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BEST OPEN SOURCE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TOOLS inFlow inFlow is a free inventory management software solution. It is very useful inventory management software for small and medium size business with 10 or less employees in wholesale, retail or manufacturing. With inFlow free version you can manage 100 products and customer and generate dozen reports but you cannot access some extra advanced features in free version. However free version has no expiration date you can use it unlimited time period. InFlow also provide the integration facility you can integrate it with QuickBooks easily to access some advance financial features. InFlow provide the features of sophisticated documentation like invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, receipts, shipping documents. It provide the auto backup data facility and locations, pictures, prices and categories information in one place. ABC inventory ABC inventory is a free and open source inventory management system. It is very simple and comprehensive inventory management system for small and medium sized business. By using ABC inventory you can manage inventory data like serial numbers,number of warehouses,warranties store unlimited database record,tracked products etc. It is child of Almyta Control System or we can say that ABC Inventory is starter package for Almyta Control System. ABC inventory provide number of features to their user some of these features are support Multiple companies and Multiple Currencies,Multiple workstation configurations and Multiple logos support,quick pricing and payment,reports customization and Password protection and provide export data facility to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML and many more. Carta Carta is an online order and inventory management software for business. Its comes with very user friendly design and can manage orders, easily communicate with customer and vendors,track your stock.By using Carta you can control purchasing and selling and your inventory updated instantly. Carta provide the very efficient way of handling the inventory with full information of available stock and alert you when your stock is low. It supported cross platform like Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App. Key features which presented by Carta are Auto markup, costing, profit calculations,Barcode support,Email and phone support,Multiple locations, taxes, currencies, users,Sales orders and purchase orders workflow,History log and Share orders with customers and many more. Openbravo Openbravo is an open source inventory management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is very easy to use versatile solution, used for medium and large size business. Openbravo support retail, distribution, manufacturing etc. It provide the functionality of ERP,CRM and BI functionality and provide the support of sales management,data management, subscription management,project management,service management,inventory management. Openbravo provide the powerful security mechanism that effectively control the system accessibility. Openbravo has a feature of Warehouse Management you can handle inventory by determining how much sold and how much remaine through databas.It also provide the feature of chart view analysis. vtiger vtiger is also an other open source inventory management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is a very powerful tool that control the complete sale cycle management. It provide the email marketing facility it is a best solution for small to medium sized business. It provide the functionality of sales quotes,sales order,invoices,prices books in inventory management. vtiger provide the features of integration you can integrate vtiger with Outlook, Google Apps, to Office, Exchange and many more. vtiger provide the features of Import the product details from other applications,Create custom product fields,Export detail of product to spreadsheet,Attach document like license agreements and upload images etc. Share

The Best Free and Open Source Membership Management Software

Latest Blog - Sat, 06/27/2015 - 02:17
The Best Free and Open Source Membership Management Software Wild Apricot Wild Apricot is a free online web based membership software for small and non-profits associations to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. You can easily run it on web browser no need to install any thing on your server. The free version of Wild Apricot is supported 50 members. Wild Apricot also provide the the integration and custom domain support. You can integrate Wild Apricot with QuickBook. This membership solution is mostly used by Professional, chambers of commerce, business and trade associations, clubs and community organizations,non-profits, charities. It provide number of feature to their user some of these features are Membership management,Automated membership renewals,Event management,Financial management,Membership widgets,Automatic email reminders,Contact management and many more. SilkStart SilkStart is a free membership management cloud software. This cloud software is for member based organization to promote their membership and causes. SilkStart solution is suited for all size of organization. It provide the excellent features of advance cloud based architecture without compromising industry functionality. SilkStar provide the freedom to choose any CMS web site like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace to reduced the operating cost and to integrate with any CMS. The list of features which SilkStart provide are Application Management,Automatic Renewals,Dues Management and Event Management,Website Management and Subscription Management,Club Membership and Association Membership etc. MemberPlanet MemberPlanet is a free web based group management and online tool for membership management.By using it you can manage your group in one place and increase fund raising,event participation, streamline communication. Its free version supported 200 members. MemberPlanet also provide the freedom of integration. You can integrate it with QuickPay and provide the online survey support to their user. User of MemberPlanet are non profit organization,businesses,churches,booster clubs,school etc. It is very feature enrich product some of there features are eCommerce supported,Dues Management,Member Portal and Nonprofit Membership,Member Database and Member Directory,Application Management and Association Membership and many more. BigTent BigTent is a free group membership management solution for small sized organizationsl. By using BigTent you can do multiple task like you can track member,news,event and provide ease for group member to organize,participate and communicate. In respect to security concern it is very secure system. It provide their member secure platform for interaction and up to date members about group activities. Social groups,social club,small organization are users of this membership management solution. It allow you to manage membership,payment processing, file and photo sharing. BigTent is very simple and easy to use membership solution and its required less maintainence. Features which BigTent provide in its product are Member Directory,Member Portal and Payment Processing facility. Share

Best Open Source Video Editor Softwares

Latest Blog - Fri, 06/26/2015 - 02:28
Best Open Source Video Editors Software OpenShot OpenShot is a free and open source video editor software tool for beginning videographer. It just supported Linux operating system and built with Python, GTK, and the MLT Framework. A layman can easily learn this application, its comes with very good documented helping material. OpenShot is a very feature rich product. List of features presented by OpenShot are it supported different format of video, audio and images, supported different visual effect like pans,fades, subtitles. It provide drag and drop option and multiple tracks facility. By using OpenShot you can do audio mixing,editing,video encoding,clip re sizing, trimming, snapping,cutting etc. Kdenlive Kdenlive is also free and open source multi-track video editor software tool. It supported FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X operating system and written in C++ language. It is very comprehensive easy to use professional video editor tool. By using Kdenlive you can connect your old HDV or DV camera for video editing. It support the different video format and provide different level of video quality. It also provide the unlimited number of video and audio tracking facility. Kdenlive provide different type of effect like blue-screen, distortions, rotations, color tools, blurring, obscuring etc. It also provide the ability of custom effects. Kdenlive provide the features of create,crop,delete,move,text clips,audio clips and many more. Blender Blender is a free and open source video editor and 3D computer graphics software product.It is not merely a video editor it can also used for creating 3D printed models,animated films,visual effects video games and interactive 3D applications. Video editor tool of Blender allow you to perform different action on your video like splicing,video cutting and masking. Blender video editor tool is very comprehensive software it provider different features to their user. Some of these features are live preview,waveform visualization,chroma vectorscope, audio mixing, luma waveform,key frames, filters,Speed control and many more. LiVES LiVES is a free video editing software supported 31 languages. It is very excellent video editing tool used to control video in real time and in non-realtime. It enable you to access and control this application remotely over network and its resolution and frame are not dependent. LiVES supported plug-ins and used number of plug-ins for video playback,encoder,effects and decoders. LiVES comes with two interfaces,clip editor interface and multitrack window interface. It supported Linux and Mac platform. List of features of this software is very long, we see some of these features. It loaded and editing of almost every video format and provide smooth playback frame rates. It also provide streaming input,output and support the multitrack window with drag and drop options. Share

