ICTBroadcast automated dialling, Using REST based API to automate your business

ICTBroadcast recognize that the modern SME utilizes a wide spectrum of software and web-based applications to facilitate the needs of the business. We also understand the frustration caused by the lack of compatibility between some of these applications and the decrease in efficiency or increase in cost that inflexible software system can cause.

For this reason ICTBroadcast uses REST based API to ensure communication and automation between our products and third party applications is a seamless and simple process. Customers can make the most of third party applications without compromising the quality of service ICTBroadcast provides.

There are four type of API class available to ICTBroadcast. With these the user can define all the functions, which need to be drawn from outside the ICTBroadcast system. The classes are as follows:


The functions within each class allow complete integration of the system and can be used to rapidly establish tools to add or delete users, make payments to user accounts, commence or conclude a campaign and much more.

Because of the seamless integration it is a straightforward task to manage the creation of users across multiple applications without the need to manually duplicate tasks. In this case the programmer can make use of the API named “user_create”.

A full list of the API’s available can be found here (link to /news/using-rest-api-integerate-ictbroadcast--third-party-application-autodialer). Other frequently used API’s include addition of credit (or the making of a payment to a customer account), the return of campaign status information and creation of a new campaign for a particular customer.

To set up ICTBroadcast for use with a third party application is a short task that only requires to write client-side code to invoke these REST APIs in third party applications to communicate with ICTBroadcast. Once the client-side code is working, the automation may be undertaken.

Further benefits of the REST based API system are seen in the platform that stems from such a decoupling. This means that significant scalability becomes possible and a vast range of desktop, web based, and smartphone applications (such as Android Client of ICTBroadcast) become available for full integration into the ICTBroadcast system. The expansion of the system in this manner places ICTBroadcast as a highly competitive and efficient way to operate. This is in distinct contrast to the use of native libraries that might otherwise be used in the absence of a REST based API.

In summary, the scalable, low coupling and custom-design rich features reduce overheads by placing fewer demands on your programming team. ICTBroadcast can harness the power of third party applications and the full range of features can be automated without a significant effort. The savings in time and money allow your enterprise to focus on value driving activities rather than grappling with uncooperative infrastructure. Contact ICTBroadcast today to learn more about our solutions to your business needs.
REST-based API to integrate ICTBroadcast with third party application"