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Opensips as Load Balancer and Registerar with Asterisk Servers integeration on CentOS (Linux os )

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 15:19
The scope of current project is to setup Opensips and Asterisk setup with Opensips role as Registrar as well as Load balancer b/t two asterisk servers . The asterisk servers role will be as Media servers only . It is required that all registrations requests need to be forwarded to opensips server and stored at mysql database and all call related Initial SIP request need to redirected to asterisk servers for further call handling operations . We used following open source software applications opensips : OpenSIPS Verision 2.3.2 CentOS : CentOS 6.9 asterisk : Asterisk 11.21 opensips-cp ver : OpenSIPS-CP Version 7.2.3 (compatible with OpenSIPS Server 2.3.x) Installation Setps of Opensips Opensips installation --------------------- # Install opensips repositry yum install # CentOS 6.X yum install # Centos 7.x # Install opensips yum install opensips # Database setup # Please enter your database information in opensipsctlrc vi /etc/opensips/opensipsctlrc DBENGINE= DBHOST= DBPORT= DBNAME= DBRWUSER= DBRWPW= DBROOTUSER= #save it # now create database with tables # run this command opensipsdbctl create #if facing "ERROR: database engine not loaded - tried 'MYSQL'" error then fisrt install db_mysql pakcge then try again yum install opensips-db_mysql opensipsdbctl create # restart opensips service opensips restart Opensips-Control-Panel installation ------------------------------------ # install required packages for web yum install httpd php php-gd php-mysql php-xmlrpc php-pear mysql mysql-server php-mysql # Download Opensips-cp # first check opensips version and then download opensips-cp # Configure Apache Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride None Order allow,deny allow from all Alias /cp /var/www/html/opensips-dir # Check following extensions are enabled vi /etc/php.d/ mysql.ini, gd.ini, # If these are not there plese check if you have installed them correctly. # Do not forget to set in your php.ini (usaully /etc/php.ini ) : short_open_tag = On ; # Install MDB2 pear pear install MDB2 pear install MDB2#mysql //should you choose to go with the mysql database pear install log # Restart Apache service httpd restart # create database and insert data into database (use already created database) # install User access and Privileges # goto opensips folder cd /var/www/html/opension-dir # run following commands mysql -Dopensips -p # create Admin Privileges INSERT INTO ocp_admin_privileges (username,password,ha1,available_tools,permissions) values ('admin','admin',md5('admin:admin'),'all','all'); # change config file according to your database setting vi /var/www/html/opensips-dir/config/ grant all privileges on opensips.* to os_usr@'%' identified by 'gE88&1QK'; # add Statistics Monitor (smonitor) tool into opensips database mysql -Dopensips -p # install cron job but first change / correct the path to your opensips control panel folder cp config/tools/system/smonitor/opensips_stats_cron /etc/cron.d/ # Restart Corn services # visit your website http://server-ip/opensips-dir/web admin / admin Opensips control panel Configuration Steps Enable SIP Trace log for GUI / OpenSip control panel Database layer configuration file opensips-cp/config/tools/system/siptrace/ Attributes set in thi file: //database host //$config->db_host_siptrace = "localhost"; //database port - leave empty for default //$config->db_port_siptrace = ""; //database connection user //$config->db_user_siptrace = "root-user"; //database connection password //$config->db_pass_siptrace = "root-user-password"; Local configuration file opensips-cp/config/tools/system/siptrace/ Attributes set in this file : $config->table_trace the database table name for storing the siptrace data $config->results_per_page and $config->results_page_range control over the pagination when displaying the siptrace records $talk_to_this_assoc_id As OCP can manage multiple OpenSIPS instances, this is the association ID pointing to the group of servers (system) which needs to be provision with this siptrace status (on or off). $proxy_list an array of SIP interfaces (protocol, IP address and port) to be recognized as belonging to your OpenSIPS servers - you must provide at least one entry. This iss very important to be correctly provision, otherwise the tool will not be able to properly graph the SIP flow (as it will not know which entity in the flow is your OpenSIPS). Opensips control panel modules exists in "/var/www/html/config/tools/system", please change module database configuration file according to our database information Opensip module installation Please load module and add module`s parameter in opensip.conf file and restart opensip service. First make sure module installed on your server, if module not installed. Please install it via yum command All Module exist in following