The Best 4 Software As A Service Applications

Latest Blog - Thu, 06/25/2015 - 01:49
The Best 4 Software As A Service Applications Moodle Moodle is an open source online e learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Most of the education institute like universities, workplaces and other sectors used this open source SaaS suites. Moodle is very comprehensive education framework mostly used for distance learning, blended learning,flipped classroom. Moodle comes with customization plugin features. These features increase the functionality and allow you build private websites which offer online courses for learner, provide digital school papers,co-ordinate live lectures and control curricular data. Moodle run on number of operating systems like Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, NetWare. LivePerson LivePerson is an online engagement solution which provide real time help and advice of experts. It is an excellent software platform provide number of features to their user like, it provide the keyword analysis and ROI evaluation for SEO,provide the real time sales, customer service, marketing, live chat between customer and agent, tool of chat, voice and email. This solution is suitable for small and medium sized organizations. By using LiverPerson you can increase conversion rates and engaging website visitors effectively.It reduced customer services cost and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Approximately 7,000 companies are rely on LivePerson platform. Salesforce Salesforce is a global cloud computing company which provide business software. Salesfroce mostly known by its famous Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product. Salesforce's customer relationship management services are categories into different types like Service Cloud,Sales Cloud, Data Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, Marketing Cloud. Salesforce is very famous and valuable American cloud computing company. Salesfroce product and services applications is not limited to one or two industries. A wide list of different type of industries (finance,healthcare, life sciences, automotive, media, retail, manufacturing,communications) which are utilizing Salesforce product and services. HubSpot HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing software platform. HubSpot software used companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. HubSpot provide the integration facalities. It integrates with Yahoo, Google, Appenxus and Microsoft to track the statistics on keyworkd, effectiveness of demographics and Return On Investment (ROI). HubSpot supported corss paltform. HubSpot inbound marketing campaign included viral videos, Twitter, webinars and annual inbound marketing report. HubSpot used different tool to attract visitor like it used search engine optimization,social media,blogging and content management. Share

The Best Open Source Networking and Security Software

Latest Blog - Wed, 06/24/2015 - 02:36
The best open source networking and security software Bro Bro is an open source network security monitor platform. It provide the stability and flexibility at large scale and illuminate network activity in detail. Bro can also be used for different purposes like used it for forensic investigation, network measurements, trafic base line and build Network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) etc. Bro is written in C++ and used in different operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X. It comes under BSD license. Bro blacklist the malware or harmful source after the indication of administrator, and it has a ability to apply the firewall rule to block Ips. It supported the features of traffic inspection,attack detection,provide log recording and distributed analysis etc. Security Onion Security Onion is a very excellent software solution for intrusion detection, network security monitoring and log management. It provice different security tool like ELSA, Xplico, NetworkMiner, Snort, Suricata, Bro, OSSEC, Sguil, Squert, Snorby. Its comes with approximately 50 different security packages and provide the centralized documentation without any harm or defect. It is free and open source software available with publicly open source code. It is mostly used to run on small environment and allow the user to deploy distributed systems in any network enterprise environment. OpenDaylight Linux Foundation hosted the OpenDayligh open source project. It can be utilize for any scale and size by enabling the SDN(software-defined networking) and NFV(Network Functions Visualization) networks. It has pluggable, moduler and flexible controller that consist of on its own Java Virtual Machine. It can be used in any Java supported platform. OpenDaylight provide the features of integration. You can integrate it with OpenStack to access the features of security groups, distributed virtual router and load balancing-as-a-service. The community of OpenDaylight develop the open SDN framework which consist of blueprints and code. Wireshark Wireshark is a free and open source famous protocol analyzer. You can examine network at a microscopic level very efficiently. Wireshark is used for analysis,network troubleshooting,development of communication protocol. It can be run on number of operating systems like Linux, OS X, BSD, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. Tshark is the version of Wireshark it is terminal based solutionl. It provide the most powerful display filters in the industry and capture files compressed with gzip. Wireshark provide the very deep inspection of protocols and also enable for us live capture and offline analysis. Wireshark used CSV or plain text for exporting output in XML. Congress Congress is an OpenStack project provide policy fo cloud services in order to offer governance and compliance for dynamic infrastructures. The basic purpose of Congress is to provide the extendable open source framework for organization and regulatory compliance in dynamic infrastructure. The main responsibility of Cognress is policy enforcement. Congress allow administrator to use high level languages to describe business logic and it also provide the plug gable architecture which connects collection of cloud services. Share

