Voice recorded Feedback support in Survey Campaign

Survey campaign enables you to run automatic voice-based surveys asking recipients multiple questions ( pre recorded ) , to which they respond by pressing digits on their telephone keypad. Voice feedback feature in Survey campaign allows the recipient to give answers in a voice recording. Their answer is recorded and saved for creating reports.

When a survey campaign starts it calls the numbers in the selected contact list one by one and plays the pre configured recordings / questions, the customer listens to those recordings and responds to those questions according to the given options by pressing keys on the dial pad however by using this feature Voice Feedback feature the customer does not have to press the digits on dial pad to give his response, instead he replies verbally and that is recorded. After completing the campaign system prepares reports for administration.

There might be certain questions in a survey that can not be answered by provided options, then Voice Feedback feature helps by recording the answers of recipient. These voice responses of survey can be viewed latter.

Instead of managing and investing in a call center and call center agents , select ICTBroadcast software to conduct voice based surveys automatically and ease of mind and you will have complete reporting and analysis at end.

Survey 10 Questions

When a Survey Campaign starts it asks a number of questions from the customer that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad. The maximum number of questions that ICTBroadcast allows you to add in Survey Campaign is 10.

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How ICTBroadcast survey campaign works

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