What Is Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is a hosted communication service provider that pioneered the type of private branch exchange (PBX) technology. It transmit call over the internet as data without the headache of on-site PBX.

Virtual PBX is a comprehensive cost effective VoIP telephone service to small businesses. It is owned and maintained off site through a Virtual PBX service provider. It make professional to small business telephony system by adding number of features like auto attendants and voicemail, call routing,number portability etc. It create professional look of small business telephone system, freelancers and entrepreneurs in front of vendors, investors, and customers.

Uses Of Virtual PBX



Automated greetings

Conference calling

Phone calls

Call routing

Instant Conference Calls

Number Portability

Benefits Of Virtual PBX

Save Cost
The biggest benefit of using the virtual PBX is it save cost. No need to purchase expensive equipment, hardware, software telephony system and hire IT staff. Virtual PBX provider take that headache maintain and upgrade system every year.

Virtual PBX allow employees to work from any location either from office, home, in travel or even in road with mobile connections to the platform. It makes your phone system virtual.

It allow user to increase and decrease resources according to your business need. In traditional phone system user can handle limited lines that purchased from local telephone provider.

Virtual PBX is fast and easy to deploy according to the need. No need to buy any hardware and other extra equipment, it save your time and money. It is more user friendly.

Limitations Of Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX phone system have some limitation. Lets see some of these.

They may not include international long-distance coverage.

They may not offer voicemail-to-email.

It consist of set amount of free minutes.

They may not include Fax over IP.

They may charge extra for conference calling