The best open source desktop and mobile software

Latest Blog - Tue, 06/23/2015 - 02:00
The Best Open Source Desktop and Mobile Software Chromium Chromium is an open source web browser project and the core of Google's Chrome. It was initially released on 2008 and mainly written in C++ language. Chromium provide the source code after downloading,through source code you can customize it according to your need and run on different platform. It is very excellent web browser project provide the feature of fast lightweight browsing and provide the full development tools to developers, provide web standards, provide the software ecosystem and has a features of minimalist user interface. The main purpose of this project is to provide the safer, faster and tabbed window manager or shell for the web. LibreOffice LibreOffice is an opens source office suite forked from OpenOffice.org in 2010 and developed by The Document Foundation. LibreOffice provide the different program in LiberOffice suite like it consist of the programs word processing, spreadsheets, sideshows, diagrams and drawings, maintain databases, and compose mathematical formula. This office suite is also compatible with other office suite and provide the different import and export filter features. LibreOffice supported different operating system like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Linux and comes by default most of Linux distributions. LibreOffice is available approximately 110 languages. Inkscape Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor tool. It is used for edit vactor graphics, for illustrators and designers to handle vector images. Inkscape is Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) it edit or create diagrams, linek, illustration, charts, paintings, logos and arts. It supported different operating systems like Windows, OS X, Linux and it is written in C++ language. Inkscape provide the number of features to their user like it provide object creation of drawing, shape tools, text tool, embedded bitmaps and object manipulation features are transformations ,z-order operations, grouping objects and alignment and distribution commands etc. FreeMind FreeMind is a free mind mapping software used for outlines and brainstorming. Feemind is written in Java language and it is very faster as compare to MindManager. User can use the FreeMind software for number of purpose like user Keep track of projects and links to necessary files. It also used for internet research using Google and other sources. The features FreeMind provide their user are fast one-click navigation,supports folding,provide Undo and smart drag and drop,provide smart copying and pasting,export of map to HTML and edit long multiline nodes and limited support for fancy graphics and many more. Scribus Scribus is an open source Destop Publishing application. It can be used on different platform like Linux, Unix systems, Mac OS X, Haiku, Microsoft Windows and eComStation. By using Scribus you can import,control and export textual and graphical formats and you can manipulate image and typographics. By using Scribus you can also create interactive and animated forms and presentations and can write newsletter,newspapers,posters,brouchers. It supported TIFF, JPEG and Adobe Photoshop format and vector drawing imported or directly open for editing. Scribus supported 24 languages. Share

The Best Open Source Data Center And Cloud Software

Latest Blog - Sun, 06/21/2015 - 02:02
The Best Open Source Data Center And Cloud Software Nginx Nginx is a free and open source web server. It is very fast web server written by Igor Sysoev a Russian software engineer. The main focus of this web serve is to provide high concurrency, performance and low memory usage. Nigix can be work as application accelerator,media delivery system and reverse proxy server for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3. Nginx provide the features of load balancing, HTTP cache,streaming media services,offload concurrency,static content, latency processing, SSL and many more. Nginx can be used in number of operating system like Unix, Linux, BSD variants, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Microsoft Windows. AppScale AppScale is an open source cloud computing solution written in Python, Ruby, Java, Go, PHP languages. It is developed and maintained by AppScale Systems Inc. AppScale can be used to scale and deploy unmodified Google App Engine applications over public and private cloud systems. The main purpose of this solution is to provide developer a API-driven development platform which can run applications on any cloud infrastructure easily. It can be used on different platform like Amazon EC2 to Microsoft Azure to, yes, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack, Softlayer(IBM), RackSpace, CloudStack, DigitalOcean, Eucalyptus,KVM,Xen. Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is a free and open source Linux-based software architecture. By using Eucalyptus you can build,deploy and manage Amazon Web Services. It also provide the facility of share the workload on your private server and Amazon. Eucalyptus provide the features of storage, pooling compute and network resources for dynamically scaled up or down when workload change. Installation procedure of Eucalyptus is very easy and its framework is highly modular. Eucalyptus core provide the number of support features to their user like Accounting Reports support, SAN support,Windows VM support, VMware Support and Users and Groups management. PostgreSQ PostgreSQL is an open source object relational database management system (ORDBMS).It is very powerful reliable and data integrity supported database structure. This database supported cross platform like Linux,UNIX and Windows. It provide the support of joins, foreign keys,views,triggers and stored procedures. It support different data types like integers, numeric, Boolean, char, varchar, interval, date, timestamp etc. It also supported binary large objects like sounds,picture and video. PostreSQL provides different features to their user suc like point in time recovery, MVCC, tablespacesn, nested transactions, sophisticated query planner, asynchronous replication etc. It support multi byte character encoding, Unicode and international character sets. OpenStack OpenStack is an open source cloud computing software platform solution. It has been used to control the resources of compute,networking and storage through datacenter and it can be managed through OpenStock API or dashboard. Usually user use this solution infrastructure as a service(IaaS). It is managed by OpenStack Foundation,it released under the Apache License and written in Python. Share

The Best Open Source Applications Development Tools

Latest Blog - Sat, 06/20/2015 - 01:55
The Best Open Source Applications Development Tools D3 D3 (Data-Driven Documents) is an open source tool for data visualization in Web documents. By using D3 you can manage the scatter or arbitrary data to document object model. And by using D3 you can apply data-driven transformations to the document. By using D3 you can generate HTML table for different array of numbers. It enhance the life of data by using HTML,CSS and SVG. It provide the powerful visualization components and provide the capability of modern browsers without using any appropriate framework. D3 is very fast and provide the dynamic interaction and animation and you can reuse code through a diverse collection of components and plugins. Famo.us Famo.us is a free and open source JavaScript framework. It provide the assistance for creating the smooth and complex UIs for screen and 3D layout engine can be integrated with 3D physics animation engine. This JavaScript framework is also used for creating the hybrid mobile and mobile web apps of highy quality. It is free and used anyone and it also provide the integration facility,integration of Backbone, Cordova, and jQuery are well under way. Famo.us for tooling used Node.js and Grunt. For understanding this framework 15 demos are available online in Famo.us site and you can download the project in zip file. jQuery jQuery is a free and open source cross platform JavaScript library. It is the most famous JavaScript library that designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. Syntax of jQuery is designed very easy such that developer easily to navigate a document, create animation, develop Ajax application, select DOM elements and handle the events. It also facilitate the developer to create the plug-in on JavaScript library. The code of jQuery is very light weighted and portable. jQuery provide the list of features to their user like it provide event, effect and animation, JSON parsing, support multi browser, utilities and many more. Git Git is an open source distributed revision control system. Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development it emphasis on data integrity,on speed,non-linear work flows and support for distributed. It is designed in such a way that it handle small to large projects in very efficient way and provide the branching model which provide safe experimentation. Git programs written in C language and it provide the cryptographic authentication of history. Git design consist of plug gable merge strategies and periodic explicit object packing. Atom Atom is a free and open source text editor and source code editor for OS X, Linux, and Windows developed by GitHub. It is also called hackable desktop editor. You can alter it according to your needs because it provide the freedom of customization. Atom can be used as a IDE and it is written in CoffeeScript. List of features provided by Atom are file system browser,provide multiple panes, Snippets and Code folding, clean preferences UI, import textMate grammars and themes, fuzzy finder for quickly opening files, multiple cursors and selections and many more. Share

