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IP Phone System Advantages In Business

Latest Blog - Sat, 03/28/2015 - 00:35
IP phone system is a telephony system provides calls on Internet Protocol(IP) network. All the calls on IP phones are deliver over the internet. Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) has dramatically boost the telecommunication industry. Most of the businesses now using IP based telephony communication system in their offices because of the some unique advantages as compare to tradition telephony systems. IP phone system is a very advance telecommunication technology provides video, audio and wireless communication over internet. IP phone system provides flexibility in businesses communication by using IP phone system we communicate computer to computer, telephone to telephone and telephone to computer. Businesses which heavily depends on telephony communication can save millions of dollars by installing IP phone system in their offices. Because IP phone system based on internet therefor local and long distance(out of country) calling become very cheap. IP phone system provide scalable communication solution. In Traditional phone system for handle high volumes of calls needs new lines and expensive hardware integration. Buy using IP phone system no need to add extra phone lines and hardware integration just add more phone to expand the communication network. IP phone system provide feature enrich business communication solution. IP phone system provides call conferencing, auto attendant, call Que, voice mail, call forward, call transfer, call mute and caller id etc. IP phone has a great feature it save time of technical maintenance. Whenever your IP phone need technical support you provide the technical person remote administrator GUI access and technician will resolve problem from remote location. It save time of travailing and as well travailing expense. IP phone system has provide mobility features. If you want to change the place of your business your phone no. remain same. In traditional phone system when you change the place your phone no. also change in respect to new location. But IP phone provide the ease your phone no. remain same if you change your business location, city to city, state to stat or even country to country. Share

Why Most Businesses prefer Outsource Call Center

Latest Blog - Thu, 03/26/2015 - 01:19
Most of the businesses is now focus on outsourcing their call center activities. The main reason of outsourcing call center is to pay attention on their core business and save precious time, resources and cost. Peoples who cannot familiar with outsourcing i little explain for them. Outsource is a practice in which one company provides their services for another companies which normally do itself. Trend of outsourcing is dramatically increasing in call center related business. Outsourcing provide many benefits to call center businesses. Following are the some benefits which call center businesses take by outsourcing. Reduce Cost Every business has a strategy to reduce cost and increase profit for this purpose many businesses adopt different methods. Outsourcing is a best method of reducing cost for call centers. Outsourcing reduce call center labor cost significantly by Outsourcing call center in under develop countries whose per ca pita income is low. Outsourcing also reduce call center operational and infrastructure cost and pay significant impact on profits by reducing cost. Save Resources Outsourcing major befits in call center is eliminate staff related issues. Outsourcing save your company's cost, time and headache of hiring, training, monitoring and managing the staff. Focus On Business Outsourcing less your headache by outsourcing call center functions to third party. you can focus better way on your core business by reducing burden of talking and making call for business. 24/7 Customer Services Some of the businesses needs to provide the 24/7 continuous support of globally spreed customer. Its become difficult for business owner to handle this continuous 24/7 support due to the different time zone. Outsourcing in such scenario is very useful and provide round the clock support services. Eliminate Language Barriers If your business is spread in whole world and you need to communicate with customer of different languages its become difficult to handle these varied languages customers. Outsourcing provide ease in this case. Outsourced call center agent are able to communicate in different languages. Share

Choose IVR System For Your Business

Latest Blog - Tue, 03/24/2015 - 23:33
Interactive Voice Response is a method of telephony communication that permit computer to communicate with caller by using voice and DTMF and route the calls to appropriate recipients. The main purpose of IVR is to facilitate the client to serve themselves by using advance IVR technology. IVR technology use the speech recognition or DTMF to direct the customer in right way and answer their questions instead to speaks directly with companies staff. There are numerous benefits of choosing IVR system for your businesses. Lets we see some of these benefits. Save Time Time is money most successful businesses and pay full concentration on time management. Interactive Voice Response(IVR) great benefit is it save the time. Instead every time to answer the most frequently asking questions(FAQ) by agent IVR play the recorded message of FAQ it save lot of time for businesses and for individuals. Save Money By saving time and money businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. Interactive Voice Response have tremendous effect of most of the business by saving their cost through the deployment of IVR system in their businesses. IVR reduce the cost of staff which usually stand on receptions, IVR has a great ability to taking care of your business. Customer Feedback Customer feedback is very important to customize and improve the quality of product and services in business. Most of the companies conduct door to door survey and manually fill up the forum to understand the customer views and needs about the specifics product and services. Interactive Voice Response provide the great feature of getting the customer feedback about specific product and services by using DTMF response. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Interactive Voice Response enhance customer satisfaction. By using properly design and easy to use IVR routing like (eg, ICTBRoadcast) increase the customer satisfaction, reliability and loyalty.Enhance Company Image By using IVR system in companies it enhance companies image and professionalism look. When caller call the IVR system provide the ease to interconnect with either purchase department ,sales department,marketing department, logistic department, technical support department etc. Caller is engage the specific agent after the selection of specific department by using IVR routing functions. This smooth process increase company's image and its professionalism. Share

