What is the difference between ICTBroadcast SP Edition and ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition?

ICTBroadcsat offers two versions for customers: Enterprise Edition and Service Provider Edition both are efficent and have their own features.

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition is best for organizations interested in mass communications either marketing their products and services or communicating with their customers or managing their human resources/employees. Enterprise edition is for an enterprise itself, for an organization's personal telemarketing needs, managing their sales process and updating their customers with organizations updates.

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition is suitable for carriers / service providers / telcom operators interested in offering hosted telemarketing and mass communications services to their customers / users and bill them for using their platform and services they offered through ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition platform . Service provider Edition is for the firms that want to provide their own online service for prospective clients and businesses across the world. ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition is complete service portal for both users and administrators . It enables users to login into service portal , add their contacts, record or upload their messages and create verity of telemarketing campaigns with full monitoring and control. Service Portal enables administrators to manage all system resources, users, channels allocations , extensions allocations to users, add balances to user account , manage gateways and dashboard with live monitoring of system statistics.

The difference between two editions is that :

Service Provider Edition includes

While ICTBroadcast enterprise includes all the features except for the ones given above.

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