ICTBroadcast can be prove beneficial for people belonging to different sectors. The managment of a colony can use it to make deliver their messages to all the people. A housing colony is a place that has a large community of people , sending your message to all the people manually can be headache.Some colonies have more than one phase how can they even send a messgae to each and everyone residing in their colony.

ICTBroadcast will assist you to send messgaes in bulk. Your messages can be in the form of text in the form of SMS or a voice message in the form of recording.Message campaign can be used for the advertisement of the colony or any resident colony too or if any emergency occurs and you dont have any access to your laptop or computer, you could notify people through app with in minutes everybody will be informed about the situation.

The administration can use an IVR Campaign to ask if they are facing any issue , they can ask the residents to record the messages or they can give input using digits.

Survey campaigns can be used to ask residents how they will rate the facilities of the colony or if they want more facilities they could suggest. This campaign can be used to know the views of other people too, what they think about the colony, its pricing and if they are interested in buying houses.

Campaigns can be created by choosing the campaign from tab menu. * Select the particular campaign

  • Choose the name and contact list

  • Save and hit run

ICTBroadcast is a multi tenant software and it can run multiple campaigns at a time. You just have to click the start button it will do the rest of the work all by itself . You can even change the options of a campaign even if you have started it.On completion will show you the detailed statistics .