ICTBroadcast Integration With SugarCRM And Vtiger

Latest Blog - Sat, 03/21/2015 - 01:07
ICTBroadcast is a marketing and broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTBroadcast use open source asterisk gateway in back end. ICTBroadcast is a unified broadcasting communication software solution, it broadcast sms , voice, email and fax. ICTBroadcast support Voip and PSTN lines as a trunk/gateway. ICTBroadcast has multiple features its blast thousand of call at a time, it support multi service billing,it has unique IVR designer survey and appointment reminder modules,it provide live monitoring AMD support and scalability feature. ICTbroadcast has also many other features which should be avilable in any marketing software autodialer. ICTBroadcast autodialer software is flexible solution, it give the freedom to integrate it with top 2 CRM solutions SugarCRM and Vtiger.By using ICTBroadcast APIs we can integrate it with SugarCRM and Vtiger. Integration of ICTBroadcast with these two CRM is little technical and needed ICTBroadcast's APIs. This integration is very cost effective, customizable, functional and flexibly scalable. By using ICTBroadcast marketing autodialer software with these two CRM(SugarCRM & Vtiger) is a great opportunity to increase sales and long term relationship with customer. APIs ICTBRoadcast ICTBroadcast provide REST base APIs to integrate with SugarCRM and Vtigar without compromising the quality and services of ICTBroadcast. To integrate and access ICTBroadcast in sugarcrm and Vtiger needs to write some code on these CRM. ICTBroadcast provides three different types of Rest based API to integrate with SugarCRM and Vtiger. 1.API_User 2.API_Contact 3.API_Campaign API_User This user API is use in SugarCRM and Vtigar for user related functions.Lets we see these API's one by one. User_Create: This API function use in SugarCRM and Vtiger for creating new user in ICTBroadcast. User_Update: This API function use in SugarCRM and Vtiger for update the user related information in ICTBroadcast. User_Get: This API function is return the information of user whose id is provided as argument. User_Delete: This API function is use for delete the specific user data. User_Extension_Create: This API function use in SugarCRM and Vtiger for creating user extension. User_Role_List: This API function provide the whole roll list which assign to user. User_Payment_Create: Using this API function in SugarCRM and vtiger we add credit in user account of ICTBroadcast. User_Login: This API function is use for log in ICTBroadcast. User_Logout: This API function is use for close user login session. API_Contact Thes API use for creating contact list of ICTBroadcast in SugarCRM and Vtiger. Contact_Create: Using this API function we create contact no. which dial ICTBroadcast software. Contact_Delete: Using this API function we can delete contacts which dial ICTBroadcast. API_Campaign This campaign API use for creating ICTBroadcast campaign in SugarCRM and Vtiger. Campaign_Status: This API function is use for viewing the campaign status behind the specific id. Campaign_Start: Using this API function can start campaign in SugarCRM and Vtiger. Campaign_Stop: Using this API function we can stop the running campaign. Campaign_Contact_Create: This API function is used to add the contact in campaign. Campaign_Summary: This API function is show the overall summary of the campaign. Campaign_Result: This API function is use for update the campaign result. Share