The Best Open Source Applications 2014

Latest Blog - Fri, 06/19/2015 - 01:54
The Best Open Source Applications 2014 ERPNext ERPNext is a well known open source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is developed by Web Notes Technologies Pvt Ltd. This open source software written in Python language and used MySQL database for data storage. ERPNext has changed the framework and move to new web framework Fappe. This new framework provide the support of plug-ins and extensions. This software available Software as a Services (SaaS) and in house hosting. Number of features provided by this software is very impressive like it provide the facility of shopping cart integration,CMS integration,provide comprehensive billing and payment method,prepare quotations and record orders and Shipments etc. ERPNext is released under the GPL license. xTuple xTuple is an open source business management software solution. This software is suitable for small medium and large size organization. xTuple provide the integration facility to increase the performance. You can integrate e-commerce solution for selling and dealing the customer through online. xTuple provide the different interfaces to their user. GUI Client interface used as locally and this GUI client written in Qt. Second interface is Web client written in JavaScript and using the Enyo framework. Third and the final interface is Web Services is served by a NodeJS server and also provide REST based APIs. xTuple used the PostgreSQL for data storage and for data managing. Odoo Odoo is an open source ERP software solution. The old name of Odoo was OpenERP. This software is written in Python language and used the PostgreSQL database for data storage and management. This ERP solution solution support all size of companies. It consist of approximately 260 core modules. This ERP suite based on multiple apps which each app perform different function. Some of these apps function are Manufacturing, Asset management, E-commerce,Warehouse management system, Expense management, Payroll management, Recruitment process, Point of sale, Customer relationship management etc. This software has been released under license AGPL. Openbravo Openbravo is an commercial open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is a web based ERP solution and supported small and medium sized companies. Openbravo SL dealing in two products Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS. Openbravo comes with very user friendly graphical user interface and has also integration ability. It provide the functionality of ERP,CRM and BI functionality and provide the support of sales management,data management, subscription management,project management,service management,inventory management. Openbravo provide the powerful security mechanism that effectively control the system accessibility. SugarCRM SugarCRM is a comprehensive open source customer relationship management software solution. It was found in 2004 by the trio of John Roberts. This Software applications is written in PHP and its also work with Microsoft sql server database and mysql database. SugarCRM is use for multipurpose in business, It can be use as a marketing tool, customer information storage, analyzing and reporting. SugarCRM has two version one is commercial and other one is open source. Hosted version of SugarCRM is commercial version while Community version of SugarCrm is free and opens source. Share

The Best Free and Open Source HR Software System

Latest Blog - Wed, 06/17/2015 - 02:05
The Best Free and Open Source HR Software System freeHR freeHR is totally free cloud based HR(Humman Resource) system. By using this cloud based system you can perform HR function anywhere in the world and you can used it on multiple devices. This human resource solution also provide mobile app. This mobile app allow you view your information and also provide the edit option and you can get alert and send response from phone. You can download this app from Google play store. freeHR is created by UK based Isys Group. freeHR web based HR system provide unlimited user support. freeHR is mainly designed for small business. freeHR provide the features of personal record update,track employee contract and documents, clock in and clock out features, reporting HR calendar support,message alert and role based security etc. HRtrack HRtrack is free and open source solution for streamlines your key employee administration tasks.HRtrack is used for filling cabinets,paper record,spreadsheets. It is a very comprehensive solution for keeping record of your employees without any risk. By using HTrack you can organize record of your employees, you can keep vacations record, training records, education records, benefits records, performance record,absenteeism record etc. It is a flexible solution. HRtack provide the features of integration,you can integrate calendar with Microsoft Outlook to increase the functionality of HRtrack. Natural HR Natural HR is a free online web based human resource (HR) system developed by UK based company. Natural HR has a aim to provide latest technology innovations to the filed of human resources. This solution is supported all size of business like small medium and large enterprise. It is a very cost effective and simple to use human resource solution. It provide the custom reporting and assign custom user role. Natural HR provide the number of features to their user like 360 degree feedback, applicant tracking, career development planning, compensation management and compliance management, expense reporting, training management and travel management and many more features. WebHR WebHR is a free cloud based social human resource software solution. This software based in Pakistan. It is very comprehensive human resource management tool which managed every thing from Hire to Retire and has been used approximately 8,000 companies and more than 171 countries. You can download this application from Google Play Store,Apple iTunes Store and Windows 8 Store. This software provide a web based user friendly graphical user interface with customization support. WbHR provide the multiple function to their user like function of employee recruitment,employees management,performance appraisal,payroll,training and many more. A1 eHR A1 eHR is an open source human resource solution for medium and large sized organizations. The source code of this solution is publicly open. you have a freedom you can customize it according to your needs. It provide the automated self services and can lock the certain field by human resource admin.A1 eHR provide comprehensive features to their user which comes by default in this solution. Some of these features are staff profile, qualifications, personal details, family details, organization reports, employment history, deployment history, contact info, reference info, checklist clearance, asset assign and many more. Share

