Importance Of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a method of advertising products and services in an efficient way. SMS marketing, now a days, has become an important tool of advertising for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Initially, text messages were used for communication with friends, colleagues and relatives. But now it is also used for marketing purposes. SMS marketing is a decent way to catch target audience.

Different method available for SMS marketing. Mobile SMS marketing is an effective way to contact with consumer, aware them about your special offers and new products. Many individuals are using mobile SMS marketing. Most of the large and small organizations are using SMS autodialer software solutions (like ICTBroadcast) to market their products and services to huge audience. SMS autodialer software can blast thousands of messages to your audience in a very short span of time.

SMS marketing has made the advertisement very easy. SMS marketing is very easy to use and requires no formal training. Just upload contact list, write your text message and broadcast your message to target contacts. SMS marketing has many benefits. One of the main benefit is the receiver of the SMS is not disturbed as in case of voice calling. When receiver feels appropriate then reads the SMS. It does not require voice interaction with the receiver. This makes SMS marketing a unique method of marketing products or services.

Promotion of products and services through SMS marketing is cheaper as compared to billboards ads, TV commercials, banner ads and Voice broadcasting. Most of the SMS marketing service providers (e.g. Call4Smile) charge per cent. Some of the service providers charge flat rate when you buy bulk SMS package for whole month.

Today's busy life is very precious. SMS Marketing can save your time as compared to email or phone calls. Creating and broadcasting SMS is less time consuming. People carry there mobile phones with them. It is a fact that chance of immediate SMS message reading is more than email. Most of the receiver of the email messages cannot open their email inbox more than once a day. Hence we can say that SMS marketing can engage their audience more than other marketing method like email marketing.