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Contact Center Features

Contact Center provides following features:

  1. CTI:COMPUTER TELEPHONY INTEGRATION A technology that enable a computer and telephone systems to interact together.CTI use a computers to manage all telephone calls, these calls in turn leads to increased efficiency and better results.

  2. ACD:AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTOR The recognization,answers,and routes of the incoming calls to the terminal or agent that is best suited to handle the caller's need is through a system as ACD. ACD help companies in meeting customer need more efficiently.

The basics of a Contact Center Managment system .

Contact Center is a central place of communication for an organization to communicate globally and telemarketing his products along with providing call center and support services to its customers .Contact Center is business division with an organization that manages customer interactions.Contact Center has been provided with a software that allow the contacts information to be routed to appropriate people,contacts to be tracked,data to be gathered and to resolve the customer issues quickly.Contact Cente

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