ICTBroadcast User guides / tutorials

If you need help to learn ICTBroadcast system and want to use it efficiently, we have the documentation for both Administrator and User.
ICTBroadcast Service Provider Admin Portal Guide
ICTBroadcast Service Provider User Portal Guide
ICTBroadcast Enterprise Admin Portal Guide [Download as PDF]
ICTBroadcast Enterprise User Portal Guide [Download as PDF]
IVR Designer Tutorial
How to set up WebRTC Phone for Agent Campaign
How to set up a predictive dialing campaign
How to set up SubscriptionCampaign
Destination based timezone restriction
Set up Call Queues in ICTBroadcast
Agents / Queue reports and related terms explained
DID Configuration

ICTBroadcast Video Tutorials

How to add new survey campaign?
How to add a new Routes?
How to add new Rates?
How to add new Interactive broadcast campaign / Press 1 Campaign?
How to prepare and add contacts?
How to add Gateway?
How to add Agents / Extensions?
How to add new voice recording?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may arise while using ICTBroadcast.
How to prepare system for ICTBroadcast installation?
Can I have technical support services free of cost?
How will you setup ICTBroadcast?
What are ICTBroadcast Software edition available?
How to prepare Telephone Number List / Contact list?
What is format of external file / contacts list file?
What type of Voip Providers / Trunks / Gateways ICTBroadcast support?

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ICTBroadcast, Introduction and Features