Why I Prefer Dropbox

Latest Blog - Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:49
Dropbox is a free cloud based storage application solution. Using Dropbox you can store and share files, documents, pictures and videos. Lot of other cloud based storage applications are available such like icloud, Google Drive, SkyDrive etc, but i prefer Dropbox because it is very simple to store and share videos, pictures and documents. There are many other reasons which make me the lover of Dropbox some of these are. Free Storage The most amazing feature of Dropbox is provide 2GB free storage space for creating online account in Dropbox. However you can increase storage space freely by inviting your friends and connecting your twitter follows and Facebook friends. Share Data Using Dropbox you can share data like pictures, documents, files and video easily with your friends. This feature of Dropbox is very useful for the business purpose. By using Dropbox you can create centralized database where you upload files which are accessible for your employees and employees pick the given file easily in centralize database and also employees submit there daily report or task in this database and you can view easily. Flexible Access Dropbox has another amazing feature is provide flexibility for accessing data. If you are offline and want to access data, you can access data by using Dropbox downloadable application in any desktop supported operating system. Dropbox also provide the flexibility you can access data through mobile by using client of Dropbox in any mobile device like Android, iOS and smartphone. If you needed important data and you are not near your home or your PC by using online Dropbox account you can access data. Retrieve Data Some time we mistakenly delete the important data its become headache how to retrieve it. Many storage application provide accessibility to retrieve it but mechanism of reliving that data is very difficult. Dropbox provide the facility to retrieve the deleted data within 30 days and mechanism of retrieving the data is very simple just click on undo button and deleted data restore again. Publicly Sharing By using Dropbox you can show your data publicly. If you want to share your marriage picture with public you just upload the pictures and share these publicly. Share

Why Businesses Switch Traditional Faxing To FOIP Faxing

Latest Blog - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 01:02
Most of the businesses has changed their faxing method traditional faxing to modern faxing call FOIP(Fax Over Internet Protocol). FOIP is a method of sending and receiving faxes through internet. FOIP send and receives faxes digitally over internet instead of using traditional method sending and receiving faxes over telephone lines or PSTN lines. Still some businesses are using the traditional method of faxing and not interested to leave this method in any cost. Most of the businesses switch traditional faxing into modern faxing FOIP. FoIP has many benefits as compare to traditional faxing. Lets we see some of the main benefits of switching the traditional faxing into modern faxing. Reduce Maintenance Cost Fax over internet protocol(FOIP) reduce maintainer cost of hardware. No need hardware for sending and reeving fax through FOIP, fax are send and receive through internet. By using FOIP software solution like(eg, ICTFAX) businesses reduce maintenance cost. Save Time And Flexible FOIP save time no need to supervise fax machine its take less time to send fax.By using FOIP fax is send immediately through email. Some time need urgent fax and you are not near the fax machine or any place where fax machine is not available, FOIP provide the flexibility you can recieve fax in your mobile through email. Reduce Paper Cost Traditionally for sending and receiving fax need paper on both side sender and receiver side. FOIP eliminate this paper cost. By using FOIP we send and receive fax through email and eliminate paper cost. Reduce Ink Cost Sending and reciting fax through traditional faxing need ink cartridge to printout in paper. Even some fax machine need 1 to 3 ink cartridge for printout. Ink Cartridge increase business cost. FOIP eliminate ink cost by sending and receiving fax through email. Share

How Auto Dialer Software Increase Efficiency

Latest Blog - Sat, 03/14/2015 - 00:54
Continuous changes in the world of technology is not a new thing. The sales and marketing strategies of many companies is also positively effected by technology. The auto dialer software is a very important invention of technology. Auto dialer software has make the work of sales and marketing departments very easy. Auto dialer is a software which dial the contact no. from list automatically and play a voice recording or directly transfer the call to live agent. By using auto dialer software companies can boost their efficiency and productivity incredibly. Lets we see how auto dialer software can increase companies efficiency and productivity. Save Time Time engagement is very necessary for efficiency and productivity of any business organization. The best feature of auto dialer software it save time. No need to telemarketing your product or service door 2 door. Door 2 door telemarketing needs lot of effort and time consuming activity. By using Auto dialer software like (eg, ICTBroadcast) you can market your product with in few minutes and no extra effort needed. Target Audience Some companies needs to niche market their product or services, auto dialer software is a best choice for these companies. Using auto dialer software you can capture target audience in specific area ,city and country. More Connection More connection means more chance of sales. Auto dialer software is a best for marketing and sales companies. Through auto dialer software we capture huge audience with in less time. Using auto dialer Software you can broadcast your voice and text message to million of people with in few minutes and chances of your sales will increase which leads to high efficiency and productivity. Reduce Cost Marketing and advertising product and services through auto dialer doftware is cheap as compare to other advertisement method like TV commercial add, billboard advertisement, news papers add etc. Using auto dialer software call rates are very reason able as compare to other advertisement method. IVR auto dialer software are using most of the companies this dialer is useful when customer needed urgent information from companies.By using IVR dialer companies save money by reducing live staff support. Share