folder (if you are using CentOS 6.x 64 bits) ls -l /usr/lib64/opensips/modules/* yum install opensips-db_mysql #### MYSQL module loadmodule "" #### Registrar module loadmodule "" modparam("registrar", "tcp_persistent_flag", "TCP_PERSISTENT") modparam("registrar", "received_avp", "$avp(received_nh)") opensips.conf ============= ####### Global Parameters ######### log_level=3 log_stderror=no log_facility=LOG_LOCAL0 children=4 /* uncomment the following lines to enable debugging */ #debug_mode=yes /* uncomment the next line to enable the auto temporary blacklisting of not available destinations (default disabled) */ #disable_dns_blacklist=no /* uncomment the next line to enable IPv6 lookup after IPv4 dns lookup failures (default disabled) */ #dns_try_ipv6=yes /* comment the next line to enable the auto discovery of local aliases based on revers DNS on IPs */ auto_aliases=no listen=udp: # CUSTOMIZE WITH OPENSIPS SERVER IP listen=tcp: # CUSTOMIZE WITH OPENSIPS SERVER IP ####### Modules Section ######## #set module path mpath="/usr/lib64/opensips/modules" #### SIGNALING module loadmodule "" #### StateLess module loadmodule "" #### Transaction Module loadmodule "" modparam("tm", "fr_timeout", 5) modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timeout", 30) modparam("tm", "restart_fr_on_each_reply", 0) modparam("tm", "onreply_avp_mode", 1) #### Record Route Module loadmodule "" /* do not append from tag to the RR (no need for this script) */ modparam("rr", "append_fromtag", 0) #### MAX ForWarD module loadmodule "" #### MYSQL module loadmodule "" #### HTTPD module loadmodule "" modparam("httpd", "port", 8888) #### USeR LOCation module loadmodule "" modparam("usrloc", "nat_bflag", "NAT") modparam("usrloc", "db_mode", 2) modparam("usrloc", "db_url", "mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") # CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION #### REGISTRAR module loadmodule "" modparam("registrar", "tcp_persistent_flag", "TCP_PERSISTENT") modparam("registrar", "received_avp", "$avp(received_nh)") /* uncomment the next line not to allow more than 10 contacts per AOR */ #modparam("registrar", "max_contacts", 10) #### SIP MSG OPerationS module loadmodule "" #### FIFO Management Interface loadmodule "" modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_name", "/tmp/opensips_fifo") modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_mode", 0666) #### URI module loadmodule "" modparam("uri", "use_uri_table", 0) #### AUTHentication modules loadmodule "" loadmodule "" modparam("auth_db", "calculate_ha1", yes) modparam("auth_db", "password_column", "password") modparam("auth_db|uri", "db_url", "mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") # CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION modparam("auth_db", "load_credentials", "") #### SIPTrace loadmodule "" modparam("siptrace", "trace_id","[tid]uri=mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips;table=sip_trace;") #modparam("siptrace", "trace_flag", "22") #modparam("siptrace", "traced_user_avp", "$avp(traced_user)") modparam("siptrace", "trace_local_ip", "") #CUSTOMIZE WITH OPENSIPS SERVER IP #### AVPOPS module loadmodule "" modparam("avpops","db_url","mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") #CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION #### Dialog moduel loadmodule "" modparam("dialog", "dlg_match_mode", 1) modparam("dialog", "default_timeout", 21600) # 6 hours timeout modparam("dialog", "rr_param", "cookie") # Default value is “did” modparam("dialog", "db_mode", 1) # 0 = no-db, 1 = real-time, 2 = delayed, 3 = shutdown modparam("dialog", "db_url", "mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") # CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION #### ACCounting module loadmodule "" modparam("acc", "db_table_acc", "acc") /* what special events should be accounted ? */ modparam("acc", "early_media", 0) modparam("acc", "report_cancels", 0) /* by default we do not adjust the direct of the sequential requests. if you enable this parameter, be sure the enable "append_fromtag" in "rr" module */ modparam("acc", "detect_direction", 0) modparam("acc", "db_url", "mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") # CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION modparam("acc", "acc_method_column", "method") #### DISPATCHER module loadmodule "" modparam("dispatcher", "db_url", "mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips") # CUSTOMIZE WITH DATABASE INFORMATION modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_method", "OPTIONS") modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_mode", 0) modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_interval", 30) loadmodule "" loadmodule "" #### NAT modules loadmodule "" modparam("nathelper", "natping_interval", 10) modparam("nathelper", "ping_nated_only", 1) modparam("nathelper", "sipping_bflag", "SIP_PING_FLAG") modparam("nathelper", "sipping_from", "sip:pinger@") #CUSTOMIZE WITH OPENSIPS SERVER