What are bottlenecks of concurrent channel capacity of system ?

The concurrent channel capacity of system can be limited by following factors

a. Server Hardware , A dual core 3.0 GHZ system can support more than 500 concurrent channels

b. Voip Provider / Gateway does limit number of concurrent channels

c. Internet Bandwidth and codec selection can limit number of concurrent channels , g.729 use more processing power while g.711 uses more bandwidth resources

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ICTBroadcast support multiple sip trunks

How agents can register with System ?

Agents can be registered with ICTBroadcast system remotly using either softphone or IP Phone by using extension number , extension password and ICTBroadcast Ip address as proxy / registrar / domain

Free Softphone from zoiper or xlite are recommended to register with ICTBroadcast System.

Following is zoiper example

1. Download zoiper classic softphone (free) at your Desktop using following links

2. Unzip & install on Desktop

3. Double Click on zoiper icon to execute softphone

4. Click on "Options" tab.

5. Click on "Add new Sip Account"