Use ICT Broadcast for all of your Telemarketing needs

ICTBroadcast is multi-tenant SMS, Fax and Voice broadcasting, predictive dialer, power dialer software solution. ICTBroadcast uses an open-source Asterisk communication engine and open-source Kannel SMS gateway at the back-end. In today’s modern world, changing technologies have completely changed the way that many people live, work and perform basic business functions. Likewise, technology has also changed the way in which people do business and communicate with one another and with loyal customers. Long gone are the days of relying upon a landline telephone or even a fax machine in order to communicate with one another or even to relay information to clients and co-workers. More and more, people are relying upon technology to disseminate information quickly and to a large number of people all at the same time. This concept, known as call broadcasting, is becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of companies and businesses. They are realizing that time is important and saving time by using modern technology to communicate with one another really is a worthy investment for any company or organization.

ICTBroadcast has worked to change the face of information dissemination by developing quality innovative software that can be used to increase the efficiency of communicating a message. For example, using call blasting in order to reach thousands of people simultaneously not only succeeds in getting out a message, but it does so in a way that takes only a few minutes, rather than hours. It is only necessary to record or say a message once and then it can be distributed to hundreds or even thousands of people all at once.

Regardless of the type of company or organization, there are many needs that can be handled by using a voice broadcasting system. For example, it is possible to send a mass message to all clients informing them of a special on products or even to simply thank them for their patronage to the company. Likewise, it is an efficient way to inform people about an emergency like a weather-related closing or other situation. This means there is no longer a need for an old fashioned calling tree or dialing each person individually also you are able to run, manage and monitor multiple campaigns same time without the hassle

ICTBroadcast features smart predictive dialing, a voice message will be broadcast and interested recipients will be forwarded to live available agents for further help likewise the functionality of the outbound call center.

ICTBroadcast support all types of voice broadcasting campaign like simple voice broadcasting, interactive voice broadcasting, poll and survey campaign, agent campaign and also support Inbound Campaign support, automatically receiving incoming calls on provided numbers and playing desired message or forwarding calls to live agents.

However, this service is not limited to just a voice broadcast autodialer, which makes telephone calls to those on a predetermined list that is dictated by whoever manages the list. There are also options for SMS marketing and broadcasting fax marketing in order to disseminate a message in alternative ways that are both traditional and modern in their delivery methods. These software products are incredibly innovative and can be easily customized for individual needs and want to be based upon the type of company using them for business or even personal needs.

Best of all, this software is set up in an easy-to-use and understand format that is multi-tenant in nature. What this means is there is a way for both administrators of the system and users of the system to log in to alter information. However, administrators and users have different platforms to log in and later information.

Another great feature is that the system can be used to blast thousands of calls simultaneously. As calls are being made, it is possible to monitor the progress of the calls in real-time to determine the distribution of the message and measure the success of each call.

All a user needs to do is upload a list of their contact numbers and a message and the campaign will be broadcast to thousands. It is really just that simple. So, whether it is needed for telemarketing or just to get a message out to customers, there are so many options to increase efficiency.

ICTBroadcast has an advance multi-service prepaid billing and payment management system, Admin will add funds to user account accordingly and ICTBroadcast billing system will manage all calls with real-time control and will stop running campaigns on shortage of funds

ICTBroadcast also has live statistics, detailed reporting,  and complete statistics of running and completed campaigns