Telemarketing In House And Outsourced Either Good Or Bad

Latest Blog - Thu, 03/12/2015 - 01:05
As we know that Outsourcing is an agreement of two companies. In which one companies provide services of on behalf of other company for telemarketer their products, services or customer care solution etc. Outsourcing is consider a cost saving strategy if it is implement with care. Some time it would be better to purchase goods from companies instead to produce goods itself. Telemarketing is a good way to increase sales and expand business growth. Every organization Telemarketing their product or services under their budget. When it is decides to go with Telemarketing than big challenge is either Telemarketing is being In House or Outsourced. In this scenario best is to understand your business needs and select one option which fit on your requirements. Lets we see advantages and disadvantages of In house and Outsourced Telemarketing. In House Telemarketing Advantages 1. By using In House Telemarketing your sales staff and marketing together Telemarketing better. 2. By using In House Telemarketing one very important benefit is you have direct contact with your client. 3. Using In house Telemarketing is an edge total control is in your hand. 4.Another benefit of In house Telemarketing is you are not bound any one you are independent. In House Telemarketing Disadvantages 1.The main disadvantages of In House Telemarketing is time consuming for building separate Telemarketing department. 2.The second disadvantage is expensive. Needs to buy expensive tools , equipment and Telemarketing software. 3.In House Telemarketing other disadvantage is often done informally with no supporting plan. 4.you need to hire the staff and trained them its also time consuming ,expensive and delay result. Outsourced Telemarketing Advantages 1.The first and foremost advantage of Outsourced Telemarketing is less expensive no need to buy expensive Telemarketing software and other equipment. 2.One another advantage of Outsourced Telemarketing is save your time in hiring and training the staff. 3.Outsourced Telemarketing one another advantage is Outsourced firm are expert have many years experience in Telemarketing field. 4.Outsourced company have versatile experience and handle situation in better way. Outsourced Telemarketing Disadvantages 1.Searching the professional reliable Outsourced Telemarketing firm is difficult. 2.You are binding in contract it should be a 6 month or one year. After closing this contract you need to start from new it is time consuming. 3.If your selected Outsourced firm is not fully equipped with necessary communication skills it would be a threat for your company reputation. Share

IP Communication Security Threats

Latest Blog - Tue, 03/10/2015 - 02:38
When we talking about secure communication we consider a communication which cannot intercept by third party, two people can share their information without any third person involvement. In IP Communication security is a big issue naturally this is unsecured communication which can be protected by using some security tools. Securing or protecting communication is not a very easy task as like just on a firewall it is a multiple step process needs proper tool protecting from unwanted eyes. Communication security threats are not new in IP Communication. we have familiar with them and known as Phone Phreakers. In 1960s mechanism of communication based on ISDN lines these Phone Phreakers make fool to phone companies and illegally facilitate people to do phone call at cheap rates within the country and across the boarders. But in IP Communication these Phone Phreakers are more powerful as before their target area is not a specific country they can target in any country where he found weak security measurements. As we know that it is a challenging task to properly secure IP Communication. Lets see the some common issue which become the cause of attacks. Most of the companies and enterprise cannot use encryption in IP based Communication for the reason of high performance and quality communication. These types of companies becomes easily the victoms of hackers. Many tools available in internet that easily unencrypted these calls and hacker easily listen their personal information. Some hacker access your personal and sensitive data fraudulently by sending email or text messages with some pitch like that Congratulation you have been winning lottery for getting this prize money send us your personal information such like bank account info, Name, DOB etc. Though this way they get your personal information and used this information for illegal activities. Most of the companies and enterprise have a common practice they separated their voice traffic from other traffic. For separating these traffic they commonly use virtual networking. Hacker use virtual network a way enter into the main system because hacking virtual network is easy a lot of tools freely available in internet for hacking virtual networks. We should consider these threats when we implement IP Communication in our companies, organization or institutions. We should take security measurements to overcomes these threats. Share