The Best Open Source Document Management System

Latest Blog - Tue, 06/16/2015 - 00:49
The Best Open Source Document Management System What Is Document Management System: Document Management System (DMS) is a system which is used for track manage and store of electronic documents and electronic images. DMS is a complete cycle process which consist of Creation, Location, Authentication, Workflow, Filing, Distribution, Retrieval, Security, Retention and Archiving. OpenKM OpenKM is an open source web based document management system. It is a comprehensive full document management application provide the function of metadata, workflow, file history and version control,scanning etc. And it also consist of jBPM workflow,content repository and Lucene indexing. Java technology was used for developing this document management system. OpenKM provide the useful repository of corporate information assets to help for increasing knowledge and flourish business decision making. By using OpenKM you can manage very easily structured and unstructured information. It provide easy to user interface to their user which allow you to collect information,Collaborate with colleagues on documents etc. FileDepot FileDepot is an open source document management system run on Drupal OS distribution. It is a web based document management solution which comes with the support of reporting,locking files feature, notifications and document tagging.By using filedepot you can share document, versioning control, enhance content integrity and create collaborative environment. It provide the function of PDF conversion and also functions of e-Mail Systems.For increasing the functionality of this system it allow you to integrate with with Microsoft Outlook and also provide remote access facility to their user. FileDepot provide the features of automated version control,document threaded content discussion,full text searching and many more. OpenDocMan OpenDocMan is a free and open source document management system. It is a web based solution written in PHP language. It provide the full control of access to files. It comes with automatically install and upgrade features. OpenDocMan has the greate features of customization. It give you the freedom to modify this system according to your needs. It is a very flexible software system provide the facility of integration. It support different types of files format. OpenDocMan provides number of features to their user some of these are Upload file directly from browser,documents stored physically on server,revision history and file expiration,provide automated document review process,allow three type of user,support multiple language and many more. LetoDMS LetoDMS is an open source document management system. It is written in PHP language for data storage it used MYSQL database. By using LetoDMS you can attach Meta-data to document. It also facilitate their user by saving old version of documents and you can retrieved when you needed. Mechanism of security is very strong in LetoDMS software system. It provide easy way to search the file through tables of contents,full text search and indexes. LetoDMS provide very comprehensive features to their user like you can upload file through web interface,lock and unlock documents,view online document in web browser,alert through email notification about expiry of documents,provide multi language support and many more. bitfarm-Archiv document management bitfarm-Archiv document management is an open source document management system. It is a award wining software which provide extensive and practical functionality. The most interesting thing in this system is it provide very good adaptability feature. It is a very Comprehensive document management system which support many formats and data sources. It is a very flexible software provide the facility of integration. It provide very excellent feature to their user some of these features are it is fast and accurate document retrieval,Version control support, logging and evaluation support,provide audit proof archiving according to legal demands etc. Share

Best Open Source Web Browsers

Latest Blog - Sat, 06/13/2015 - 01:31
Best Open Source Web Browsers Chrome Chrome is a free and open source web browser. It is developed by Google and stable public released on December 11, 2008.It support number of operating stems like Linux, Mac, and Windows and also supported mobile devices like iOS and Android. Google used the WebKit layout engine and in 28 version Chrome has used WebKit fork Blink. According to StatCounter Google Chrome has approximately 51% worldwide usage market share. Google Chrome browser maximum source code is open source means every one has a freedom to customize this browser. Google Chrome provides the number of features like Bookmarks,Downloads,spell checking,privacy mode,password management,auto updater,search engine tool bar,form input and security configuration of sites. Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It was initially released in September 23, 2002.It has been available for number of operating system like Linux, Mac, and Windows and it also supported Android mobile devices. News client and Thunderbird mail are companion of Mozilla Firefox and both of these also open source applications. It also provide the feature of customization to their user. Usage of Mozilla Firefox worldwide is approximately between 12% to 20%.Mozilla Firefox used the Gecko layout engine. It also provide the features of spell checking,live bookmarking,tabbed browsing,private browsing, geolocation etc. SeaMonkey SeaMonkey is a free and open source web browser developed by community efforts. It support most of the extension and add-ons which are compatible in Firefox and SeaMonkey also used the Gecko layout engine which used by Mozila Firefox. SeaMonkey have very active community which we called SeaMonkey Council it is responsible for project and release management and continuously develop and deliver high-quality updates. SeaMonkey provide more than browsing features like it has email client, built-in chat and a WYSIWYG editor. The installation of this browser is very easy and features are easily access able. The built in features of this projects are restore session, password manager, toolbar customization,Tabbed browsing,feed detection,pop up blocker and many more. Midori Midori is an open source light weighted web browser. It is avilable in 30 languages and supported Linux,Mac,Window operating systems. It is written in Vala,C language and initialy released in 16 December 2007. Midori used the WebKit rendering engine with support for HTML5 and GTK+ 2 interface.Its comes with number of by default extension like Aria2 or SteadyFlow, Adblock, NoJS, Cookie Security Manager and vertical pane. Midori web browser is very easy to use because its comes with large button interface and it is very fast light weighted browser. Midori provides the features of Spell Checking,Search Engine Toolbar,Downloads,Bookmarks,Form Input,Privacy Mode and many more Share

5 Best Free and Open Source EMR Software

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5 Best Free and Open Source EMR Software Practice Fusion Practice Fusion is an open source electronic health record solution. It is a web based solution and has approximately 17,000 customers and more than 100,000 users. Practice Fusion was founded in 2005 and has number of users like doctors, practitioner and large medical groups. This cloud based solution provide the doctors,medical professionals free advertising and supported electronic health record. This technology provide number of features to user like scheduling,e-prescribing, charting, billing,lab and imagine center integration,certification,health record and referral letters etc. Using Practice Fusion is very easy but this software not allow customization to their user. OpenEMR OpenEMR is also an open source EHR application. It also provide the Electronic Medical Record option to their users. This application is designed for number of operating systems. The operating systems its supported are Windows, Linux, Mac. This application is not a web based solution. Community of this open source product is very active. This application allow you freedom of customization and code is publicly open. You can alter this product to fulfill your needs. OPenEMR has a number of features some of these are it supported E-Prescribing, provide integrated practice management features, provide easy installation procedures,provide Built in Scheduler,support multiple langugaes etc. FreeMED FreeMED is also another open source EHR supported software applications. It was founded in 1999.This is very mature and advanced Electronic Medical Record tool in medical industry. It also offer their user commercial license support. Community of this open source product is very active and contributed their continuous support to stable this product. FreeMED is comes with user friendly web based interface. Features of these product are, it provide printing and patient scheduling facility,provide HL7 interface and PDF templating, provide modular architecture and HIPAA compliant,use comprehensive external billing software REMITT, store data in group of module and module has user interface of store data etc. XChart XChart is an open source electronic medical record management software tool. It XML based open source solution developed by Open HealthCare Group. The purpose of XChart project is to develop a electronic system that is easier to use than paper based systems. Purpose of using the XML in XChart are based on under lying some comprehensive features such as It is easy to use,it provide the feature of portability across various operating systems and languages,it is extremely ubiquitous,It can be transformed via XSLT into different presentation formats. XChart health care software is very easy to use. A person with little training become expert enough to handle this software easily. SmartCare SmartCare is an EHR system which has been developed and deployed by Zambia Ministry of Health. This project has been made with the collaboration of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and many other partner was included. SmartCare provide continuous care and fully integrated health record system. The purpose to built this system was support support clinics that need to interface internationally and this system is most widely used in South Africa,Zambia and Ethiopia. SmartCare provide the features of distributed database system, Smart Card, Touchscreen and GIS data visualization. Share

