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The Top 5 Open source Linux Distributions

Latest Blog - Wed, 05/27/2015 - 00:49
The Top 5 Open source Linux Distributions Linux is an open source operating system.Linus Torvald is the founder of this Operating system.system. Liunx was developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds.But it is not a complete operating system.It is an open source kernel. Different Linux distribution are made by using this kernel. Different Linux distribution combine Linux kernel with other open source software and make a full operating systems. There are many Linux kernel based distributions.Each of these Linux distribution have some unique features and qualities. Lets we see the top 5 open source Linux distributions. Fedora Fedora is an open source stable Linux distribution for Linux user.It is RPM based Linux distribution.It is very flexible operating system.you can change the desktop environment to Mate, Lxde and Xfce. This distribution is sponsored by Red Hat. The main focus of this operating system is on free software.It come with the GNOM 3 desktop environment.Fedora comes with a wide range of software such as Firefox ,LibreOffice and many other software.Fedora was initially released in November 6, 2003. CentOS CentOS(Community Enterprise Operating System) is also open source Linux distribution.This distribution provide community supported platform.The aim of this platform is to provide functionality supported with upstream source and RHEL. CentOS is a free version of RHEL it is a stable operating system and supported for long term.The newest version of CentOS is 7. CentOS was initially released in 14 May 2004. Ubuntu Ubuntu is a powerful Linux distribution operating system is based on Debian.It comes with very beautiful Graphical User Interface.Ubuntu used unity desktop environment.It come with wide range of free software by default such as LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission and Sudoku,chess game.It offer releases every six months.It was initially released in 20 October 2004. Linux Mint Linux Mint is a safe light weighted and reliable Linux distribution.Linux Minute used the Ubuntu software packages.Most interesting things in Linux Mint which is not included in Ubuntu is media codec.Linux Mint used media codec proprietary software by default. It works with full multimedia support and is extremely easy to use.it also provide almost 30,000 packages and one of the best software managers.It was initially released in 27 August 2006. Debian Debian is a free and open source operating system used Linux kernel. Installation of Debian is consist of very easy steps.This operating sytem comes with almost 43000 software packages.The free software which comes by default this operating system are LibreOffice,Evolution mail, Vlc media player, Iceweasel web browser, Gimp image editor etc.It always no. one choice for web servers.It was initially released in September 15, 1993. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Licenses

Latest Blog - Tue, 05/26/2015 - 02:10
The Top 5 Open Source Licenses GNU General Public License 2.0 GNU General Public License is a free software licence.This is the most widely used licence throught the world.Percentage of using this licence is 25% which is greater than any other open source licence.This licence provide their user freedom to use,share and modify the software.The software which provides these types of freedom is called free software.The user of this licence are individual organizations and companies all over the world.Very important aspect of this software licence is that it provide freedom to their user to cooperate.It allow the user to share their thoughts for fixing bugs and increase the functionality of software. MIT License MIT License is a free software licence.This licence was originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).It provide the permissive free software licence freedom.The MIT Licence provide many rights of end users. It provide the end user freedom of copy,modify,merge,distribute,publish,uses,sub licence and sell the softwares. Percentage of using this licence is 19.3%.This percentage is less than GNU General Public Licence and greater all other licence percentage.This licence can be used with the combination of GP Licence and provide redistribution with software that use MIT Licence. Apache License 2.0 Apache License is a free software licence recognize by open source.It is very popular and widely deployed free software licence written by Apache Software Foundation(ASF).This licence needed preservation of disclaimer and copyrights notice.Apache Licence also provide the freedom to user of the software.User of the software modify it ,distribute it and distribute modified version of software without any condition of royalties. This licence exercise the patent right and modification are marked clearly as being the work of the modifier.Licencee cannot use any trademarks which belong to the licencor. Percentage of using this licence is approximately 16.23%. GNU General Public License 3.0 GNU General Public License 3.0 is a free software licence.This licence is free and copyleft licence for software.This licence can also be used for other type of work in addition to software.It provide the guarantee to share and change all version of program.This licence provide different types of freedom to their user.It provide the freedom to use software for any purpose, customize the software according to your needs, freedom to share the software to your friends,relatives etc and provide the freedom to share the changes which you made.Percentage of using this licence is approximately 10.3%. BSD License 2.0 (3-clause, New or Revised) BSD Licence is a free software licence for computer software.BSD licence was developed at the University of California at Berkeley.It allow redistribution and use in source and binary forms with or without modification.By using this you can do unlimited redistribution according to your need but you must care about copyright notices and the licence disclaimers are maintained.Percentage of using this licence is approximately 6.5%. Share