Top 5 Linux Distributions

Latest Blog - Sun, 03/08/2015 - 00:27
Linux is a free and open source operating system it was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991.Linux operating system also known as fast performing operating system. Unlike Window OS, Linux is an open source and also open publically anyone customize it according to their need. In very start Linux was run on Server OS with the contribution of different people now its used on different platform such like desktop computer, laptop and mobiles. Linux OS are categories in different distributions. Each Linux distribution have some unique features and qualities. Lets we see some of these Linux distributions their features and differences. Ubuntu Ubuntu is very famous and easy to use Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu provides by default desktop Graphical User Interface. In start Ubuntu was using GNOME 2 environment now it is use unity desktop environment. Some software other than desktop GUI comes by default such like bit torrent software, Thunderbird email software.Community of Ubuntu is very active after every six month comes new update with some new features and fixed bugs.Mint Mint is another very useful safe, light and reliable Linux distribution. Mint is based on Ubuntu and Debian and uses the same software packages. Some software are different in Mint which comes by default(media codecs, software managers) which not exist in Ubuntu and Debian.Fedora Fedora is another stable Linux distribution for professional Linux user. Fedora by default comes GNOME desktop environment. Fedora provides the flexibility we can change the desktop environment to LXDE, MATE, KDE and Xfce. Red Hat is sponsored Fedora and it is RPM based distro.Slackware Slackware is a great Linux distribution which is basically built for server management and tight security barrier. By default some software comes with Slackware are File Transfer Protocol(FTP), web and email server. Installation of Slackware is little complected it uses ncurses installer.CentOS Community Enterprise Operating System is reliable, needs low maintenance, stable and free version of RHEL. CentOS functionality is compatible with RHEL. CentOS version is updated every six month for the purpose of bug fixing and minor changes, new version is released after every 2 years. Share

Web Real Time Communication Technology

Latest Blog - Fri, 03/06/2015 - 02:23
We cannot ignore the importance of technology in the filed of communication. We also know the importance of communication in every field of life. Technology has change the way of communication. Communication is become fast and reliable which was not before as. Communication in business play a key role to increase the productivity and efficiency. Advancement in the communication technology eliminates all the hurdle in the way of communication. Now your documents sent with in few seconds, communication outside the country become easy, video calling and call conferencing create huge impact in business communication. Web Real Time Communication(WebRTC) is another chain of advancement in the filed of communication technology. WebRTC is a free and open source browser-based communication project. The purpose of this project is to embed data, real time voice, video and instant messaging in web browser. World Wide Web Consortium is managing this project. W3C manage and enable to use browser to browser communication without any additional plug ins. By using same browser you can communicate with each other and enjoy different features like voice, video and text. Currently WebRTC supported browser are Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. WebRTC also provide the APIs by using these APIs developers can get benefits of this technology in any web browser. HTML5 and JavaScript languages are used for the development of WebRTC applications. WebRTC provides three types of APIs. The first one is GetUserMedia, this is used for to capture and indicate the camera for video and microphone for voice. The second one is Peer Connection this API is used to facilitate the setup of audio and video call. Final third one API is DataChannels, this is used to support peer to peer data transfer between the browsers. WebRTC provide us cost effective video and audio communication solution. No need to buy expensive equipment and book conference room and schedule video conferencing. WebRTC technology provide ease to reach more users immediately because every one can use this cost effective technology without any hurdle. Share

