It used ZOO repository of transformations in various large sector such like educational labs and industries. It has ability to supported cross platforms and built on the top of model transformation Virtual Machine. Dia Dia is a free and open source diagramming software tool developed by Alexander Larsson. It supported cross platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,released under the GPL license. It is similar to Inkscape and and GIMP and used controlled single document interface (SDI). Dia is used to fulfill different needs like it can be used for network diagrams, flowchart, circuit diagrams,database models etc. Thousand of objects supported in Dia to draw comprehensive professional look diagram. It has ability to read and write different raster and vector image formats. You can increase the functionality of Dia by using Python. It provide the number of features to their user like it supported more than 1000 predefined objects and symbols,easy to use and draw structured diagrams and many more. Modelio Modelio is an open source unified modeling language tool developed by Modeliosoft and based in Paris and France. It is released under the GPLv3 license and supported UML2 and BPMN standards. It provide the high standard functionality for analysts,business architects, software developers and system architects. Modelio supported add-on modules which support business process modeling,system architecture modeling, specifying embedded systems,reverse and roundtrip engineering. Modelio support business process modeling by combining the BPMN and UML support. It support the features of XML import/export support and empower you to exchange UML2 models between different tools. You can publish your models in HTML format by using HTML publisher module. Share

Free And Open source File Encryption Tools

Latest Blog - Thu, 07/23/2015 - 00:59
Free And Open source File Encryption Tools AES Crypt AES Crypt is a free and open source file encryption tool. It supported cross platform like Windows, OSX, Linux. It is very easy to use file encryption tool. It also supported command line interface to secure the file. AES Crypt limit you to encrypt individual file however you can encrypt several file at time by creating zip file and encrypted them. Encrypted file cannot see every one because it is secured with password. It used 256-bit encryption algorithm you can safely secure your most sensitive files. Since it is open source it provide the publicly open source code. You have a freedom to modify the AES Crypt according to your need. You can used it in your office free of cost because it is free and open source tool. AxCrypt AxCrypt is also an open source file encryption tool for Windows. You can use it in Window and perform multiple function like encrypt and decrypt, compress and store, work and send files individually. It is very easy to use software tool and used key file instead of a passphrase. Keyfile is more secure encryption method as compare to passphrase. It is also a single-file encryption program. You can use this tool on Dropbox, Google Drive, Live Mesh, SkyDrive and Box.net for security purpose. Most useful features provided by AxCrypt are protect number of file using strong encryption password, right click integration with Windows Explore,it is easy to open, edit and save protected files,easy installation,AxCrypt is translated into different languages. DiskCryptor DiskCryptor is an open source software solution for full disk encryption. It use AES 256, Twofish, and Serpent encryption algorithms. It use key file for security instead of password. Since it is full disk encryption tool it enable you to encrypt hard drives, or partitions, has the ability to encrypt the partition and disk on which Windows is already install and supported disk devices with large size. It automatically mounted external USB flash drives and other removable volumes. It also supported different multi boots option and full compatible with third party boot loaders. It supported key file and provide option to boot an external media and to authenticate using the key media. It released under license GNU GPLv3. EncFS EncFS is an open source software solution for file encryption. It is very easy to use encryption tool which used an arbitrary directory as storage for the encrypted files. It use AES_256,Cipher encryption algorithm and supported cross platform like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac,Windows, Andorid. It use volume key for file encryption and password is use to decrypt key,EncFS's volumes is not occupy a fixed size,size can be increased and decreased by adding or removing files. It also encrypted file individually and very useful for cloud storage security. EncFS utilize bitrot detection functionality for underlying file system. It released under license LGPL. Share

