Unified Communication And ICTBroadcast

What Is Unified Communication

Unified Communication is an integrated communication system it consist wide range of applications and technologies which control at a single communication platform. Unified Communication support real time communications like Video conferencing,instant messaging,call control,VoIP and as well non real time communications like unified messaging,integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax.

Benefits Of Unified Communication

Unified communication is a secure method of communication. Multimedia communication is first encrypted before transmitted across the network. It is very useful when sensitive information need to transmit. It can be transmitted via phone, video, or email.

Improved efficiency
Unified communication is designed in such a way that it increase employee efficiency. It allow employees to used different mode of communication method to communicate with customers.

Reduced costs
Unified communication is an cost effective method of communication. Instead of purchasing different communication software (sms software,email software,voice software,survey software,fax software) for accomplish different needs, it would be better to purchase unified communication software. It fulfill needs and save cost as well.

User Friendly
Unified communication allow user to access all communication solution at one place. It removes the need to check countless platforms. It provide the same interface of each application therefore its become easy to use. It simplifies the method of communications.

Features and Uses Of Unified Communication

  • Call control
  • Speech recognition
  • Email marketing and broadcasting
  • Voicemail
  • Bulk SMS broadcasting and messaging
  • Voice survey and polls
  • IVR designer
  • Custom caller id
  • Multi-tenant and multi-campaign
  • Scalability and load balancing
  • Internet telephony
  • Instant messaging
  • Video conferencing and broadcasting
  • Screen sharing
  • Fax blasting
  • Voice broadcasting
  • Inbound campaign
  • Interactive voice broadcasting
  • Answering machine detection(AMD)
  • DNC and opt out for compliance

ICTBroadcast- A Unified Communication Software Solution

ICTBroadcast is an excellent unified communication autodialer software solution. It has ability to blast thousand of concurrent call at a time. ICTBroadcast together all communication software at one place. It provide the single platform for unified communication like SMS, Fax, Email and Voice communication. It has simple, reliable, powerful and provides a user-friendly web portal for effective and efficient communications management.

Features Of ICTBroadcast Unified Communication

ICTBroadcat provide multi-tenant and multi-campaign features.
Improved dashboard with monitoring system statistics, user campaigns, channel usage, and campaign statistics is fast, efficient, and streamlined.
Provide each campaign statistics and reporting.
It provide the features of user switching, balance management, real time billing, live monitoring, and managing user campaigns.
It offers a survey campaign to conduct voice based survey.
It manage contacts destination-wise, filter duplicate and invalid contacts, and also import contacts from external files in CSV form.
It allow you to scheduled your communication accordance to start and end time.