IP modparam("nathelper", "received_avp", "$avp(received_nh)") ####### Routing Logic ######## # main request routing logic route{ force_rport(); if (nat_uac_test("23")) { if (is_method("REGISTER")) { fix_nated_register(); setbflag(NAT); } else { fix_nated_contact(); setflag(NAT); } } if (!mf_process_maxfwd_header("10")) { sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops"); exit; } $avp(s:traceuser)=$fu; setflag(22); sip_trace("tid", "m", "sip|rest"); xlog("L_INFO","User $fu being traced"); if (has_totag()) { # sequential request withing a dialog should # take the path determined by record-routing if (loose_route()) { if (is_method("BYE")) { # do accounting even if the transaction fails do_accounting("log","failed"); do_accounting("db","missed","acc"); } else if (is_method("INVITE")) { do_accounting("db","cdr","acc"); # even if in most of the cases is useless, do RR for # re-INVITEs alos, as some buggy clients do change route set # during the dialog. record_route(); } if (check_route_param("nat=yes")) setflag(NAT); # route it out to whatever destination was set by loose_route() # in $du (destination URI). route(RELAY); } else { if ( is_method("ACK") ) { do_accounting("db","missed","acc"); if ( t_check_trans() ) { # non loose-route, but stateful ACK; must be an ACK after # a 487 or e.g. 404 from upstream server t_relay(); exit; } else { # ACK without matching transaction -> # ignore and discard exit; } } sl_send_reply("404","Not here"); } exit; } #### INITIAL REQUESTS # CANCEL processing if (is_method("CANCEL")) { if (t_check_trans()) t_relay(); exit; } t_check_trans(); # preloaded route checking if (loose_route()) { record_route(); route(RELAY); } # requests for my domain if (is_method("REGISTER")) { # authenticate the REGISTER requests if (!www_authorize("", "subscriber")) { www_challenge("", "0"); exit; } if (!db_check_to()) { sl_send_reply("403","Forbidden auth ID"); exit; } if ( proto==TCP || 0 ) setflag(TCP_PERSISTENT); if (isflagset(NAT)) { setbflag(SIP_PING_FLAG); } if (!save("location")) sl_reply_error(); exit; } if ($rU==NULL) { # request with no Username in RURI sl_send_reply("484","Address Incomplete"); exit; } # record routing record_route(); do_accounting("log"); if ($rU=~"88888") { if (!lookup("location","m")) { if (!db_does_uri_exist()) { send_reply("420","Bad Extension"); exit; } t_newtran(); t_reply("404", "Not Found"); exit; } } if( !((src_ip== || (src_ip== { #CUSTOMIZE WITH ASTERISK SERVER IPS do_accounting("db","missed","acc"); if (!ds_select_dst("1","4") ) { route(RELAY); send_reply("500","No Destination available"); exit; } } else { if (uri==myself) { if (!lookup("location","m")) { if (!db_does_uri_exist()) { send_reply("420","Bad Extension"); exit; } t_newtran(); t_reply("404", "Not Found"); exit; } create_dialog(); create_dialog("Pp"); route(RELAY); exit; } } if (isbflagset(NAT)) setflag(NAT); t_on_failure("GW_FAILOVER"); route(RELAY); } route[RELAY] { t_on_branch("per_branch_ops"); t_on_reply("handle_nat"); t_on_failure("missed_call"); if (!t_relay()) { sl_reply_error(); }; exit; } route[handle_presence] { if (!t_newtran()) { sl_reply_error(); exit; } exit; } failure_route[GW_FAILOVER] { if (t_was_cancelled()) { exit; } # failure detection with redirect to next available trunk if (t_check_status("(408)|([56][0-9][0-9])")) { xlog("Failed trunk $rd/$du detected \n"); if ( ds_next_dst() ) { t_on_failure("GW_FAILOVER"); t_relay(); exit; } send_reply("500","All GW are down"); } } branch_route[per_branch_ops] { xlog("new branch at $ru\n"); } onreply_route[handle_nat] { xlog("incoming reply\n"); } failure_route[missed_call] { if (t_was_cancelled()) { exit; } # uncomment the following lines if you want to block client # redirect based on 3xx replies. ##if (t_check_status("3[0-9][0-9]")) { ##t_reply("404","Not found"); ## exit; ##} }

Top Open Source CRM software solutions of 2017

Sun, 11/26/2017 - 13:09
Here we have listed top open souce CRM in industry, The criteria to selected protects is purely based on openness of project, community support and acceptance and stability with advance features. 1. SUITECRM SuiteCRM is an open source alternative to SugarCRM and is actually based on Sugar’s open source version, SugarCRM Community Edition is l no longer supported by SugarCRM. It’s based on Open Source Sugar, but uses Open Source add-ons to make it close to, if not better than, the ‘Pay’ Sugar.” according to Wikipedia, SuiteCRM is a software fork of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) system from SugarCRM. It became popular when SugarCRM decided to stop development of its open source version. It is a free and open source alternative application based on the last open-source SugarCRM release, and contains many additional enhancements and new modules. SuiteCRM won the BOSSIE Award 2015 and BOSSIE Award 2016 for the world's best Open Source CRM. Infoworld, the curators of the BOSSIE awards stated that "In little more than a year, SuiteCRM has inspired the community and emerged as a new leader