Best Free And Open Source Time And Attendance Management Systems

Latest Blog - Fri, 07/17/2015 - 00:52
Best Free And Open Source Time And Attendance Management Systems Orange HRM Orange HRM is very famous worldwide used software for HR management and time and attendance management. By using it you can create weekly and monthly time sheets to monitor employee's working hour in certain days. It easily gather and manipulate time sheet and attendance data, save time and eliminate delays in understanding workforce attendance trends. It has ability to create reports from information which enter through manually or a biometric device. The installation of this software is very ease you can easily install,maintain and upgrade. List of features provide by this software are show detailed attendance and timesheet data, time and attendance tracking is a main HR function, ability to track time information for individuals and many more features. Tibbo Technology Tibbo Technology’s AggreGate Time and Attendance is an open source software solution. It is designed to perform in employee attendance tracking industry. It is very advanced attendance management system used different communication protocols connected to the system like Biometric, Fingerprint, Web clock, PDA clock and PC clock, RFID, Keypad, Magnetic card etc. It provide the centralized attendance control for large organizations with different branches and departments .It is a scalable solution designed to handle thousands of employees and hundreds of entrance gates. AggreGate Time and Attendance is suitable for all size of organizations. It also provide the freedom of integration you can integrate it with other module like Payroll,billing and HR to enhance the functionality of this software. SCM Attendance Management System SCM Attendance Management System is a free and open source solution. It is comprehensive and complete solution of organization or companies to manage attendance on daily basis. It is written in PHP language and released under GPL V3 license. The most interesting thing in this software is you can easily setup this software on your local or cloud server. It is a web based solution and has very user friendly graphical user interface(GUI).It has the ability to handle the monthly based record very easily. The features which presented by SCM Attendance Management System are Fine calculation, Monthly attendance report, User detail, Calendar, change password, Attendance Report, News of the day Rotator, provide admin interface and many more. Share

Best Free And Open Source Ticket Systems

Latest Blog - Thu, 07/16/2015 - 00:55
Best Free And Open Source Ticket Systems OTRS OTRS is a free and open source Ticket Request System it is also known as trouble ticket system. It is very excellent software that most of organization or companies used to assign tickets to incoming queries and track further communications. By using OTRS you can manage customer telephone calls,managing incoming inquiries,defect reports and support requests. It has a capacity to handle thousand of tickets per day it is also highly scalable software which allow multiple agent support. Each agent can read the messages, bringing them in order, and answering them. OTRS has a great feature of showing entire history of ticket and also has ability to merge multiple requests about the same incident. OTRS allow the integration functionality and allow different department like internal IT, helpdesk, pre-sales, billing,support etc to quickly response to inbound inquiries. osTicket osTicket is an opens source widely used support ticket application initially released in 2003 under license GPL2.It has a comprehensive features of integration you can integrate inquiries created via web-based forms,email and phone. From a single place you can manage, organize and archive your support request. Its comes with easy installation procedure, installatron remote is one click solution for installation and managing osTicket websites. osTicket provide the features of auto response(automatic reply is sent when a new ticket is opened), alerts and notices(upto date client adn staff with email alerts), provide canned replies(predefined responses for FAQs and provide configurable and flexible settings), assign and transfer(assign tickets to a staff and concerned departments) and support history. Trouble Ticket Express Trouble Ticket Express is an open source fully automated web based help desk.It is very easy to install solution written in Perl language. It supported different operating server like Unix and window. It provide the features of unlimited operators,unlimited customer service, bulletin board correspondence tracking, forms and email alerts. You can access it remotely from any place where you are. You can control completely your customer service operation. It also provide the features of correspondence tracking, email alerts,custom fields and customizable ticket browser layout,ticket monitoring and unlimited operators,inventory tracking and multiple inquiry forms,optional MySQL database and SQL Server database,file attachments and email based submission,usage report and data export,easy data backup and restore and many more. RT RT(Request Tracker) is an open source ticket-tracking system. It is written in Perl language and runs on the Apache and lighttpd web servers. It is released under the GNU General Public License. For data storage it used different database like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite database. It supported cross platform like Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like systems,Window. It has excellent web based graphical user interface which is used for customer service personnel and end users. It also allow you to customize web pages according to your needs and offer REST APIs. You can integrate RT with email, attachment and supporting auto responses. Share

Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

Latest Blog - Tue, 07/14/2015 - 00:54
Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools Jaspersoft Jaspersoft is an open source software vendor main focused on business intelligence,reporting and analytic, including data visualization also. By using Jaspersoft you can interact with report charts, filtering, and formatting of column values and headers, tables including on-the-fly sorting. Its comes with comprehensive dashboard and it also provide the collection of interactive reports, charts, and external web content in single screen. Jaspersoft BI Suite is beneficial for both business and IT audiences. It supported all size of organization small to large sized. It provide the flexible web-based architecture you can embed inside your application according to your needs. It provide the features of secure access to reports and analytic down,compliance and performance metrics,Audit and monitoring services. Pentaho Pentaho is an open source Business Intelligence and data integration solution. Pentaho comes with two edition,Enterprise and Community edition . It also provide the other excellent features like OLAP services, reporting, dash boarding, data mining and ETL capabilities. Combination of business analytics with data integration provide business user number of features like to create robust data models, make information-driven decisions, scalable platform and provide secure IT aministration. By using Pentaho data integration tool you can integrate, manipulate, and visualize your data and also provide the features of transform, export data from multiple data sources,import, relational databases, Hadoop, NoSQL databases,including flat files, and many more. BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is an open source technology platform that provide business intelligence capabilities and web applications based on Java and Java EE. The main goal of this project is to fulfill wide range of reporting needs within a typical application which varies from enterprise reporting to multi-dimensional online analytically processing. BIRT has very strong active community of users and it hs two main component one is report designer within the Eclipse IDE for creating BIRT Reports and second is run time component for generating reports that can we deployed to any Java environment. BIRT has chart engine which is fully integrated into the report designer and can also be used standalone to integrate charts into an application. BIRT reporting design using XML to access a number of different data sources. RapidMiner RapidMiner is an open source predictive analytic platform for data mining, machine learning and predictive analytic. It is very easy solution makes predictive analytic lightning-fast and reduce the time to unearth opportunities and risks. By using RapidMiner you can easily design data analysis routines visually by eliminating the need to write code. It works with different data formats like Excel, Hadoop,Mysql, Oracle and CSV. It also supported plugin you can increase its performance through additional plugins. Share

Best Free And Open Source Linux Library Management Systems

Latest Blog - Sun, 07/12/2015 - 01:08
Best Free And Open Source Linux Library Management Systems VuFind VuFind is an open source library search engine.It is designed and developed for libraries by libraries and permit users to search and browse beyond the resources of a traditional OPAC. The basic purpose of VuFind is to provide the ease so that user can search and browse through all of your library's electronic resources.Operating VuFind is very easy to use and its simple interface is same as Google which offer flexible keyword searching. VuFind also provide the ease for configuration and allow to choose system components to best fit their needs.It used famous open source web application components like the Apache web server, PHP scripting language and MySQL database. Features which provided by VuFind are: Provide persistent URLs. Author biographies. Supported Multi-language. Browse for resources. Live Record Status. Location with Ajax querying. Personal organization and annotation of resources. Search with faceted results. Koha Koha is a very famous and award wining pen source Integrated Library System used by hundreds of libraries worldwide.It is mostly used by school,public and special libraries. Koha provide acquisitions system, cataloging, member,patron management, issues, returns, reserves and searching.No need to install software on desktop computer because Koha is a web based solution.It comes with very comprehensive features and allow you to select specific feature which you want through the administration of system preferences.As Koha is an open source every one have freedom to modify it according to your specific needs and it also allow you to re-distribute it. Features which provided by Koha are: Provide customizable search. Reporting and Reading lists for members. Provide full acquisitions system including budgets and pricing information. Union catalog facility and configurable user interface. Web based interfaces and serials system for magazines or newspapers. Cataloging module and circulation. Borrower management and MARC based cataloging. Library standard compliant and integrated library system. Evergreen Evergreen is an open source Integrated Library System used by over 1000 libraries around the world.It is developed by the Georgia Public Library Service for Public Information Network for Electronic Services (PINES) and it is written in C, Perl, XUL, JS programming languages.It also supported cross platform and available in English. Evergreen has ability supported large public library and state wide consortium environments ans as well can be used in single branch libraries. Evergreen is used by libraries to facilitate their public catalog interface,acquisition of library materials,sharing resources among different groups of libraries. Features which provided by Evergreen are: Online public access catalog (OPAC). For staff to check items in and out to patrons. Keep track of purchased materials. Provide powerful reporting with statistical information stored in the database. Customizable label printing and unlimited notes for annotating item. Template based receipt printing. Integration with news aggregators, unAPI and web browser. Share