Best Open Source Web Browser Security Apps

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Best Open Source Web Browser Security Apps AdBlock AdBlock is an open source content filtering ad blocking extension for browsers. Number of browser are supported this extension like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers. It is not just a ad block extension,it can also used for blocking web tracking bugs and malicious domains. It is very comprehensive app for blocking domains which are host malware and spy ware. It is a free application you can download it and prevent your page from displaying advertisement. This extension was created on December 8, 2009 and approximately 40,000,000 user has been used this app. It is very easy to use app e,g just click Add to Chrome icon and then visit your specific website and see ads disappears on web sites. Webutation Webutation is an open source application which is used to tell about which web site is safe and you can trust on it. This application show you the reputation of specific sites which you are browsing. It show the reputation by the indication of green,yellow and red icon. It also provide the facility to their user to perform scanning activities against bad user feedback and virus. As we know Webutation is an open source product and community members collect data on web sites to develop a reputation profile. Webutation also gather information from some other application like Webutation, Google Safebrowsing, malware blacklists etc. HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS Everywhere is a free and open source security application. This application is used for secure your web surfing.HTTPS Everywhere is make sure that you cannot connect a web site with HTTP in the presence of HTTPS.HTTPS is a protocol which is used to encrypting web and email connections. HTTPS based connection is encrypted with secure sockets layers. HTTPS browser extension is available for Google Chrome,Firefox and Opera web browsers. During installation if you select the SSL Observatory option it provide you additional protection features and protect against bogus SSL certificate attacks. Disconnect Disconnect is also open source anti track and anti cookie application. It provide the very powerful mechanism to escape from tracking cookies. This application supported number of browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer,Safari offers special iOS and Android versions. This application provide the real time view of tracking requests send by web sites and you have option to allow them or not. Disconnect also provide the features of protection from wireless transmission like Wifi, 3G, 4G and also protect from malvertising, wiretapping and widgetjacking. By using Disconnect you can safely search any web site. Privacy Badger Privacy Badger is an open source browser add on it block advertiser. It also used to safe from third party tracker which hidden tracking your web surfing. It automatically blocks the advertiser which tracking you without your permission. Privacy Badger supported Chrome and Firefox web browser. This application is not depends on filter list. Filter list control and maintained by humans. Privacy Badger is very easy to use application just click on icon, it show you the blocked web site which you are visited. It show the reputation of web site by the indication of green,yellow and red icon. Share

5 Best Open source Accounting Software

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5 Best Open source Accounting Software GnuCash GnuCash is a free and open source account management software tools. This accounting software are used for maintain the record and book-keeping for individual and business. GnuCash is a flexible accounting application you can customize it according to your specific need. GunCash supported multiple languages and also designed for cross platform. You can use this software on number of operating system like Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Operating this software is very simple and easy to use and allow you maintain almost all possible account of your business. It provide their user some salient features like it support double entery accounting system,allow you to keep up stock fund accounts,provide the facility to print all the important business reports and graphs,support account payable and receivable and many more. SQL-Ledger SQL Ledger is an open source accounting software solution. This accounting software support all kind of small sized businesses. It is a web based solution which perform number of task such like it can be used for purchase order, management of inventory, packing lists, control printing vochare, multi location, general ledger accounting and multi user. It also supported cross-platform and used SQL database for store data. This software was designed in such a way that it can be used very easily even a new person who is not familiar this software can used. The comprehensive interface will help you easily keep and maintain your accounts. This software allow you to handle a foreign currency transactions and also provide the converted and exchange rate in term of difference,gain and loss. TurboCash TurboCash is a free and open source accounting software. This software used in many countries and supported multiple languages. This software is very powerful and consist of simple easy to use interface. It provide different function to their user like it provide inventory and stock pricing, trial balance,point of sale platform,provide invoicing and batch operation,stock pricing and access control,VAT accounting and multi-user control etc. TurboCash provide very comprehensive features of reporting and analysis. It provide the facility you can handle more than one company and use more than one user by using this software. The main main goal of TurboCash is to provide easy to use software solution. It is free of cost accounting software however TurboCash offere commercial support to their user. LedgerSMB LedgerSMB is a free and open source financial accounting software solution. It is a web based software solution. It used PostgreSQL database for store data and has very user friendly graphical user interface (GUI).This software has been written in Perl programming language. LedgerSMB provide very useful tool for account maintenance and book keeping. This software track and save the record of full income and expenditure expense. software is suitable on UNIX type operating system and it has been successfully tested on Window operating system. The features provided this software are given secure accounting platform,provide Window operating system support,provide data integrity support for protection and processing of financial record etc. Lazy8Ledger Lazy8Ledger is an open source accounting software. It is very powerful book keeping software solution for personal and small business. By using this software you can break out the activity in different account and can do different type of book keeping activities. It is a Unicod compatible software solution. It provide various type of reports standard and gives the freedom to make their own reports also. It provide the customization freedom to their user. It support multiple file support format like PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or text format. This software can only operate those person who have sufficient knowledge of book keeping. Share

