Email marketing is a good way to increase awareness about your product. It provides a high level of lead conversion and also play effective role in email marketing strategy. Either you want to send newsletter, welcome message, special promotion, invitation email is a good method all these scenarios.

Let see some of the useful tips to increase the email open rate and engage more customer.

Pay attention to subject line
Subject line should create carefully because it is the first thing a client sees an email. To write engaging subject line with limited characters. Try to keep short your subject line and its character between 60 to 65. A/B testing is not only for websites and landing pages, but it is also essential for email marketing as well.

High Quality Content
The open rate of email can be increased if you send your client quality content in email. Client become happy to see your email which is engaging and interesting, informative and definitely your open rates will increase. You must pay attention to high-quality email contents which are less frequent.

Send at the right time
Another important element to increase the open rate of email is time. In email marketing timing of sending the email is crucial to generate sales lead. According to one study email which are sent on Saturday and Sunday had the highest unique open rates. Therefor must consider them in your email broadcasting campaign.

Tailord your messages for mobile devices
Tailored your email message in view of mobile devices. According to Ultimate mobile email usage stats "Mobile email will account for 15 to 70% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type". Try to avoid heavy image size in your email message because it takes time to open the email. Use responsive email that adapts to mobile screens easily and effectively.

ICTBroadcast is one of the excellent email marketing software solution. It provides a sophisticated email broadcasting solution. It allows users to create various email templates for email broadcasting campaigns. It is personalized email marketing solution. It allows user to use number of token to customize the message. It also provides confirmation tokens in email campaign. The user can include them in email templates when he need to confirm something. It also shows the result of the campaign.