Why Choose Freeswitch

Latest Blog - Thu, 03/05/2015 - 01:28
Freeswitch is a communication software solution used for voice and messaging applications. It is a free and open source communication software solution licensed under Mozilla Public License. Using Freeswitch we can build pbx, softphone and softswitch. Freeswitch use Sofia Sip stack this stack is fully mature robust and complete. Freeswitch was written in C language. We can run Freeswitch on different Linux flavors, Mac OS X, Window, ARM. A lot of open source communication software available such like asterisk, Freepbx, Jitsi, sipXec each of them have advantages as well as some disadvantages, but i prefer Freeswitch among of these due to his quality and reliability which influenced me that's why i write this article "Why Choose Freeswitch".Now we discuss some features in Freeswitch which make me the fan of Freeswitch. Completely Designed Design of any application create very great impact. The most impressive thing which i found Fresswitch is design very well we can modify it easily according to our needs. The developer of the Freeswitch spend lot of time to design this software and write deep detail which helps to understanding this open source communication software's functionality. Freeswitch is design in such way that it has different telephony features like IVR and call control. Flexible Flexibality is another major reason for choosing Freeswitch. In Freeswitch has a flexibility to load scripts written in different languages. We can upload scripts written in PHP, Lua, Python, XML and Perl. Feeswitch provides lot of flexibility and freedom to mold your voip software. We can integrate or embedded Freeswitch with other projects and also use it as a stand alone application.  Quick Responsive Community Almost all open source projects has support community. Support community plays a role of backbone in open source projects. Member of community plays various roles develops new features, bug fixing and problem solving. I found Freeswitch support community highly professionals, friendly, supportive and quick responsive community. Freeswitch mailing list  support community is very quick you get answer of your problem within few hours, i appreciate this quick responsive supporting community. People who wants to implement Freeswitch telephony software solution but have less knowledge can get benefits of their paid consultancy and support.  Share

Benefits And Future Of Voip Communication

Latest Blog - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 01:32
Voip communication is a form of communication which enable us to make phone calls by using internet connection instead of using analog telephone lines. Usually voip allow you to call those who received the calls on internet. By using interconnected voip service you will be able to call landlines number and also received from landlines numbers. But interconnected voip service are little expensive as compared to receiving and calling through voip. Communication through voip is cheap and provide unified and scalable communication solution as compare to traditional analog telephony communication that's why we can say that future of voip communication is bright. Disruptive voip communication is an emerging technology with grate potential. Voip has make the communication very easy and cost effective. Before voip, communication from one country to another country is very complex and expensive with the advent of Voip communication complexity is reduce and communication becomes cheap. By using voip communication we can email,sms,voice call,video call,call conference, MMS, instant messaging, push to talk, email to fax and fax to email very low rates. Internet has play a vital role in voip communication. Voice over internet protocol is play different roles in different communication products and services. Social sites such likes twitter and facebook users gives freedom to communicate with network of peoples. Voip communication has change the way of communications like using web as a communication source. Future of Voip communication in next few year will be change completely. Voip Unified communication will provide the pure UC integration. when we talking about the future of voip communication we expect best quality unified communication more advancement in communication more easy to understandable for layman and more cost saving communication.   Share

Uses And Benefits Of LDAP

Latest Blog - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 00:56
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is protocol which provide the feasibility of maintaining, organizing, monitoring and distributing of data over an internet protocol network either public Internet,corporate intranet or both.Directory service of LDAP's play very good role for sharing the information of user,services,system,application and individual throught the network. LDAP directory services provide the hierarchical structure and well organized set of information such as user record contain filter, that disable user by using active flag this option is available in every record of user. Lets we see the some uses and benefits of using LDAP. LDAP is obvious from his name is a light weight directory.It is implement very easily over the internet.Design of LDAP was prepared and implemented at University Of Michigan, design was very complex and support the today's internet. LDAP has impressed the later internet protocols such like later versions of X.500,Service Location protocol,Directory Service Markup Language,XML Enabled Directory and Service Provisioning Markup Language.  The main benefit of using the LDAP is provide the centralized data sharing repository.Instead each department use individual repository to store the information such like email data, telephone no., address etc. LDAP provides one sharing repository where all the departments of organization can access data when needed. Centralized repository save the time instead to contact with different departments for getting information you can access and get the information without disturbing other departments.  Every organization has some sensitive data need to secure this.Data security and protection is another benefit of using LDAP. LDAP use secure security layer and transport layer security to secure the sensitive data. LDAP is also used to secure the infrastructure from end users. LDAP provide the salable directory infrastructure. LDAP support the automatic failover features and dynamically shared the load balance.Another benefit of using the LDAP is provide the graphical view of load,performance,trend and traffic.Using graphical interface its become easy to monitor and analyze the directory infrastructure.   Share