REST-based APIs | Third Party Software Integration Using REST APIs

We have included three types of API class to integrate software with third-party applications for system automation. This functionality can be used in a variety of ways, from showing campaign statistics on the web page, to creating new users through a function call. Learn more about ICTBroadcast


REST API provides external interface to call some important functions of ICTBroadcast. ICTBroadcast defines 3 classes API_User, API_contact and API_Campaign in REST API that defines all the functions necessary to be accessed from outside of the application scope. In this article, we will describe all of the REST API functions and code example showing how to call these functions. These API's provide seamless integration with third party application to achieve full automation. These API functions include creating, updating and deleting user, get user list, get role list, creating extensions, making payments to a user account, login and logout, campaign start and stop, campaign status, creating contacts, removing contacts and campaign summary.

Click here for more detailed list of these API functions and their input and output parameters list