We do offer two editions of ICTBroadcast as discussed below

1. ICTBroadcast Enterprize Edition suitable for enterprises and orgranization for their own marketing and mass communications neeeds

2. ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition that is B2B buisness application suitable for ITSP / telecom carriers to offer hosted telemarketing services to third party organizations and bill them for your services

You can have either ICTBroadcast edition as per your requirements in order to setup your own telemarketing platform also integrate it with GSM / 3G / 4G Mobile Networks to terminate either voice or SMS messages , Both ICTBroadcast Editions support multi tenant capabilities means ICTBroadcast supports multiple users with each user capable to run multiple campaigns from his own web portal same time.

You need following to setup your own telemarketing platform to broadcast SMS Messages or terminate Voice calls to Mobile networks globally . you can run multiple campaigns with multiple users at a time too.

1. Server and sufficient Internet bandwidth

minimum server specs

Quad core 3.0 ghz
160 GB HD

Symmetric bandwidth

A single calls consumes 64 kbps data rate therefore you need sufficient uplink / downlnk data rate to accommodate your concurrent calls capacity.

2. ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition License or ICBroadcast SP License as per your needs

Please visit following links to introduce yourself with ICTBroadcast and compare features and pricing of both editions to make a choice as per your needs


If you are interested to become an ITSP , following pages will guide you through



3. VOIP GSM gateway or Voip Provider to terminate Voice calls or SMS Messages to GSM / 3G / 4G networks, PSTN carries

ICTBroadcast uses open source communication engine Asterisk http://www.asterisk.org/ at backend for Voice or Fax calls and open source Kannel http://www.kannel.org/ for SMS Messaging therefore please make sure that selected hardware / gsm voip gateway support Asterisk http://www.asterisk.org/ or Open source Kannel http://www.kannel.org/ accordingly.

Following page will give more details about VOIP GSM gatways


Following page will help you to select a wholesale voip provider for your needs