Five Open Source Sip Libraries

Latest Blog - Sun, 05/24/2015 - 01:08
Five Open Source Sip Libraries PJSIP PJSIP is a free and open source library.It is used for multimedia communication. This library is written in C language.This library used standard based protocol like SIP,RTP,TURN,SDP and ICE.The API its provide is flexible it can be used different type of system such like embedded system,desktop and mobiles.It used signaling protocol like Sip with multimedia framwork.PJSIP is a powerful and feature enrich open source library.It provide comprehensive documentation and support video,audio and instant messaging(IM). It was initially released in 2005. Sofia-SIP Sofia SIP is also open source sip supported library. It is also called sip user-agent library. It is based on IETF RFC3261 specification.It is used for communication like person to person,instant messaging(IM),Voice over interenet protocol(VoIP) and real time communication.It is also used for making SIP client software.Nokia Resarch Center(NRK) has developed the sip stack.Sofia-Sip is based on Sip Stack.It supported both UDP and TCP. Sofia-SIP included the features of early media,sessions,session timers,provisional response,caller preferences etc. Libre Libre is an open source real time communication sip stack library.It is a portable and generic library.It also support for Stun,turn,ice,BFCP,SDP,BFCP and Dns client.It is robust fast and low memory footprint.It is based on RFC compliance.compliance. Libre also supported Ipv4 and Ipv6. Well written documentation guide.It is supported multi platform like Linux, FreeBSD, Symbian OS, Windows, Apple, Android, OpenBSD and NetBSD etc. oSIP oSIP is a free software and LGPL implementation of SIP. It is published as a rfc3261 and it is written in C language.In this library SIP required minimal codebase. It can implement any SIP extension.The main purpose of this library is provide ease for the developer of multimedia and telecom software and provide the interface for control SIP based sessions in applications.SIP can be used in replacement from H323 and IETF.This project was started in 2000.It provide ease for the development of SIP portable applications.For threads,mutex and semaphore it provide abstractions methods. Liblinphone Libphone is an open source library.It based on the Mediastreamer2 for video,voice calling and belle-sip for the Session initiation protocol(SIP) signaling. It is a very high level library.It has a ability to integrate all the sip based video calls into a API. The purpose of Liblinphone is doing most thing automatically by combining two things togather. Libphone Library is a very easy to use.Anyone can can implement this library for video calling even he is not expert in telecommunication and VoIP. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Operating System

Latest Blog - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 02:12
The Top 5 Open Source Operating System Ubuntu Ubuntu is a free and open source Operating System platform based on Linux Kernel. This Operating System is very easy to use and understand.Ubuntu provide free security updates. By default Ubuntu Operating System included many software like Firefox, Games, LibreOffice, Transmission and Thunderbird. It is develop on Debian's architecture and is available for different platform like Desktop, tablet, phone.Every six month it release version update.Minimum requirement to install this OS is 768 of MB RAM and 5 GB of hard disk. Fedora Fedora is a free of cost open source Operating System. It is also based on Linux Kernel. User. User of this Operating System can customize,modify and distribute it.This Operating System was built with the contribution of open source community worldwide.Anyone can contribute this OS for improving its functionality. It was created in late 2003. The main focus of Open Source community in this project is based on Innovation and integration new technology.Fedora Operating System is easy to use and very user friendly project of Linux.It is a very powerful OS for your desktop and laptop. Haiku Haiku is a free and open source Operating System.It is mainly develop for desktop computers. This OS is a complete powerful easy to used Operating System solution.It is developed by the help of open source community members, which offer their work volunteer. It was initially released in 2009.It is written in C++ language and also provide the Object Oriented APIs. This Operating System supported x86 and 32-bit system, 128 MB Ram and 700 MB hard disk. MINIX3 MINIX3 is a free and open source Operating System solution. It is very flexible,reliable and secure Operating System. This OS is based on tiny micro kernel. This is compatible with NetBSD. It has been released under BSD Licence. The main purpose of developing this project is repair its own fault itself without anyone intervention. It is mainly used in embedded systems and for education. Syllable Desktop Syllable Desktop is a free and open source Operating System.This Operating System is very easy to use even for new user.It is a desktop based Operating System supported small business and home user.Booting time of this Operating System is very less take maximum ten seconds. It present very user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).It also support different hardware devices. Share

The Top 5 Open Source ERP Software Solution

Latest Blog - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 02:21
The Top 5 Open Source ERP Software Solution What is ERP Software ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management software system for business. This software allow their user to automate and integrate their business application. Through ERP organizations manage easily different functions which belong to services,human resource, technology etc. ERP allow you to integrate Multiple operations of business which perform different departments like development,planning,manufacturing,marketing,sales,Shipping and payment etc. ERP software solutions mostly used by large type of organizations for managing their work. To use this software some organization have professional team which customize and analyze data and software according to their specific needs. Open source ERP is a software solution whose source code is publicly available. It provide the ease for companies to customize ERP software to fulfill their business needs.Open Source Enterprize Resource Planning(ERP) is free of cost solution, it can save too much money if your organization IT team is skill full.Lets we see top 5 open source ERP solution.Apache OFBiz Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open source ERP software solution. This software suite is used in enterprise for integrate and automate the business process.Apache OFBiz ERP software provide different useful functions. Functions which this software perform are warehouse management, catalog management, manufacturing management, e-commerce management,pricing management,promotion management,People and Group Management, Project Management etc.It has been released under the Licence Apache Licence 2.0. ADempiere ADempiere is a free of cost Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software solution.This ERP support Linux,OS X,Unix and Window operating system.It was initially released in 2006.The basic function which this software perform are Customer Relation ship management,Payroll management,manufacturing management,HR management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Performance Analysis, Integrated Point of sale (POS) solution,Integrated Web store etc.It has been released under licence GPLv2. ERP5 ERP5 is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning software solution.It automate your business process. ERP5 based on Python and Zope.It was initially released in 2002.It support Linux and Unix operating system.Core function this software performs are CRM(customer relationship management),trade management,warehouse management,accounts management ,HRM, product design management project management etc. It has been released under licence GPL. Odoo Odoo is an open source ERP software solution.The old name of Odoo was OpenERP. This software is written in Python.This ERP solution solution support all size of companies.It consist of approximately 260 core modules. This ERP suite based on multiple apps which each app perform different function. Some of these apps function are Manufacturing, Asset management, E-commerce,Warehouse management system, Expense management, Payroll management, Recruitment process, Point of sale, Customer relationship management etc. This software has been released under licence AGPL. ERPNext ERPNext is an open source ERP software solution developed by web Notes Technology PVT Ltd. It is written in Python and used MySQL database. ERPNext is similar to Odoo. This solution is also available as a Software as a service.This software is design for small and medium sized business. This ERP solution supported Windows, Linux,Unix, Mac OS X operating system.It has been released under licence GPL. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Call Center Software

Latest Blog - Wed, 05/20/2015 - 01:58
The Top 5 Open Source Call Center Software Call center software is used to deliver and receive large number of telephone calls by agent.The work of agent is to guide the customer about specific product or services.Call center software mostly support inbound and outbound campaign.Large number of Open Source Call Center software are developed by Open Source Community.Lets we see some of the top 5 Open Source Call Center Software.Elastix Ealstis is an open source communication solution.Elastix present a very comprehensive call center module.Its call center module has a capability to make inbound and outbound campaign.This call center module provide the convenient way of communication between the agent and and telephony subscriber.Elastix used a very powerful autodialer called predictive autodialer.Predictive dialer handel the calles in Elastix call center.Elastix call center provide individual web based agent consol.In which also included web management interface and proprietary open source protocol for communication. GOautodial GOautodial is an other web based open source call center software solution.This Call center is included in GOautodiale by default, when we install it.This call center solution has been made with combination of different open source technology like Limesurvey,Asterisk,Vicidial,PHP and Mysql.These application make this software very comprehensive solution which fulfill the all basic call center needs.Like Elastix its also used Predictive auto dialing technique for call center.Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) increased call center functionality.Contact Q Contact Q is an open source call center and contact center software application.It is a very powerful call center solution based on GNU Linux.This software provide the customizable software solution.It gives a comprehensive agent interface.It also provide the quality multi media based automatic call distribution.It provide the real time data reporting features.It also allow you to scheduled your campaign according to your specific time table.ViciDial ViciDial is a very well known open source call center software suit.It support both inbound and outbound call center funtionality.It is also provide web based call center solution.Through web, agent can watch the real time information flow.It also provide web based management interface.Admin can watch the real time information such like Call Detail Report(CDR) all agent based information etc.Vicidial provide the facility for agent to control it from remote location.Vicidial is a scalable call center solution.It allow you to scale hundred of agent seates.It provide the flexibility you can used VoIP trunks and Telco lines. Vertexsol Vertexsol provide the powerful open source call center software solution.This call center software based on Asterisk telephony system.It provide the flexibility of configuration.This software also provide the freedom of customization.You can customize this software for achieving your specific need and enhance the functionality.It is also scalable solution for your business.This software solution support multiple codecs and Voice Over Internet Protocol(voIP).This software support inbound and outbound call center functionality Share

The Top 5 Open Source PBX

Latest Blog - Tue, 05/19/2015 - 11:49
What is PBX PBX(Private Branch Exchange) is a small telephony system. PBX provide the ease for enterprise to build the internal telephone connection for the enterprise users. It also allow the user to share a specific number for external phone lines. The basic purpose of PBX is to save the communication cost in enterprise. Instead of using separate telephone lines for each employes by using you can share one line with number of employes. IP PBX is also an PBX but it used PBX with Internel Protocol(IP) connection. By using IP PBX you can increase your communication features like.With IP PBX you can communicate video, audio and instant messaging. Asterisk Asterisk is an open source PBX software system. Asterisk allow to connect telephone to make calls with one another. It also provide the freedom to connect with other telephone services like Voice Over IP(VoIP) or Public Switched Telephone Network(PSTN).Asterisk provide many feature of calling such as conference calling, voice mail, automatic call distribution and Interactive Voice Response(IVR) etc. It has a feature of supported SIP telephones. It has been released under license GNU General Public License. Elastix Elastix is an open source communication software bundle with IP PBX. It is a unified communication software solution. It provide IP PBX, Instant Messaging(IM),Email and faxing functionality. Eastix provide the web interface and it have different features like predictive dialing used in call center. Elastix is Free software, it has been released under the GNU General Public License. sipX sipX is an open source Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) software solution. It used the communication standard Session Initiation Protocol(SIP). sipX based on IP PBX communication system. sipX provide many features such as Interactive Voice Response(IVR),auto attendants and voice mail etc. It has been released under the license LGPL. FusionPBX FusionPBX is an open source FreeSWITCH GUI and multi-tenant PBX solution. FusionPBX included many featuer. It is very powerful software tool based on Freswitch. Number of ways for the utilization of this powerful software such as used for carrier grade switch, fax server, voice mail, voip server, conference server, voice application server etc. It has been released under license MPL 1.1 . Fonality trixbox Pro Fonality trixbox Pro is an open source PBX. It is provide the free VoIP calling and also provide the ability for monitoring. Other than VoIP connectivity it also provide the Public Switch Telephony Network(PSTN) connectivity. Fonality used the PBXtra which is based on Asterisk. It has been under license GPLv2. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Softphone

