Agent module addition in ICTBroadcast

We are pleased to announce that ICTBroadcast have now been upgraded to incorporate Call Center functionality. This feature, however, will be available in our next release of ICTBroadcast. Agent back-end and call queue management modules have been developed by altering existing extension module. Where as, a web-based soft phone for agent to receive incoming calls will soon be introduced. For this purpose we are using WebRTC technology that will provide real time communication from browser, where the agent is present, to customer, who is calling. Agent don't need to have any installation of any additional plugins and downloads. Till web-based soft phone is being developed, agents can use any soft phone to answer incoming calls.

Following modifications have been made in the extensions module by adding two sub categories.
1. Call Queues
2. Agents

1. Call Queues

The Call Queue feature allows call centers to manage incoming call volume in an orderly manner. This feature queues incoming calls and serves them to agents as they become available. Enjoy the ability to play music, advertising and messages while callers are waiting on hold for the next available representative. This feature will provide built-in Call center functionality in ICTBroadcast including call queuing mechanism and you don't need to integrate with another third-party call queuing system. Other than some basic queue specific parameters such as ring strategy, max waiting time and agent timeout, it had an agent selection box, where admin can select queue members for that Queue.

2. Ring strategies supported

ringall: ring all available channels until one answers (default)

recent: ring interface which was least recently called by this queue

fewestcalls: ring the one with fewest completed calls from this queue

random: ring random interface

2. Agent related settings

max wait time : how long a call can remain in queue

agent timeout: how long agent / extension can ring without answer

warm up time: agent rest time between calls

2. Agents

It is same as previous extension that any agent can register on some soft phone. However, because of the introduction of call center related features, some modification has also been made to this type of the extension. The new features of this extension type (Agent / Device) are given below:

1. Agents can subscribe call queues now. That means when an agent subscribes to a call queue he/she can receive incoming calls in that queue.
2. Agent can login/logout by dialing something from his phone. So he can start and stop receiving incoming calls. If agent is logged in, he/she can receive incoming calls and if logged out, stops receiving incoming calls.

These features allow to choose which extensions can log in to and take calls from the queue. You can specify whether calls are sent to available agents in order or randomly.