Best Open Source Test Management Tools

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Best Open Source Test Management Tools Tarantula Tarantula is a free and open source test management tool. It is a advance testing tool which do software testing in a agile software projects. The basic goal of this software is to become the best open source test management tool in various filed like Testing,Agile testing,Usability and Reproting. It is a Java Web Cralwer software tool. It provide the multiple features to their user such like it provide scalability, multithreading ,high performance,do test cycle planning using number of lab,allow test case management & requirement management, do collaboration & provide user permission for handling group managemetn. It allow you to integrate this testing tool with any bug tracker. It provide very secure authentic and full backup environment. It has been released under a license GNU GPLv3. QABook QABook is an open source test management tool can be implement on individual,team and in an entire company. It gives you the freedom to create manage and edit requirement,test run,test defects,test case,reporting environment etc. It is a very simple tool and has been designed to enable simple and flexible upgrades. It allow the user to create projects and testing other arts facts and than distributes to team member. It has been released four version of QABook. These four version are Desktop, BugReach, BugShare and Enterprise. Each of these four version has some specific features. It use SQLserver database for store the data and the download size is 4GB. Testopia Testopia is an open source featured enrich test case management extension for Bugzilla. It was build and design for tracking test cases. It is a generic tool provide the permission of testing organizations and to integrate bug report with test case run result. The design of this tool is very comprehensive it also work for track and testing virtually anything in engineering process. It also allow the user to attach the bugs result for centralized management. It present and excellent web based graphical user interface. Testopia allow the single test management interface by integrating with Bugzilla product. It supported CSV export of test cases and results, XML export and import of test plans and children. Radi Radi is an open source test directory tool. This tool is very light weighted and written in Python language. This software tool is very easy to use requires least simple operation by the user as compare to other directory tools. Radi provide the very comprehensive features like user login password authentication process, and generate the comprehensive report in CSV file format. It also provide the features of testdrictory like user management,save backup,test plan,create and update test image etc. This tool is very good for maintain the result in spreadsheets. By using Radi software tool you can view image resul from the view result utility. It has been released under BSD License, GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2). RTH RTH (Requirements and Testing Hub) is an open source test management tool. It is a we based tool.This tool has been design very comprehensively to fulfill some specific requirement like tests,test result and and defects throughout the application life cycle. For increasing the visibility of the testing process and software testing it used structured approach. RTH provides number of features to their user some of main features are it provide the facility to upload supporting documents for your test cases,it import test cases by using Microsoft Excel template file,provide test result management,test case Management,provide graphical reporting status,support multiple process etc. Share

The Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools

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The Top 5 Bug Tracking Tools Bugzilla Bugzilla is an open source bug tracking tool. It is a web based testing tool developed by Mozil project. It also come with under Mozila Public License. Some of well known open source projects are using this tool. Some of these are Apache developer,Linux Kernel developer,GNOME developer,Red Hat Distribution etc. This software application is written in Perl language and used Mysql and Oracle database for storage. This application provide many comprehensive features to their user like some of these features are,provide lists of bugs in different formats,provides schedule reports,provide advanced search capabilities,detect duplicate bugs automatically, provide patch viewer, show private attachment,provide comments and many more. Mantis Mantis is an open source software solution used for tracking software defects and bugs. It also provide record of user that interact and it tracked their multiple projects. It has been released under the GNU General Public License version 2. Matis is written in PHP and used multiple database for storage like MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL. The installation of this software is very easy and is mostly used in small and medium sized companies. This software tool also used in mobile devices. It allow source code integration to increase the functionality of this tool. you can also increase its function by using plugin and through hook functions. It also supported multiple platform like Window, Linux, Solaris, Mach etc. It provide the feature of email notifications and user can monitor specific issues. Trac Trac is an open source bug tracking software tool. It is a web based software solution and provide very easy to use web Graphical User Interface (GUI) .Trac is written in Python language and it also provides wiki and integration facility to subversion. Trac is developed by by Edgewall Software it has been released in under the GNU General Public License and version 0.9 in modified BSD license. It also supported wide range of plugin. It also permit the hyperlinking information between wiki content,bug database and revision control. Trac provide the features of email notifications,provide feature of multiple project support,provide road map of project management, provide time line of all recent activity and provide many more features. Redmine Redmine is an open source bug tracking project managment tool. It provide the facility to their user to manage number of projects and under lying subprojects. Redmine is written in Ruby on Rails and it supported cross platform. It supported cross databases for store data and also supported 34 different languages. The software design is similar to Trac software and also provide similar types of features. The most impressive features of Redmine are it allow tracking of multiple projects,provide support of gantt chart and calendar,permit simple time tracking,provides supports number of LDAP authentication,provide the REST APIs and also consist of custom fields for issues,time entries, projects and users etc. Fossil Fossil is an open source bug tracking and distributed version control system. Installaion of this software is very simple and also very easy to use this software. Its comes with built in user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) .It is very reliable software which provide Wiki. It is written in C language and used SQLite database for data storage. Fossil is a single small sized program no need of configuration and administration. It can be used in different platform like Linux,Mac and Windows. It has been released under a BSD license. Share

5 Open Source Web Testing Tools

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5 Open Source Web Testing Tools JMeter JMeter is an open source pure Java based application used to test and measure the performance and load. It comes with beautiful user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) . Through GUI you can test and debugging quickly. By using this tool testing can be done on static and dynamic resources such like perl Scripts, Java Objects, files, Database, Queries, Servlets, FTP server etc. Statistics of sever load can be select through plugable timer. It can used to test the performance of different loads by simulate a load on server. It provide the personalization and extensibility through data analysis plugins. Grinder Grinder is an open source Java based load testing framework. It is very easy to run web testing tool that used different injector machines. This tool was developed by Paco Gomez and is maintained by Philip Aston.Grinder has two main parts,one is Grinder Console and second is Grinder Agents. Grinder Console is based on Graphical User Interface(GUI) and it is used to monitor real time result and control number of agents. Grinder Agents are headless load generators. The main purpose of these headless agents to create the load through number of workers. It used TCP proxy to record the network activities and save this activity into Grinder test script. By using this you can increase number of agent instance. Multi-Mechanize Multi-Mechanize is an open source framework used for load testing and web performance. This web testing tool used simultaneous Python scripts to produced load against web site or web service. This web testing tool we commonly used for scalability testing and for web performance. It is very scalable tool it can also be used to produced workload against remote API accessible from Python. Report of test out put are saved as a HTML. It is a free tool and run on multiple frameworks. The code of this tool is written in Python and it automatically generate reports. To generate simultaneous virtual user it used multi-process and multi-thread engine. Selenium Selenium is an open source portable software testing framework for web application. We can say that it is used for testing web application and automates browsers. It is used for cross platform like Window,Linux and Macintosh. Selenium provide record playback tool for testing and no need to learn scripting language. It can be deploy on Firefox extension and provide the facility to edit,record and debug tests.It also provide the API and give the facility of tests can be written in various programming languages like Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.Selenium Grid server allow you to test web browser instances running on remote machines. It has been released under the Apache 2.0 license. OpenSTA OpenSTA is an open source web based testing architecture tool. It is used to perform scripted HTTP and HTTPS load test with performance measurements. It is run on Window based operating systems. Scripts are written in SCL language.SCL is a proprietery language and it is very simple language which support different function and variable scopes. By using this web tool you can gather statistics and result by automatic and through user controlled mechanism. Because OpenSTA is a free and open source and its source code is publicly open and available on SourceForge site. It provide the freedom to customize OpenSTA according to your needs. It has been released under GNU General Public License 2.0. Share