Latest Blog - Sat, 05/16/2015 - 02:12
The Top 5 Open Source Softphone Software What is softphone: A softphone is a software application used for making telephony calls over the internet and used over computer instead of hardware device. We also called Softphone a soft client. Usually Softphone required headset which is connected to the sound card for personal computer. For communication on both end side needed Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP). Lets we see The Top 5 Open Source Softphone. QuteCom QuteCom is an open source Softphone software solution. Its old name was WengoPhone. This Softphone is written in Python, C and C++.It used SIP compliant VoIP communication at no cost. This software consist of all the standard function of IP phone such as instant messaging and voice. By using this Softphone you can call on cell phones and land lines number without any hesitation. It also send SMS messages and has capability to make video calls. It has been released under the licence GNU General Public License. Twinkle It is an open source free of cost software application. Twinkle used Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) for voice communication. It used the Session Initiation Protocol for signaling purpose. Twinkle is specially designed for Linux operating system. Graphical User Interface(GUI) of this software is very excellent and user friendly. It also included the features of IP to IP Calls. Twinkle support various audio formats like G711 A-law,G711 μ-law, speex narrow band, speex wide band,speex ultra wide band and GSM.It has been released under licence GPL. Ekiga Ekiga is an other open source Softphone software application. This Softphone support video conferencing. The old name of this software was GnomMeeting. Ekiga signaling supported both SIP and H.323.This software high quality audio and video codec. This softphone has a quality you can integrate it with different software packages and protocol. This software has been developed for different platform.It can be used for Linux,Window and MacOS. It has been under license GNU General Public License. MicroSIP MicroSIP is an open source Softphone software. This softwaer based on PJSIP stack. This Softphone provide quality calls either by p2p or on regular telephone by using SIP protocol. This software is very a vert light weighted Softphone. It support different type of codec like G.722,SILK, Speex,GSM and iLBC. This software has been released under GNU General Public License. Yate Yate is another open source free of cost Softphone software solution for communication. This Softphone support different communication method like video communication,voice communication and instant messaging communication. This software is written in C++.This Softphone is built for cross platform. It has been released under license GNU General Public License. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Autodialer

Latest Blog - Fri, 05/15/2015 - 02:34
What IS Open Source Autodialer An open source autodialer is a free of cost autodialer software which are contributed by open source community. Autodialer take number from a contact list and dial each number automatically after receiving the call it play prerecorded message if the receiver want further information its press specific key and call is transfer to the live agent. There are different types of open source autodialer software which are developed by different open sources communities. Different communities developed different autodialer software,which are unique with respect to their functionality. Almost all open source communities offer customization support in autodialer project to fulfill the specific requirement of business. Lets we see the top 5 open source autodialer software solution. ICTDialer ICTDialer is an open source web based unified communication autodialer software solution. ICTDialer is all in one solution for telemarketing businesses. It is a multi-tenant Voice,SMS and Fax broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTDialer blast thousand of calls at a time. This software is build on Content Management System(CMS) Drupal, Freeswitch and based on very powerful communication framework ICTCore. ICTDialer support VoIP, FoIP and PSTN for termination. ICTDialer's IVR Designer is a brilliant open source interactive solution. IVR Designer allow you to create advance telephony system very easily with drag and drop interface. Newfies-Dialer Newfies Dialer is another open source autodialer software solution. It is a Voice and SMS messaging software solution. It is a high speed Voice and SMS messaging broadcasting autodialer software solution. This software is based on Freeswitch. This software also support Interactive Voice Response(IVR) campaign. Newfies Dialer provide the Call Detail Report(CDR) features you can export it through CSV file. This Autodialer is also support Press 1 campaign for transfer call to live agent. It is released under MPL V2. GOautodial GOautodial is an open source web based call center autodialer software solution. It is supported CentOS server for installation. GOautodialer support both inbound and outbound campaign. This software is developed by combining and integrating different open source solution like it used Mysql database,PHP language,Asterisk communication framework etc. It support VoIP trunk and telco lines. This autodialer can also be used for conducting survey,because it support survey dialing. VICIDIAL VICIDIAL is an open source PBX phone system and autodialer software solution. It is complete inbound and outbound contact center solution. It present agent interface for real time information and functionality monitoring. Vicidial also support separate admin web based portal for monitoring campaign status. It has released under license Open-Source AGPLv2. OSDial OSDial is an open source predictive autodialer software solution. This software provide the user friendly Graphical User Interface(GUI).This software based on Asterisk and needed CentOS server for installation. OSDial is supported both campaign inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response(IVR).OSDial will scale from a couple of agents to several hundred agent. This autodialer is available under a license called Affero General Public License(AGPL). Share

Choose Different Types Of Dialers

Latest Blog - Thu, 05/14/2015 - 02:29
Choose Different Types Of Dialers A dialer is a piece of device or software application which mostly used in call center to dial the phone number and after answer the phone number specific calls is transferred to agent or directly attend by agent. A computer programme which build connection with internet or computer network over ISDN or analog telephone line is a type of dialer. Types Of Dialers Manual Dialer This is the old method of dialing the contact number. In Manual dialing, list of contacts number is assign to agent and say him to dial these number one by one. Agent type each number one by one and after the answer of call agent communicate with prospective customer. This method of dialing is mostly used in small organization. This is a very economical way of communication. Preview Dialer In Preview dialer before dialing the contact number give the information of the prospective customer to agent. Agent read the all information about customer and about past history or in other words we say that agent prepare himself/herself before initiating a call. After analyzing the information agent request the system to initiate calls. The Preview dialer mostly used by Debit collection companies therefore before placing the call agent completely overview customer information past and current history. Progressive Dialer In Progressive dialer agent show his availability before initiating the dialing campaign. When agent show his/her availability progressive dialer automatically start dialing contact numbers. If dialer determine any one of the result like no answer,busy number,detect fax machine etc it drop this number and start dialing next number. If the dialer not determine above factor than agent determine the call is pick by live person or AMD. If the call is answer by live person than agent talk with prospective customer, but in case of call answered by machine agent manually update the result and Progressive dialer start dialing next contact. Predictive Dialer Predictive dialer is a more advance mechanism of auto dialing. This dialer is mostly used in large organization where thousand of number dials in one day. Predictive dialer algorithm reduced the idle time of the agent and increase agent productivity. Predictive dialer automatically dial contact number from list and determine the availability of agent and gather the comprehensive information like, call duration, call answer time, how calls answered often and when agent is become idle. Predictive dialer is very useful for telemarketing product and services of large companies because its dial large number of contact and reduced agent idle time. Share

The Top 5 Open Source Content Management System

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The Top 5 Open Source Content Management System Open Source Content Management System(SMS) is a platform which provide the freedom to use their available resources and make their own website. This open source platform provide the feasibility to modify your website as you want all the necessary tools are present in this platform. For managing websites a dashboard is also available with different options which are necessary for web site development. Here are some of the most famous open source content management system, which you can select according to your requirement. Each open source CMS have some unique features. Wordpress CMS When we talking about open source CMS it is not possible to ignore the world most famous content management system is Wordpress. Wordpress is an open source content management system basically developed for blogging purpose in May 27, 2003.It is written in PHP and use Mysql database .According to Wikipedia WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015 and its market share is approximately 59.9%.Not any open source CMS is near about this market share figure, you can imagine the importance of this open source CMS. License: GNU GPLv2 Joomla CMS Joomla is an open source content management system for publishing web content and is mostly used for mid sized and e-commerce companies. It was initially released in 17 August 2005,it is written in PHP and uses OOP technique and for data storage use Mysql and PostgreSQL. Jommla has almost 7,700 free and commercial extensions are available. According to Wikipedia as of February 2014, Joomla has been downloaded over 50 million times and market share of its approximately 8.3%, very less as compare to Wordpress. License: GNU General Public License Drupal CMS Drupal is an open source content management system for enterprises or large sized business such as corporate, political, and government sites. This frame work is written in PHP and initially released in January 2001.It has more than 30,000 free community-contributed addons and its community member strength is more than one million members. Market share of Drupal is approximately 5.9% which is less from Joomla and Wordpress. License: GPLv2 CMS Made Simple CMS Made Simple is an open source content management system it allow user to create website content easily and fastly. This open source CMS is can be used for small,medium and large sized organization. It is written in PHP and supported Mysql database for storage. The aim of CMS Made Simple is to provide the platform which is easily customizable with themes,addon, tags, dynamic and translations. Stable version of CMS Made Simple was released in Nov,2013. License: GNU General Public License Contao CMS Contao is a free and open source content management system for medium to large websites. This open source is accessible for developers and as well as for users and this software is easy to maintain. This platform provide high security standard and develop the web site which are SEO friendly. Initially it was released in June,2006 License: GNU LGPL Share

5 Free And Open Source Billing System

Latest Blog - Tue, 05/12/2015 - 02:10
We did not ignore the contributions of open source community. Open source community help us in almost every field of life like business,technology,telecommunication,medical science, accounting and billing etc. Open source community help you managing your business either its small or large,changed the concept of physical shopping store with online shopping store,provided way of monitoring personal bank accounts. In this article i have tried to write 5 open source billing software system. Open source community pay special attention for building the billing and invoicing free of cost solution which helps small and larg size organisation. Let we see these open source billing solution,it may be address your business needs. ICTInvoice ICTInvoice is a free and open source Elastix PBX module. It is used with Elastix for billing and invoice management most of the financing and accounting companies. It provide the capability to convert the Elastix PBX into multi tenant Hosted PBX. It has been developed and maintain by ICT Innovations and used under licensed GPL Version 3.0. ICTInnvoice also enhance the performance of Elastix billing and enable Elastix admin to create email invoice for Elastix users on monthly basis. User can download or view their invoice in pdf format through Elastix web interface. It also support inbound billing support and outbound billing support as well. A2Billing A2Billing is a free and open source calling-card and billing platform. It is a powerful solution for inline billing and it is designed in such a way that its meet the residential and wholesale VoIP services requirement. It allow different billing option such like per second billing and stepped billing and subscription. It provides the feature of call detail report(CDR) with buy and sell rate and also included reports and statistics for agents and re sellers. Amberdms Billing System Amberdms Billing System(ABS) is an open source web based accounting and billing solution for individuals, small and medium sized,Internet Service Provider(ISP) business. It provide the feature of invoicing,accounting,time keeping and service management for businesses. It has been released under license Affero General Public License(AGPL). Freeside Freeside is a free and open source billing and administration solution for Internet Service Provider(ISP),VoIP provider,Wireless Internet Service Provider(WISP), hosting providers and for other online businesses. The billing process consist of Real time credit card and electronic check processing and consisting all major processing gateways like fax,email, printed and online invoicing. It has been released under license Affero General Public License(AGPL). CitrusDB CitrusDB is an open source billing and customer service software solution. It can be used for monitor the customer info,services,invoice,products and credit information. It has been developed using two languages Mysql and PHP. It has been released under license General Public License(GPL) version 2. Share

