In this blog, we have configured Twilio's elastic sip trunk with ICTBRoadcast that gives our customer to avail features of both platforms same time, work with Twilio platform and ICTBroadcast . Twilio offer SIP trunking option to wholesale providers working with sip compliant termiantions , following you will find details about Twilio sip trunk

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking API's

Twilio SIP Trunk pricing

Login into Twilio Portal

Click on Menu and select ELASTIC SIP TRUNKING

Click the Create SIP Trunk button, enter "Friendly Name" for the trunk and save it

Click on the Termination tab, and choose a Termination SIP URI (you will use this when configuring the trunk in ICTBroadcast later)

Click Create IP Access Control List, and add the IP address

Click Create Credential List and enter username and password (you will use this when configuring the trunk in ICTBroadcast later) and save the termination configuration.

Now, Login as "Admin" in ICTBroadcast Portal

Goto to gateway menu under administration menu and click on add new gateway

enter trunk name, add CPS and Channels limit, Dialing Prefix, Set outbound callerID, enter trunk configuration like following and save it

Configure the following settings:

Trunk Name: trunk name, such as twilio
CPS Limit : depend on your Twilio Account
Channels : Depend on your Twilio Account
Dialing Prefix : + (please make sure from twilio support)
Outbound CallerID: The full number in E.164 format
Protocol Type : SIP
Dialstring : Username:Password@*****

Peer details: replace host, username, and secret (password) with the details for your trunk: