Automatic voice call recording support in ICTBroadcast for both inbound and outbound broadcasting scenarios | Auto dialer and call recording software

ICTBroadcast does support automatic call recording for all types of voice broadcasting and telemarketing campaigns including, inbound z, press 1 campaign, agent campaign, and other types of telemarketing campaigns. Admin can retrieve/export all call recording data from MySQL database accordingly also admin can configure automated call recording options as per his requirements.

Security measures taken to protect ICTBroadcast setup from hackers

sip based networks are always vulnerable to hacking and there need proper security measures to make sip setups secure from external attacks and hacking to make the organization more secure and stable and save them from loss, We have taken all security measure to secure sip network deployments like ICTBroadcast deployment also we make sure that it does not affect its performance

Following are measures that we take to make ICTBroadcast deployment secure and reliable

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition Licenses absolutely free , Great offer for limited time

Note: The said offer has been expired meanwhile please check the free monthly license of the ICTBroadcast autodialer app ICTBroadcast Absolutely Free On the eve of completion of 10 years of ICTBroadcast, the unified telemarketing software, We are pleased to offer free ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition 2 channels, 5 channels, 10 channels, and 50 channels licenses.

Limited licenses available

Integeration of ICTBRoadcast auto dialer with SalesForce CRM to run voice , fax or SMS campaigns using SalesForce CRM contacts

Salesforce CRM is an award-winning solution created by Salesforce as part of its extensive sales and marketing solutions under the Salesforce brand including separate systems for analytics, marketing, service, and community cloud.

Integeration of ICTBRoadcast auto dialer with YetiForce CRM to run Voice Broadcasting campaigns directly from YetiForce CRM.

ICTBroadcast Autodialer Application offers a full suite of telemarketing campaigns like Voice broadcasting, Fax broadcasting, SMS messaging, Survey and Polling, Appointment reminder, Press 1 campaign, Interactive Campaign, Inbound campaigns also it offers REST API's to integrate any third-party application with it to automate CRM business process and communicate with customers/contacts in an effective way.