5 Open Source Projects That Are Leading Innovation

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Technology play an important role in every filed of life and its depends on innovation. Combination of innovation and technology is very important for the success of any business project. When we start a small business we focus on technological capabilities and also consider innovation as a competative point of view. We present the product which is a complete package of innovation and technology that is different from others to take competitive edge. Role of technological innovation in open source projects is very obvious. Open source projects more focus on innovation to create some thing which is unique and qualitative. As we know that open source project is based on huge vulnerable community in all over the world,any one can contribute through out the world. Therefore open source project are more innovative because thinking of every person is different from other person,contributions of different people all over the world makes project innovative. OpenStack OpenStack is an open source cloud computing software platform solution. It has been used to control the resources of compute,networking and storage through datacenter and it can be managed through OpenStock API or dashboard. Usually user use this solution infrastructure as a service(IaaS). It is managed by OpenStack Foundation,it released under the Apache License and written in Python. Android Android is a free and open source mobile operating system. Android is developed by Google and it is based on Linux kernel. Use of mobile phone is increased after the development of Android. Android has play a very important role for boosting mobile industry .It is released under open source license and primarily written in Java programming language. Android's operating system uses touch input. Kitware Kitware is provide free and open source development. If offer advanced software Research and Development(R&D) and provide services. It is competent in providing services and R&D in various filed like Visualization,Computer,medical imaging,technical software development and 3D publishing. It also provide technical support and provide training for customization. OpenDaylight Linux Foundation hosted the OpenDayligh open source project. It can be utilize for any scale and size by enabling the SDN(software-defined networking) and NFV(Network Functions Visualization) networks. It has pluggable, moduler and flexible controller that consist of on its own Java Virtual Machine. It can be used in any Java supported platform. Ubuntu Ubuntu is a free and open source platform, it can be run on smartphone,tablet,PC server and cloud. This operating system is available both community and professional use. This project is based on the open source software development and it can be customize according to specific need. By default many software are comes in Ubuntu installation, some of these are Firefox browser,LibreOffice,Transmission and Chess and Sudoku games etc. Architecture and infrastructure of Ubuntu is based on Debian. Ubuntu release updated version in every six month. Share

Best Top 5 Open Source Project Management Tools

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In this article i have tried to write the best top 5 open source project management tools which opensource.com has been covered last year. The project management tool which are listed below are based on some unique features. Lets we see bet top 5 open source project management tools 1. ProjectLibre ProjectLibre is a project management software tool which is used as desktop replacement for Microsoft Project. Marc O’Brien is a co-founder ProjecLibre. This tool run on the Java Platform and also allow to run it on Linux, Ms Window OS and Mac OS. The feature whose make him to enter top 5 open source project management tools are its support,resource allocation,task management,tracking,chart etc. This project has been awarded "Best Of Open Source" by InfoWorld's in 2013. 2. LibrePlan LibrePlan is a free and open source web based project management tool which is used project manager and project management team in organziation. It is licenced under the Affero General Public License(AGPL) and written in Java language. Feature included in this open source project management tools are, it allow you to monitor,plan,control and organize the task of organization. Its core functionality based on planning,monitoring and controlling. 3. OpenProject OpenProject is a free and open source project management tool included multiple plugins and features and very agility community. OpenProject licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 runs on Ruby on Rails,it was developed with the effort and collaborative contribution of very agility open source community. OpenProject has been won the award of "Best Practice" in 2011 in open source competition of the Berlin Technology Foundation. 4. ]project-open[ ]project-open[ is a great complete and powerful open source project management software tool.Frank Bergmann is a founder of this project management software tool. It support various languages but main language of this software is Perl. It support dual license means its basically open source but some module which released under commercial license, therefore it is say as a mixed source model licenced. Its can run on both Linux and Window depends on stack of open source packages. 5. Redmine Redmine is also free and open source project management tool. It is a flexible web management application. It is released under the term of GNU General Publick Licence v2. Redmine is written Ruby on Rails framework. The feature which included in this stuff are, it is flexible and access control,forums and wiki community,good time tracking,show chart aid visual representation etc. Share

What Is Open Source-Benefits Of Open Source In Business

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What Is Open Source Usually open source is known as a computer software/programs which is available for general public and its source code is also open and available for modification and uses. It is the effort and contribution of developers which continuously working on open source codes and share there collaborative effort in open source community. Any user of open source product is customize the code to fulfill their needs. Now a days trend of open source programme installation is increasing in many organization. This is not only the reason its free and open sources, also many other appealing characteristic of open source programme which encourage to most of the businesses and organization for adoption. Lets we see some of these appealing factors. Flexibility Flexibility is a very common issue in commercial product or which are not open source like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows when they upgrade their version you need to upgrade associated hardware and software without end or limit. Open source on the other hand is very flexible you can run upgraded system with old hardware. Quality Poor quality lead to increase the business risk. It can damage company brand name,lost customer,lost productivity,lost revenue and lower the profit. Conversely a good quality enhance brand name,increase customer,increase productivity,increase revenue and increase the company profits. Open source product are qualitative because thousand of developer work on this product chance of bugs is very low and product is innovative and feature enrich. Cost Effective Cost is a very important factor for any business,cost if increased profitability ratio fo business become low. Open source is very cost effective solution as compare to proprietary solution. Organization who are small scale and low IT budget open source is a best choice for these types of organizations. Customization And Freedom The biggest benefit of using the open source programme is all things in your hand you can modify it,extend it,integrate it with other programme means as you wish you can do it beacuse source code is in your hand. By using open source product you can enjoy freedom,you can alter the solution without any hesitation because you are not bound to any vendor. If you feel specific open source product is not more benefit for you can alter them. Support Every open source programme has a community which is very fast and active. If you face any problem in open source product you can take help from their community through forum posting, documentation, wikis,mailing list like FreeSWitch Linux ICTInnovations etc. This is a cost effective method of supporting. Share

