How to setup ICTBroadcast to broadcast telephone calls or SMS Messages to GSM Networks / Mobile numbers

We do offer two editions of ICTBroadcast as discussed below:

  • ICTBroadcast Enterprize Edition
  • ICTBroadcast Service Provider (SP) Edition

1. ICTBroadcast Enterprize Edition suitable for enterprises and organizations for their own marketing and mass communications needs.

WHMCS integration with ICTBroadcast released for Auto Dialer Billing

ICTBroadcast has released a new billing module for the ICTBroadcast Service Provider edition. This module will allow WHMCS to be used as Client Management and Billing front-end for Auto Dialer service, After integration with the WHMCS system will be able to provide a complete business platform for broadcasting services including Website, package listing, automated order, and Account provisioning.

Email Marketing Software: High Performance Bulk Emailing System

Email blast or bulk email is a method of marketing to promote business products and services. It is a good method of marketing because it reaches a large audience with speed. For email blasting required special software which has the ability to blast thousand of emails at a time it takes the address from an email list and automatically sends an email at given emails. ICTBroadcast is one of the best email blasting software solutions

Use ICTBroadcast Telemarketing Software To Grow Business

Telemarketing Software offers a distinct new way to target sales and reduce telemarketing challenges by offering a specific combination of capabilities that provide important benefits. No matter whether you are a sales company telemarketing Agency, contact center telemarketing software provides tools that increase sales, improve call handling time and increase contact opportunities.

Email As A Marketing Tool For Businesses

Email marketing is an old method of marketing business. Still, this method is very helpful for marketing your business product and services. Rapid changes in internet communication technology(ICT) have also positively affect email marketing techniques. Email marketing becomes more advance and feasible than before. An email marketing method is still successful among various marketing companies and businesses.

Automated Voice Based Appointment Reminder Software Uses In Business

Appointment Reminder is a software solution that dials contact no. from a contact list and sends SMS, email, or voice message to the recipient to remind important meeting, event, or appointment. An appointment reminder is the best way to remind prospective important upcoming events, appointments, or meetings just by pressing one button.