5 Free And Open Source School Management System

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5 Free And Open Source School Management System OpenSIS OpenSIS is a free and open source school management system. It is a best solution for K-2 and larger education institutions. This open source software is used by both small and medium size school. For using this school management system software need qualified IT staff. It is a web based software soution. It is written in PHP and used MYSQL database for store data. This software is releaesd under GNU General Public License. You can download it from Sourceforge website. Features of OpenSIS: It is a free version. Tt has substantial features. It offers both free and paid versions. It maintain transcript. It maintain health care record. It maintain attendance record. It provide demographic information. It provide email messaging convenience. It has built in billing system. Open Administration for Schools Open Administration for Schools (OAfS) is an open source school management and administration software system. It is also design for K-2 and higher education institutions. OAFS was designed for public and Catholic schools. It has a special module for education and division central office. It provide the facility to run software on the same sever with multiple virtual sites. It also provide separate interface of parent-school site. This software package released under GNU General Public License. Features of Open Administration for Schools: It provide transcript System to print student transcripts. It provide the report card system. It has import and export module. It has a system of parent,student Viewing scripts. It provide demographic information. It show online grade book. It provide online day book. It maintain disciplined and attendance. SchoolTool SchoolTool is an open source student information system for school. It is a web based school management solution. The purpose of this open source project is to facilitate school administration. It provide important student information and also provide the reporting for primary and secondary schools. It also provide the freedom of customization to their user,you can customize this progrmm according to your specific needs. It used the Zope 3 framework and written in Python language. This software package comes under the GNU General Public License. Features of School Tool: It provide customizable data for student,teacher,demographics and other personal data. It has teacher grade books features. It provide the personal contact information like address, phone, email etc. It has tracking and management system for student interventions. It maintain class attendance and daily participation grades of students. It support export function for export Scores in .xls spreadsheet format. It has feature of organized grade book in multiple worksheets. It provide skills and outcomes based assessment. Fedena Fedena is an free and open source school management software. This software is developed on Ruby on Rail framwork and its main focus on handling records. It is a web based software solution developed by Fordation Technologies. It is a cloud based software used for school administration purpose. This programm is available in git hub. Fedena is the best solution for schools and campuses that want an easy means to manage all campus records. It was released under License Apache License 2.0. Features of Fedena: It provide customizable code. It has examination management system. It provide financial management system. It can be integrated for video conference. It can be integrated for payment gateway. It provide different add on module. Open-School Open-School is an open source school management software solution. It is a very comprehensive solution for managing interaction between the students,teachers and parents. The basic objective of this management school system software is to provide the administration of school to handle resources in a efficient way. It provide the integration support for content management and news management through this you can publish your content on website easily. Features of Open-School: It provide online fee management system. It has timetable management system. It provide the new comprehensive design. It facilitate online class rooms facility. It has comprehensive attendance management system. It provide online library support. It provide comprehensive view of students,teacher and parents profiles. Share

5 Open Source Security Firewalls for Linux System

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5 Open Source Security Firewalls for Linux System Iptables Iptables is an open source firewall utility for Linux based operating system. Iptables is very flexible tool which based on command line. It is used for maintain,set up and inspect the table of IP packet and filer rules. These tables consist of many user defined chain. Most of the Linux administrator are use it for tuning of their server. Iptables use three different type of chain. These chains are input,forward and output chain. Input chain is used to control the behavior for incoming connections. Forward chain is used for incoming connections that are not actually being delivered locally. Output chain are used for outgoing connections. Its provide different features to user like provide backup support and file restoration,filter the content of the list,provide flexibility to add,remove,modify rules per your needs etc. IPCop IPCop is an open source firewall tool for Linux. It is built on the Linux netfilter framework. The main purpose of this firewall tool is to provide simple to manage firewall appliance on PC hardware. It provide simple user manage update mechanism to install security updates when needed. The team of IPCop is very professional and its aim to provide a secure,stable and user friendly management system to their users. This firewall provide very highly configurable tool. This firewall tool provide the web based interface to manage the task. This firewall tool is mostly used in small business and local PCs. It provide multiple features to their user like It provide auto rotate logs,Supported Multiple language and its provide secure stable and easily implementable add on patches. Shorewall Shorewall is an open source firewall tool for Linux based operating system. It is built on the Netfilter system into the Linux kernel. It also supported IPV6.I cannot provide Graphical User Interface for configuration. By using simple text file you can configure this. By using Shorewall you can watch the status of system and provide support for testing. This tool is mainly used in network installations. It can be used in wide range of router,firewall and gateway applications easily. It provide the freedom of customization by using its files. This tool provide no limit on the number of network interfaces. It also provide the support of nested and overlapping zones. Vuurmuur Vuurmuur is an open source firewall tool for Linux based operating system. This firewall tool built on the top of iptables. The configuration of this firewall tool is very easy. It can allow you complex and simple configuration. The configuration configure through Ncurses Graphical User Interface. It also facilitate their user through remote administration for monitoring the logs,bandwidth and connection in real time. This firewall tool is very easy to use even new user can easily use this tool.It provide human readable rule syntax and trafic shaping. It provide secure default policy and provide anti spoofing features. It can be configured with NAT very easily. pfSense pfSense is a free and open source firewall tool. This firewall tool distribution based on FreBSD. It is very reliable firewall network tool. It provid web based interface can easily configure it through web based interface. This software can deploy on router,DHCP server,perimeter firewall,wireless access point and VPN endpoint. It provide RRD graph reporting and multi-language support. By using this you can shape your trafic and can get real time information through Ajax. It provide the functionality of Outbound and inbound load balancing,high availability clustering and quality of Service. Share