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Top Linux Download Managers

Latest Blog - Wed, 10/07/2015 - 01:57
Top Linux Download Managers uGet uGet is an open source download manager application. It supported multiple platforms like inux, BSD, Android & Windows. It is very Light weighted and feature enriched download manager. It is hosted on SourceForge.net you can get source code from there. Its graphical user interface is looking like torrent interface. uGet has addons for Chromium and Firefox browsers. Features Use download queues for simultaneous downloads. Resume download features supported when your connection drop due to any reason. Download to a specific category automatically. Provide the option of shutdown the computer after downloading all files . Provide optional features of downloading the file through command line. Automatically create the folder when folder doesn't exist. Supported 20 different languages. KGet KGet is a free and open source download manager. In start it was created for the KDE desktop environment. It enables you to independently download the files from your web browsers. It has very user friendly graphical user interface. This download manager by default used for Konqueror and can be used in Mozilla Firefox. It can download files from FTP, HTTP(S) and BitTorrent sources. Features It support metalinks which contain different URLs for downloads. It support the features of pausing and resuming downloading files. It has features to restart the downloading. It can download the files from FTP and HTTPS sources. It can be embaded into system tray. It can be integrated with the Konqueror web browser. It provide the information of current and pending downloads. Steadyflow Steadyflow is comprehensive download manger available for Linux. It is light weighted, simple and easy to use download manager. For downloading small files it is very excellent choice. It reads the clipboard for URLs and use GNOME’s preset proxies. You can integrate it with Chromium and FireFox. Features It is a light weighted and simple software for managing your downloads. It has very clean and simple graphical user interface. It allow you to add downloads, remove downloads and pause downloads. It will continue downloads in system tray. It alert you by given notification when download is completed. It can be integrated in chrome browser.

Reason To Choose Drupal CMS

Latest Blog - Tue, 10/06/2015 - 01:39
Reason To Choose Drupal CMS Drupal is an open source content management system for enterprises or large sized business such as corporate, political, and government sites. This frame work is written in PHP and initially released in January 2001.It has more than 30,000 free community-contributed addons and its community member strength is more than one million members. We can used Drupal for business collaboration and knowledge management. It has very well written APIs documents and flexible designs. Drupal is released under GPLV2 license. Drupal is very comprehensive content management system for making flexible website,different social media networks and applications. There are number of reasons to choose drupal cms for websites, blogs and social media networks. Lets we see some of these reasons. Open Source Since drupal is an open source its available free of cost. For the developing of this cms participate thousand of programmer and to make the excellent possible content management system. Its module and huge number of themes are free of cost available. Team members of drupal works ongoing basis to improve the performance, maintainence and security upgrades. Customizable Making website in drupal is very easy you can make website in a very short time. It is highly customizable framework. You can customize its design, functionality and layout. If anyone find its functionality is not relevant can customize its function according to their need because its source code is available freely. Scalable Drupal is highly scalable content management system. It provide the scalability to manage the high traffic sites in the world. Sites which have daily high traffic such as Weather.com used drupal to easily control high traffic and it also manage huge number of users and contents. Business Security Another solid reason of using the drupal cms is it provide long term security to their users. It provide high features and functionality under one framework. It also provide integration features, integration with drupal is not very complex process. Organizations change the functionality of this cms according to their needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Telecommunications In Business

Latest Blog - Sat, 10/03/2015 - 01:01
What Are The Benefits Of Telecommunications In Business Telecommunication technology is known as universal term, which is used in wide range of transmission technologies such like phones, land lines, VoIP and broadcast networks. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is an agency which used world wide to administrated telecommunication and broadcasting. But most of the countries have their own agencies which regulate telecommunications. We usually define telecommunication as a way of exchange the information over significant distances by electronic means. Now a days telecommunication become vital part of our businesses. It provide ease to businesses in term of communication. It empower companies to effectively communicate with customer and deliver high quality of customer services. It also play significant role for employees collaboration they easily communicate with each other by breaking locations barriers. Advancement in telecommunication is also plays an important role in businesses performance. With the invitation of mobile telecommunication work become more easy and flexible,employees can work by sitting in home. Benefits Of Telecommunications In Business Increase Efficiency Telecommunication has significantly effect to increase the efficiency of businesses. Now a days unified telecommunications systems ease the work of employees. Different functions are used in single handset. By using smart phone you can make voice call, send emails, visit websites, attained video conference, make documents, use calculators etc. Hence from single device you can perform multiple task and increase productivity and efficiency. Reduced Operational Costs Another very big benefit of telecommunication applications in businesses is to reduced operational cost. By using automated telecommunication software eliminate the need of physical labour because it automatically dialed number from given list. It also save the expense of papers and postal charges by using email. Video conferencing on the other hand is a good substitute for conducting personal meetings it save time,money and escape from fatigue. Collaboration Telecommunication provide facility to different department to work togather which are from different locations. For good quality product making it is necessary all departments work togather by sharing information conveniently. Telecommunication system provide ease by sharing documents, send and receive emails, conduct videoconferencing and teleconferencing. Member which are not present in work and their presence is necessary in critical decision making can take part by web conferencing.

