Dynamic Dialer / Permanent Mode of communications

Dynamic / Permanent mode requires REST API's . With this mode activated , campaign always remain in listening mode, It accepts contact number from external application / CRM using Rest APi in real time and add said contact / lead into contact list of campaign and said contact called real time and necessary action performed on it, ICTBroadcast Rest APi are used to automate business process and we can integrate any third party applications with ICTBroadcast using these Api's.

REST API integerate and automate business process of any CRM seamlessly and web developers utilize these REST API's to integrate their CRM / applications with ICTBroadcast dialer , These API's empower admin / agents to create new campaign, pause or stop a campaign , add leads / contacts , add / delete recordings / IVR through their applications remotely . Dynamic dialer mode sets ICTBroadcast dialer is listening mode and whenever admin /agents sends a new contact / leads through Rest API , It call said contact / leads and connect it to agent for further communications.

ICTBroadcast is advance tool for business automation and crm automation

Following pages will give more detail about how to use REST API's



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