How to configure and set-up new installation of ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition

To configure ICTBroadcast follow the steps given below:

Login as admin

There are two roles in ICTBroadcast Admin and User. Admin manages overall resources of system like managing users, configuring trunks, making payments, adding new destinations, setting routes

Add new Contacts

ICTBroadcast allows user to manage contacts. Contacts can be grouped together into a group. Contacts can be enterted through web interface or through CVS file

Add voice recordings / SMS Messages / Fax Documents

This is an area where user will upload recordings, sms messages, fax and email documents . These could be messages, survey questions, introductory message etc.

Add new Trunks / Gateways

A trunk is an interface that enables users to connect with interested recipients using VOIP or PSTN networks. So user need to configure them first

Add new destination

This field shows user the allowed destinations from selected regions and country within that region

Add new routes

Add routes in Trunk setting

Add new Rates

Rates should be added

Add sufficient funds

Funds are added in User account to make calls

Add Extension

Extensions are added to transfer calls to your Call Center for further support

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