Salesforce CRM is an award-winning solution created by Salesforce as part of its extensive sales and marketing solutions under the Salesforce brand including separate systems for: analytics, marketing, service, and community cloud.

As a CRM, the software helps you to track all customer information and interactions in one location to follow more leads. The Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Data, and Partner Management apps let you to follow these leads until they are ready for conversion.

In addition to the web interface, Salesforce offers a SOAP/REST Web service API that enables integration with other systems.

Salesforce works on Modelcontroller architecture.


Apex is a proprietary programming language provided by the platform to developers similar to Java and C#. It is a strongly typed, object-oriented, case-insensitive programming language, following a dot-notation and curly-brackets syntax. Apex can be used to execute programmed functions during most processes on the platform including custom buttons and links, event handlers on record insertion, update, or deletion, via scheduling, or via the custom controllers of Visualforce pages.

Running Salesforce Campaigns from Ictbroadcast

  • The module retrieve contacts and other information of salesforce campaign .
  • Run campaigns ICTBTbroadcast platform using Voice, Fax or SMS technologies .

User Guide

Sales Dashboard

  • login sales force account
  • first enable api access
  • Click setup button

  • Go to Manage Users and click Profiles.

  • Click Edit on the specific profile you're updating.

  • Scroll down to Administrative Permissions and check the API Enabled box.

  • Click Save.
  • Salesforce Dashboard .
  • Click Contact.
  • Select Contact .

  • selected contact add to new or existing campaign.

  • Click submit.
  • Now login your ICTBroadcast panel
  • go to contact menu

  • click salesforce contact
  • add your salesforce credendenial

  • click get salesforce campaign button
  • select salesforce campaign and ictbroadcast group
  • click save button