Asterisk VS FreeSWITCH

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Asterisk Asterisk is a free and open source PBX software solution used by many individuals enterprise and businesses and provide functionality for VoIP product. Many of the businesses are gaining befits form this PBX solution , Asterisk is highly equipped and affordable software solution for businesses. Small and large organization are utilizing this solution in all over the world. This open source solution was created in 1999 and sponsored by Digium. It is develope under dual license GPL and GNU these license allow freedom of further development in Asterisk. Asterisk is user all over the world and its user increase day by day. FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH is a communication software solution used for voice and messaging applications. It is a free and open source communication software solution licensed under Mozilla Public License. Using FreeSWITCH, we can build PBX, soft phone and softswitch. FreeSWITCH use Sofia Sip stack this stack is fully mature robust and complete. FreeSWITCH is written in C language. We can run FreeSWITCH on different Linux flavors, Mac OS X, Window, ARM. It was created in 2006 with contribution of Asterisk developers. The main purpose was to build a communication tool which provide stability and scalability features which are best as compare to other platforms. Comparison Of Platform Asterisk And FreeSWITCH PBX And Softswitch The main difference between the Asterisk and FreeSWITCH is that,Asterisk is a PBX(Private Branch Exchange) solution and FreeSWITCH is a Softswitch. Scalability When we compare FreeSWITCH with Asterisk on the basis of scalability the performance of FreeSWITCH is better than Asterisk. Asterisk is depends on shared resources,threads which allow multiples calls.This become the cause of delay and corruption of data in huge capacity environment. On the other hand Fresswitch is design in such way its handle multiples calls better way because layered API manage shared resources efficiently. Flexibility Both application FreeSWITCH and Asterisk provide the flexibility to extend the functionality of both applications. FreeSWITCH is more flexible as compare to Asterisk. FreeSWITCH support multiple languages such as .NET, JavaScript, Perl, C++, Python and FreeSWITCH library embed with other applications easily. Design And Configuration Design and configuration of Asterisk is very simple as compare to Freeswitch. We can write a dial plan of Asterisk in plain text file. In Freeswitch dialplan and configuration based on XML.XML configuration and design is complicated process as compare to Asterisk.By using regular expression in FreeSWITCH dialplan design we make advance design of dialplan. Share

Maximise Business Sales Through Autodialer

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Autodialing is a automatic dialing techniques of contact numbers, instead of dialing contact number one by one manually its dial automatically. Now a days most of the business used this technique to maximize their business sales and most of the telemarketing companies also used this autodialing system. For automatic dialing need a Autodialer software solution like ICTBroadcast Autodialer Software. Autodialer software is a dialing system which take contact number from a contact list and dial these number on the answer of call play prerecorded sales message and on pressing some specific key call is transfer to live agent for further assistance. By using Autodialer software (eg,ICTBroadcast) you can save your time. Autodialer software provides many ways to save time such like Autodialer dial contact number automatically from a list,if you have list of thousand number which you need to dial it take too much time to dial each number one by one manually. Autodialer software has retry option which also save time and maximize business sales by dialing again those number which in first attempt are busy and no answer or rejects due to any other reasons . Autodialer software provide the facility to integrate your Autoidlaer software with external call center or Customer Relationship Management(CRM) soultion. By integrating with CRM you can increase the functionality of your Autodialer and maximize your business sale. By using integration with CRM you can record the previous data of your customer which help you further communication with prospective customer. By integrating Autodialer with External Call Center like ICTBroadcast software your agent can monitor the information about caller ID, call duration and campaign statistics are provided at the end of every campaign, with caller info, call duration and agent data etc. Autodialer software also impact business income statement by reducing operating cost tremendously. Autodialer telephony technology is a cheap method of communication and advertisement of companie's product and services as compare to other older method of communication and advertisement. By using Autodialer software no need to purchase costly telephony equipment and advertisement through Autodialer software is too much cheap as compare to television commercial,billboards adds,banner adds etc. Share

What Is VoLTE- Benefits Of VoLTE Over Traditional Technology

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What Is VoLTE VoLTE is stand for Voice Over Long Term Evolution. VOLTE transmit call over the internet Instead of using voice technology to route call like CDMA or GSM call is routed as voice over internet protocol(VOIP) through service like Vonage and Skype. The main difference between VoLTE and traditional method based on transmitting the call procedure like traditionally deliver the call over the standard Internet Protocol,but through VoLTE calls are delivered over a mobile 4G LTE broadband network. To take the advantages of this technology you must consider two things. First you need a smart phone which support 4G LTE protocol. Second you need to select those network carrier which support VoLTE technology. Most of the service provider companies in USA like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are committed to provide the VoLTE. VoLTE become the no.1 choice of the service provider carrier because VoLTE permit service provider to improve internal operations and voice data application is more efficiently as compare to old voice connection technology. Lets we see some of the benefits of Voice Over Long Term Evolution(VoLTE) as compare to traditional technology. HD Voice The biggest benefit of using VoLTE is provide high definition quality voice. This HD voice provide good quality of voice delivery which is more richer and warmer through VoLTE as compare to 2G and 3G.Voice which transfer through traditional network use 8kbps codec while voice transmit through VoLTE is use 13kbps. Low Latency Call connecting through VoLTE is much faster as compare to traditional technology like GSM or CDMA calls. Calls transmit through VoLTE is low latency rate therefor call connect within 1 to 2 seconds is much faster as campare to old technology which take 3 to 4 or more seconds. we can say that connecting speed of VoLTE is double versus old circuit switched technology. Improve Battery Life According to Sprint conducting test report VoLTE services provide much improved battery life compared with old technology. Sprint conducted the text in Dallas for measuring and quantifying the impact on battery life of call which conducted on CDMA,VoIP call using the Skype and 4G LTE networks. Following result they found Results showed a 35 percent lower current drain for VoLTE calls, as well as an 18 percent lower current drain for CDMA calls, compared with the first generation. Calls made over the LTE network using Skype’s over-the-top VoIP application resulted in approximately one-third less current drain. Battery life on the latest VoLTE-capable device now compares favorably to that of previous-generation devices when using CDMA voice. Rich Communications Services VoLTE provide another benefit to consumer in term of Rich Communication Services. RCS(Rich Communication Services) provide the feature of file transferring,language translation, voicemail,video calling and instant messaging. Share

