There are the following four agent performance / evaluation reports, that can be used by user / admin to check / monitor system progress.
1. Queue Statistics : Live statistic about queues
2. Live Statistics : Live statistic about agents
3. Agent Statistics : Agent activity logs / statistics
4. Campaign Statistics : Campaign related activity logs / statistics
Although the reports are self explanatory, But the following explanation may help regarding understanding the individual

1: Queue statistics

Queue statistics

Queue Name
Self explanatory.
Extension number assigned to this queue
Offline Agents
Associated agents which are not available / not ready to take calls
Ready Agents
Total number of agents which can take calls ( including busy )
Busy Agents
Busy agents, may include agents on live calls, on hold and also in wrapup status
inQueue Calls
Number of total clients / calls that waiting for free agents.
Max Wait
will show time for client / call which is waiting for longest time.
Live Calls
Number of call which are active with agents.

2: Live statistics

Live Campaign statistics
Campaign Name
Self explanatory.

Calls Queued
Total number of calls in campaign queue / skill group waiting for next available agents.
call_queued = Count ( all calls having 'queued' status )
Agent name
Self explanatory.
Agent extension
Self explanatory.
Status of agent, can be any of the following depending on current state of agents
Agent logged off, probably due to shift end.
Agent present but not ready to take calls, probably on break.
Agent ready to take calls
Agent handling a live calls
Agent has put the customer on hold during a live call
Agent has completed the call, and now wrapping up the call / saving call outcome.
Logged At
Login date and time for the current session of agent.
Login Age
Total length of time for the current session of agent.

3: Agent statistics

Agents statistics

Self explanatory.
Agent login date and time
Agent log off date and time
Self explanatory.

Total number of calls handled by agents, does not include abandoned calls or calls where customers did not choice to talk
with agents.
Average time agents remained busy handling calls including talk time and wrapping up time
Total number of calls held in queues. basically all agent calls are being routed through queue, so here we list only those
calls which took more then 5 seconds in queue
held calls = total ( where queue wait > 5 seconds)
Not Ready
Total time agent remained on break
Handle Time
Total busy time of agent, including the talk time and wrapping up time
Hold Time
Total time when agent chose to put customer on hold during live calls. different from wait time in queue
Talk Time
Total time agent remained live with customer, including the on hold time.
Ring Time
Total time taken by agent to answer calls Note: In live mode for agent, call is answered automatically and immediately, so
their will 0 delay.
Total time given for wrapping up calls outcome
Percentage of agent's busy time verses agent's total shift time.
Occupancy = ( talk time + wrap time ) / agent login duration
Total duration of breaks taken by agent
break reason code, in case of multiple break in a session, reasons will be separated by an arrow ->

4: Campaign statistics

Campaign Name
Self explanatory.
Date / Time
Campaign creation date and time.
Answer Wait
Total Ring time or delay before user answer the call. please remember it does not include time in queue. Note: In case of
inbound campaigns, there is no delay before answer, ICTBroadcast answer inbound calls immediately.
Number of calls connected with agents, it does not include calls abandoned in queue or have not choice to talk with agent.
Total number of calls attempted under selected campaign, regardless of their outcome.
Number of calls abandoned from queue, either by timeout, agent unavailability or on customer action / request.
Handle Time
Total agent time, consumed handling calls, in addition to talk time it also include wrap up time
handle_time = ( total talk time + total wrap up time )
Talk time
Duration of the call when customer remained with live agent. please note that it also include the hold time.
Hold time
Total time agents remained in on hold status.
Similar to total offered calls it include all calls connected with agent or left before. However unlike offered calls it does not
include failed calls, i.e busy, no answer or failed due to network error.
Handled (q)
Total time customer remained in queue, including the abandoned calls
Abandon Time
Total time of queue for abandoned calls

Handle time (μ)
Average handle time, see the handle time.
Answer Time (q)
Total wait before agent answer, i.e total ring time for agents Note: In live mode for agent, call is answered automatically and
immediately, so their will 0 delay.