ICTBroadcast Autodialer Application offers a full suite of telemarketing campaigns like Voice broadcasting, Fax broadcasting, SMS messaging, Survey and Polling , Appointment reminder, Press 1 camapaign, Interactive Campaign , Inbound campaigns also it offers REST API's to integerate any third party application with it to automate CRM business process and communicate with customers / contacts in effective way . ICTBroadcast REst api offer opportunity to integrate with any open source CRM's like SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, EspoCRM, Yetiforce, Vtiger, flatefree, flarepoint CRM with ease

In previous blog post, we have show ICTBroadcast and Vtiger integrations works giving screenshots of VtigerCRM and now we are going to explain the details about our work regarding ICTBroadcast and reknown EspoCRM integration deployment using REST API of ICTBroadcast, the unified autodialler software.

The said integration enable user to communicate directly with his contacts / customers directly from espoCRM, either using general contacts lists or leads lists or opportunity lists or others. The said integration enable automation of the business process and enable user to create and run campaigns directly from EspoCRM .

Following are some screen shots taken from EspoCRM customer relationship management(CRM) deployment after integration with ICTBRoadcast autodialer along with instructions how to run voice broadcasting campaigns

How to use ICTBroadcast Module in Menus

1. Goto Leads menu

2. select your contacts

3. click on action button and chose ICTBroadcast

4. Enter Contact Group name, Select Campaign type, check "export all fields" and save it

Note: You will redirect to ICTBroadcast page

5. Enter campaign name, select recording, set up other required fields and save it

How to use ICTBroadcast Extension

1. Goto More menu and select ICTExtension

2. Click on Create Campaign

3. Select Campaign type, enter contact group, campaign name, upload contact .csv file, upload recording file and save it.

The said integration with use of REST API's enable automation of the business process and enable user to create and run campaigns directly from any CRM like SuiteCRM , VtigerCRM, EspoCRM , YetiforceCRM , Flarepoint CRM and others .

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