How VoIP is Different From Traditional Communication

Latest Blog - Fri, 10/02/2015 - 02:07
How VoIP is Different From Traditional Communication Internet telephony has been around from many years in different forms. It is not a new technology for us. Due to some advancement in this technology it become more reliable. Its become number one choice of many businesses. The reason of become the number one choice is low dropped calls,high call quality and reliability. In the start for communication exist POTS (plain old telephone service) system. It run over the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). This was only the tried-and-true method of which used the telephone service known as circuit-switched. It is expensive method of communication. The cost related to the regulated circuit-switched PSTN remain much higher and customers have to bear this cost. VoIP(voice over internet protocol) is good alternative of circuit switched telephony system. It is cheap solution as compare to old PSTN and enhance productivity by reducing cost. VoIP provide some services which traditional communication system cannot provide. VoIP has the ability to work very well all kinds of networks. VoIP also have ability it work well with all IP enables devices like personal digital assistance, IP telephony and computers. In VoIP traffic is carried out over the internet while in traditional communication system (PSTN) traffic is carried out through dedicated phone lines. VoIP convert data into digital format before it travels on the transmission media on the other hand traditional communication transmit media in the form of analogue signals. Comparison Between VoIP And PSTN Lets we see the feature comparison between advance communication system(VoIP) and traditional communication system (PSTN). VoIP Channels are carried out over one Internet connection. Result of compression in 10kbps each direction. Provide advance features of call waiting, Caller ID and many more. Upgrade only require in case of bandwidth upgrade and software upgrade. Low long distance price usually included in monthly regular package. Emergency calls cannot always be traced. PSTN It used dedicated lines. Each line supported 64kbpa in each direction. Feature of call waiting and caller id are available with extra cost. For up gradation required new equipment and line provisioning. Long distance call is expensive and come with per minute or bundle package. 911 call are traced out.

What Is Software as a Service? Benefits Of SaaS

Latest Blog - Wed, 09/30/2015 - 23:41
What Is Software as a Service? Benefits Of SaaS Technology change day by day.This continuous changes in technology has great effect in our daily life.Our way of doing the work is change day by day.Technology brings ease in every filed of life.It also effect uses of software.It introduced the new term Software as a services(SaaS). What Is Software as a Services Software as a Services (SaaS) is a method of delivering the software over the internet and provide access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.It is a simple method of accessing the software at provider server.Mostly SaaS application are based on monthly fees,quarterly and annual fees.It is a good choice for business which seeks cost effective solution.By using Software as a Services in your business it eliminate the installation maintenance needs, because it is the responsibility of your providers. What Is The Benefits Of Software as a Service Save Time The main benefit of Software as a Services it save your precious time.When we purchase software we consume time for installation and configuration setup.Some software are so much difficult to install and configure therefore they consume few working days for setup. By using SaaS you can get access of software within few hours.Every thing is already preparied you get the access and start working on it. Save Cost Unlike traditional software SaaS solution is cheap.In SaaS You have to pay for fulfil the basic needs,it save your hardware cost,installation cost,maintenance cost,configuration and support cost.Sine SaaS applications are available monthly subscription basis therefore cost is less as compare to purchasing own software. Integration and scalability Another benefit of SaaS applications is it easily scalable.You can also integrate it with other SaaS applications.No need to buy another server you can scale existing server and integrate new SaaS offering. SaaS provider also create APIs which provide the connection for internal applications like CRMs,ERPs and also allow you to create connection with other SaaS providers. Work Flexibility As we know that SaaS application are hosted in the cloud and access over the internet,therefore it provide the flexibility to access from mobile,tab and laptop from any location.It provide ease in working, now you can check order history before for sales calls and also access the real time data before taking order from the customer.