in open source CRM." The award had been won by SugarCRM for the previous 8 years. SuiteCRM comprises the last release of the SugarCRM Community Edition, plus the following additional modules: Products Quotes Contracts Invoices PDF Templates Workflow Reporting Search Events Google Maps Teams Security Portal Responsive Theme Outlook plugin In addition to the new modules, extensive bug fixes and many enhancements to the core functionality have been made. There have been over thirty updates since the original project was released. A three-month release cycle is maintained with bug fix and security releases being made available between major releases Compatibility: PHP/mysql based shared host will work well to get you started on SuiteCRM. Company's business model : The company do not offer SaaS / Hosted software model and committed to earn business majorly from allied services like setting up hosting for SuiteCRM, Premium Support, Migration and other services. The company actively support the SuiteCRM software as well as it does support developing plugins and providing support services also company offers paid support services on hourly basis as well as on yearly basis. 2. SUGARCRM CE SugarCRM community edition is one of the oldest and feature rich open source CRMs around. The CRM is based on PHP/mysql and the community edition needs to be installed on premise or on your own hosting. The open source free version provides advance features including unlimited contacts, track able campaigns, unlimited opportunities, Leads and much more. Compatibility: PHP/mysql based host. Company's business model : SugarCRM offer both Saas / Hosted software as well as SugarCRM CE software install-able at your premises. The company doesn’t actively support the open source version however the community is quite active with the community edition. 3. VTIGER CRM vTiger CRM is also forked from SugarCRM CE. It started from SugarCRM code base but evolved quite a bit since then with more advance functionality. vTigerCRM also added ERP related features into it like Purchase Order, Sales Order etc The open source free version provides almost all the features of the professional version including unlimited contacts, unlimited opportunities, Leads, campaigns, Sales Order, Purchase Order and much more. Compatibility: PHP/mysql / LAMP stack compatible host. Company's bruises model : The company do offer both SaaS as well as open source software. The company actively support the open source version unlike the SugarCRM CE and the community is also quite active with the open source edition developing plugins also it provides support on the issues reported to company. 4. ESPOCRM EspoCRM is a free, open source customer relationship management (CRM) software available for download, however, access to EspoCRM in the cloud is a paid service. Currently, more than 20,000 companies in 163 different countries are using the CRM software, which offers 15 supported languages. Features include sales automation tools, marketing automation, telephony integration and more. The real estate extension, which is included, is ideal real estate agencies to manage properties and automate sales and marketing tasks. Additional services include support, training and integration with a user's existing website or software. Compatibility: It is available at github also It is compatible with PHP 5.6 or above (with pdo, json, gd, openssl, zip, imap, mbstring, curl extensions); MySQL 5.1 or above. Company's business model : Company offer both SaaS / Hosted software as well as open source Software install-able at your premises . it offer both paid support and installation as well as free services . 5. Flarepoint-crm Flarepoint is a new customer relationship management system (CRM) which purpose is to help you keep track of your customers, tasks etc. Flarepoint is a free, open-source and self-hosted platform based on Laravel 5.4 PHP Framework. Compatibility: It is developed over Laravel framework and compatible with PHP / MySQL host. Company's business model : The software is hosted at github as open source software and offered by individual named Casper Bottelet . You can find more information at github link 6. CIVICRM CivCRM is another PHP/mysql based CRM. The CRM is a special purpose CRM created specially for NGOs, non-profits and advocacy organisations. The CRM integrates extremely well with known CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Compatibility: PHP/mysql based shared host will be ok for CiviCRM. Company's business model : Company do'nt offer SaaS / Hosted software nor it offer a Paid version however it offer paid support and installation and development services . The company actively support the open source version the community is also quite active with the open source edition developing plugins and providing support on the issues you face while working with the CRM. If you want to know how a CRM functions, please visit following page , it will introduce you basics of a CRM.