Best Free And Open Source LMS

Latest Blog - Sat, 07/11/2015 - 00:55
Best Free And Open Source LMS Sakai Sakai is a free and open source educational software platform distributed under the Educational Community License. It is built on Java programming language, Sakai is mostly used for teaching, researching and collaboration work. This system is also known as Learning Management Systems or Course Management Systems. Since Sakai is an open source product its allow you to contribute in source code to increase the functionality of this Learning Management Systems. It also provide the features of integration you can integrate Sakai with wiki,online testing and Google Docs as well. Sakai provide the features of interoperable, extensible,reliable, and scalable. By using Sakai Instructors and learners can share knowledge and engage in a wide spectrum of technology by providing good learning experiences.It supported very user friendly graphical user interface. Moodle Moodle is an open source online e learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Most of the education institute like universities, workplaces and other sectors used this open source SaaS suites. Moodle is very comprehensive education framework mostly used for distance learning, blended learning,flipped classroom. Moodle comes with customization plugin features. These features increase the functionality and allow you build private websites which offer online courses for learner, provide digital school papers,co-ordinate live lectures and control curricular data. Moodle run on number of operating systems like Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, NetWare. Latitude Learning Latitude Learning a learning management software free to use for up to 100 learners. It is a web based solution which provide e-learning courses and tracks student progress and also targets corporate training and B2B environments. This is very comprehensive solution for businesses and training professionals and it also provide the features of scalability. You can use this application for documentation, training content,administration,tracking and reporting of training programs. Latitude Learning provide the features of integration you can integrate it with Webex and GoToMeeting. Latitude Learning provide the number of features to their users some of these are in course management you can manage course open enrollment date range,manage course catalog display date range,manage course retake restrictions,certificates of completion,course updates and series and many more. Dokeos Dokeos is an open source e-leanring content management and collaboration tool. It is written in PHP language and comes under the GNU GPL license. Dokeos used as management system for education and educators and it also certified by OSI. Dokeos has some comprehensive built in tool and templates like authoring tool, pre-made quiz templates and a chat tool. By using Dokeos you can easily convert OpenOffice Impress and PowerPoint to SCORM. Dokeos provide the features of training process, content distribution,text chat,calendar,audio and video,test management and records keeping, Administrative Reporting,Defined User Roles,Collaboration Management,Discussion Forum, WikisGoal Setting, Skills Tracking,Interactive Courses,Self-Paced and many more. Share

Open Source Knowledge Management Applications

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Open Source Knowledge Management Applications Zendesk Zendesk is a software development company, that wants to improve the customer services and providing a SaaS suite that offers help desk ticketing, issue tracking,online forums, RSS and widgets and customer service support. It provide the customer support portal solution and an integrated on-demand help desk. Approximately 40,000 customers trust on Zendesk. The users of this applications are Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business. It supported cross platform like Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone. Some excellent features provided by this application are ticket management with automated workflow, multi channel support, robust reporting and advanced analytic, Knowledge base portal and community forums and many more. eXo Platform eXo Platform is an open source enterprise Social Platform started in 2002. User of this product are from finance, health care, education, and the public sector. eXo Platform is written in Java language and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It connected companies to their user and provide collaborative user experiences securely to their employees, customers and business partners. By using eXo Platform its become easy to control of interaction and social collaboration. eXo Platform can be used in Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Public Administrations. It supported cross platform like Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App. It provide the list of features to their user some are provide Standards compliance,Enterprise Integration,supported databases MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MS SQLServer, Sybase, DB2, provide document management,web content management and many more. daPulse daPulse is a high level project management tool used to enhance the internal information-sharing processes within an organization. It is also called the communication and collaboration tool for growing companies. The main purpose of daPulse is to show the company's big picture to everyone in company and bridging the gap between high level and low level. The most frequent user of this application are Small Business, Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Non Profits,Large Enterprises, Public Administrations. IT supported different operating systems lik Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App, Linux. List of features provided by daPulse are knowledge base full documentation and Knowledge base auto generated,eMail notifications and eMail updates,provide motivational tool,provide integration and easy collaboration and many more. TallyFox Clusters TallyFox Clusters is an open source knowledge management tools. It is very smart collaboration tool that work as a gathering place for experts and information dissemination. By using this tool you can create libraries of interesting material,configure searches of experts and socialize with experts and other team members. It also provide the integrated suite of project management,content management and cloud collaboration.TallyFox allow you to create own group of people or cluster and each cluster has customizable branded page. The users of TallyFox Clusters are Mid Size Business, Large Enterprises, Public Administrations, Small Business,Non Profits. It supported cross platform of Windows Phone,Linux, Android, iPhone-iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Mobile Web App. It provide the features of manager and member messaging,web and voice conferencing,Create knowledge wikis and custom branding logo,project tracking and many more. Share

Best Free And Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels To Manage Server

