Autodialer Survey Software Benefits And Features

Survey is a best choice for businesses to know public views and suggestion about their product and services. It is important tool for large and small organizations. It provide helps to perform market research and provide valuable data about target market.By using online survey tool you can analyze target market and develop effective strategies to increase your business sales.

Online survey are conducts through survey software. Autodialer Survey software like ICTBroadcast comes with advanced features. These have built in survey questions(text or recording) options. You can conduct survey by using closed question and open question. Survey software have ability to ask number of questions from surveyee. Autodialer survey software is very economical solution for all type of organizations.

Lets see some benefits of using autodialer survey software.

Fast Method
By using auto dialer survey software you can quickly conduct survey. Autodialer survey software automatically dial number from list and ask question and allow user to record response either by touching telephone keypad or record the message. It is very fast method you can conduct hundred of thousand of people in short time.

Conducting survey through survey autodialer software is very economical. You save cost of postage,staff and paper cost as well. Survey software store response in database and you view response of surveyee any time easily.

Analysis And Reporting
Another big advantage of using survey software you can analyze real time statistics of your survey campaign. You can more closely monitor results. Some advanced software like ICTBroadcast provide graphical charts and reports of your survey. You can also export these report and view result of each individual questions.

Geography Limitation
If your business is spread throught the country. Conducting survey in whole country through surveyor is time consuming and very costly, reaching every corner place is difficult. You can save time and cost by using autodialer survey software,it break the geography limitation and conduct survey in short time.

ICTBroadcast offer comprehensive solution for conducting survey.By using ICTBroadcas autodialer survey software you can conduct thousand of survey at a time. It dial list of number automatically no need to hire staff only one person can handle this software and conduct millions of survey. It can ask 10 different question from surveyee and get response through telephone keypad or recording audio message. Lets see number of features provided by this survey software.

Automatically place telephone calls & convey voice messages

Schedule start and stop times for each day of the week

Import a list of contact numbers

Filter contacts through DNC (Do Not Call) lists

Gives recipients the option of being added to a Do Not Call List

Configurable number of delivery attempts for busy or no answer calls

Play a different message if call answered by answer machine

Ask up to 10 different questions

Support for Open-ended questions for recipient to speak and record its response

Switch between open-ended questions and close-ended questions

End call after any question depending on person's response.

Reports the results of calls, as well as responses to each questions.

Reports can be exported for further analysis.

Displays call statistics