Difference Between Asterisk and OpenSIPS

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Asterisk is a free and open source PBX software solution used by many individuals enterprise and businesses. Many of the businesses are gaining befits form this PBX solution , Asterisk is highly equipped and affordable software solution for businesses. Small and large organization are utilizing this solution in all over the world. OpenSips(open sip server) is a free and open source proxy server. It can be used to handle video, voice, IM, presence and any other SIP extensions. It is a multipurpose ,multi-functional sip signaling server. OpenSIPS can be use as a SIP Registrar, Switch/Router, Application Server,Load Balancer, Session Border Controller, SIP Front end,Nat traversal server etc. As we know that Asterisk and OpenSIPS are free and open source project and both used for VOIP(voice over internet protocol).But both have some different uses and capabilities and have different strength and weaknesses. Lets we see some of the differences among these open source projects. Architecture Difference Architecture of asterisk is complex and is based on Back 2 Back User Agent(B2BUA) style. It is responsible for signaling and for media transmission. It is also used to handle services such like protocol translation(SIP,IAX2),codec translation(uLaw,G.729a),Interactive Voice Response(IVR), voicemail and call distribution TTS, and voice recognition etc. Onthe other hand architecture of structure of OpenSIPS is very simple as compare to Asterisk. OpenSIPS is a SIP Proxy is only deal with signaling. Connectivity Difference Asterisk provide many telephony interface cards to connect the PSTN such like DAHDI. Installation and configuration of telephony card in Asterisk is very easy. Onthe other hand you cannot install telephony card in OpenSIPS. OpenSIPS required external SIP gateway to connect the PSTN. Load Balancing Difference By using Asterisk load balance can be configure via callid,username and uri and also handel failover. Unique feature of OpenSIPS is that it use hashing algorithms for load balancing and can be configured to load balance by the username, ruri, callid. OpenSIPS failover aware can make for a very complementary part of an Asterisk solution. Access Difference Asterisk provide low level access to protocol and make alert the header signal. Astersik provide the only access to IAX protocol and transfer signal in same port and in same packet. OpenSIPS like asterisk provide the low level access to protocol and make alter the header signal. But in OpenSIPS it is possible translate two incompatible version of sip and directly handle the SIP response,header and request. No Integration Difference Both Asterisk and OpenSIPS have built-in integration with Radius, LDAP, and Diameter. Media Services Difference Asterisk is capable to provide media related services like voicemail, voice recognition, IVR and TTS etc. OpenSIP on the other hand cannot provide media related services like voicemail,voice recognition, IVR and TTS etc. Share

Unified Communications Advantages In Today's Business World

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Today's world effective communication play a vital role for the performance of business.your business comes into trouble if your messages not communicate effectively.Communication create strong relationship and connection which is necessary to achive business goals. Good quality effective communication role is very important to the success and failure of any business whose connection spread world wide.Business which operate the world wide need proper mechansim of communication for connection their employe,customer,supplier,seller etc. In todays business environment Role of unified communication is increasing day by day dramatically .According to Transparency Market Resarch annual growth rate of Unified Communication is 16%. Unified Communications is a term used in communication, it encompass wide range of applications and technology integrated into unified communication system.Possible application which intergated in Unified communication system are 1. Voice call 2. Voice conferencing 3. Video call 4. Video Conferencing 5. Voicemail 6. Email 7. SMS 8. Fax 9. Speech recognition 10. Call control Integration of unified communiation in business is very cost effective.Unified communication provide the businesses all in one communication solution.By integrating all telephony and business data in a single nentwork such like email,instant messaging,voice phone and video call and video conferencing save too much cost as campare to integrate all individually . Unified communication provide the business ease to share their sensitive information without fear.Most of the business need to communicate their sensitive information through email,fax,messages etc.Unified communication software encrypt the sensitive information over the network and wrong person cannnot read that info. Unified communication provides many benefits in business.Through the use of call conferiencing communication tool in business allow customer to connect directly and immideatly and facilitate the employess to solve the problem quickly and accurately.But the biggest benefit of call conferencing is it save time and reduce travel expense.By using unified communication you can save your resources money and time. Unified communication provide advance telephony functionality to meet the requirement of taday's business.By using short number dialing no need to remember the area code of specific geography.Unified communication also provide the facility of call forwarding by using this you can forward call to specific extension. Share