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Best Free And Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels To Manage Server Kloxo Kloxo is a free and open source scriptable web hosting control panel. It is formerly known as Lxadmin. It is distributed for the Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions and a object oriented hosting platform which supports Apache, djbdns, bind and pure-ftpd. It facilitate end user to efficiently manage the web hosting account and also provide full grip to admin to manage the whole system. Kloxo is very comprehensive web control panel it has a backup-restore module,built-in messaging and ticket system. It also allow the integration facility like you can integrate billing software such as AWBS, WHMCS and HostBill. By using Kloxo you can view, Search and Manage your hosting and each domain from a single page source. OpenPanel OpenPanel is a free and open source web control panel. It comes with very user friendly attractive interface and has comprehensive functionality features. It allow you to handle basic hosting services like Courier-IMAP e-mails, Apache, AWStats, IPTables firewall, Bind DNS, PureFTPD, MySQL databases, Postfix etc. OpenPanel uses layered authentication system, it allow the administrator to create limited account for end user. In OpenPanel users have permission to control system configuration by using either a graphical interface or command line configuration shell. It is written in PHP and Java languages and released under GNU/GPL license. ISPConfig ISPConfig is an open source multilingual control panel for Linux. It is designed in such a way that it manage Apache, BIND, FTP, databases, e-mail, ftp,web. It supported different level like admin level, reseller level and end-user user level. ISPConfig allow you to take instant backups and set cron jobs.It has been released under the BSD license. ISPConfig provide the features of managing server from a single page of control panel and provide configuration mirroring and clusters.Number of features provided by ISPConfig are advance email spam filter and anti virus filter,email-autoresponder, traffic limits and statistics,webalizer statistics,different permission levels,manage one or more Servers from one Control panel and many more. EHCP EHCP(Easy Hosting Control Panel) is a free and open source Linux based web Hosting Control Panel. It is designed to work with operating system Ubuntu and other Debian distributions. It is customizable web host control panel written in PHP language and comes with under GPL license. By using EHCP you can remotely manage web server through command line interface or through graphical user interface. It supported four different user level(server admin, reseller, domain admin and email user).EHCP supported different languages, templates and different menus,pages for Server Admin,domain admin, email user, Reseller. EHCP provide the features of email forwarding, autoreply, catch-all emails and many more. Share

Best Open Source Email Clients for Linux

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Best Open Source Email Clients for Linux Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source email client. It is not only email client but it also used as news, and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation and this foundation also developed the Firefox browser and Firefox OS. Mozilla Thunderbird has a beauty it supported cross platform like it install on on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also provide the features of customization you can tailored it according to your requirement. Mozilla Thunderbird is provide the features of integration you can integrate through plugin. It provide the multiple feature like it is fast and safe email client,provie easy to use features,supported IMAP/POP, RSS. The portable version of provide the security leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on. It also manage the number of emails,newsgroup,news feed account. Evolution Evolution is an open source email client for most Gnome-based distributions. Its formally known as Novell Evolution and Ximian Evolution. Evolution is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Evolution functionality and user interface is like a Microsoft Outlook. Evolution provide the built in support of calendar and contact and its user interface is very simple as compare to Mozilla Thunderbird. Evolution provide the E-mail encryption with GPG and S/MIME and Secure network connections encrypted with STARTTLS, TLS and SSL. The number of features list in Evolution are provide RSS reader plug-in and provide the features of contact management with local address books,Google address books,provide automatic spam filtering and e-mail retrieval with the POP and IMAP protocols. KMail KMail is an open source email client software and a part of KDE desktop environment. KMail is similarly to Evolution email client. KMail supported POP3, IMAP, dIMAP and allow you to send mail via SMTP and sendmail. By using KMail you can encrypt,decrypt and sign your message and it also supported OpenPGP. Configuration of KMail is very complex as compare to Thunderbird and also it is difficult to get all component like calendar, chat client, address book and email client by configuring one account under KDE. The interface of KMail is not very user friendly as compare to Evolution and Thunderbird but it is very feature enrich software. Some comprehensive features of KMail are Mailing list management,Importing mail from other mail clients,Integration with spam checkers,plain text and secure logins, using SSL and TLS,HTML Mail and many more. Geary Geary is an open source IMAP email client built for the GNOME desktop environment and developed by Yorba Foundation. It is Lightweight email client which allow you to read and send email with a simple and easy modern interface. Its comes with very simple interface and you can easily read entire discussion. Geary supported Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com, and popular IMAP servers. It is written in Vala language and it has elegant design with modern email client. The list of features provided by Geary are modern and straightforward interface,desktop notification of new mail,quick account setup,fast keyword search,mail organized by conversations,full-featured HTML mail composer etc. Share

