Improved Survey Reporting

ICTBroadcast has a survey campaign for telephone surveys and polls that automatically dials a list of numbers and when call is answered it asks call recipient a set of questions that they respond to by using their telephone keypad. ICTBroadcast comes with very interactive graphical charts and reports for survey campaign. Following screenshots of a survey campaign will show how powerful this feature of ICTBroadcast is. Below a survey campaign is created with 4 questions.

Following are the four questions and options of each of the questions.
Options for Question 1:

Options for Question 2:

Options for Question 3:

Options for Question 4:

Following screenshots shows the results of survey campaign.
Summarized results of Question 1 and 2:

Summarized results of Question 3 and 4:

Clicking on any of the result link will show detailed report of that question options. Click here to read more about survey campaign.