Best Open Source Linux Media Servers for the Enterprise

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Best Open Source Linux Media Servers for the Enterprise MediaTomb MediaTomb is an open source UPnP MediaServer.Its comes with very beautiful web user interface and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).It supported multiple operating system like x86, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, Sparc, and Power PC with support for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X. By using MediaTomb you can stream your digital media through your home network and watch/listen it different type of UPnP compatible devices. MediaTomb uses a web based interface for setting your shared media directories and you can add, remove, edit, browse your media from your computer browser. MediaTomb currently supported number of features some of these are metadata extraction from mp3, ogg, flac, jpeg files,provide automatic directory re scans and Exif thumbnail support,support for Content Directory Service container updates and supported external URLs. Jinzora Jinzora is a free and open source web based multimedia application which allow you to stream digital music and videos to any internet connected computer using a web browser. It is written in PHP language and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).It runs on different platform like Windows, Linux, MacOS with Apache, IIS and more. It also supported major audio and video format and MP3, Ogg and MPEG etc. Jinzora support the simple flat file storage and different databases and also supported Metadata. It display the content directly form the web interface. By using Jinzora you can tag MP3,album covers,artist biographies and download songs and provided the multiple full featured theme able interfaces. You can stream your digital media to internet connected device. Wizd Wizd is an open source media server for Syabas-based media players. It has been released under Public Domain license and supported different operating system like Linux, Windows, and NAS platforms. It is supported all your media like audio,video,photos etc. It utilize low memory usage which is less than 10 MB of disk space and browse faster than ever through your media. It allow you the customization features you can customize skins and also offer the features of bookmark for MPEG movies. Wizd consist of a simple DOS console which can be configured through a config file. You can create M3U play list compatible with Wizd and you can open Wizd directly in a web browser under Windows.Wizd has been successfully tested on number of network player some of these are I-O Data LinkPlayer, Snazio Net Cinema,Pinnacle SC 200, DigitalRise Xstream Player, Quartek I-Box 800 etc. Firefly Media Server Firefly Media Server is also known as mt-daapd is an open source audio media server. It is written in C language and released under GNU GPL license. It uses DAAP to share content with iTunes and Rhythmbox in Linux. It provide the features of on the fly trans coding for converting content format which not supported. Firefly Media Server provide the comprehensive web based interface. The installation process of this media server is very easy and you can used it very easily. Supported features of Firefly Media Server are supported Web-based configuration and Supported Roku SoundBridge via RSP,Supported user-created smart play lists and Supported serving streaming radio stations etc. Share

Best Free And Open Source Download Managers

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Best Free And Open Source Download Managers DownThemAll (dTa) DownThemAll Firefox extension is a very powerful download manager. DownThemAll is free and open source downloading solution of images and linked file. It allow you to modify it according to your needs. It has a feature of filtration which assist to download the specific things. DownThemAll can increase download speed up to 400% and used the multiparty download method. It also supported cross platform and allow you to pause and resume downloads. It also provide the fascility of integration you can integrate it on any browser. FlashGet FlashGet is a free Windows download managers, utilize the lowest system resources and will not influence your normal work. It is very easy to install FlashGet download manager. It provide the secure mechanism of downloading because it automatically call the anti-virus to clean spy ware, viruses and adware after finishing download. It can increase the downloading speed 6 to 10 times and it use Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation(MHT) technique for downloading. FlashGet split file into download section and simultaneously download each section. By using FlashGet you can download flash video. It also support the HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Microsoft Media Services, RTSP, BitTorrent download. Free Download Manager (FDM) Free Download Manager is a free and open source download accelerator and manager. FDM provide the secure downloading and distributed under GPL license. It provide multiple features to their users like organize and schedule downloads,operate the program remotely and via the internet,adjust traffic usage,resuming broken downloads,site explorer,adjust traffic usage,Simultaneous downloading from several mirrors, download video from video sites and many more. It also support the file splitting and download acceleration. It also provide the Portable facility instead to install the FDM to different computers make it portabl. It is translated into 30 different languages. Download Statusbar Download Statusbar is a free and open source Firefox's default download manager. It is very comprehensive download manager which generates Statistics from download actions. Not only it download but also keep the history of your previous session downloads. It also provide the automatic scanning facility and provide secure down loadable file. It also allow the customization you can alter this extension according to your needs. Download Statusbar provide the number of features to their users like automatically close download bar when downloads are completed and clear the download item after launching,download progress color and text color, drag and drop download item,resume context option and closing download bar automatically after fixed time, privacy window support and many more features. Share