ICTBroadcast offers one unified communication solution. It provides on-premises and hosted solutions for individuals and organizations. By using it, individuals and organizations can easily broadcast voice messages to a list of subscribers. The automated phone call system creates a recorded message to recipients or establishes a connection with recipients. By using an automated phone system you can increase engagement, provide help and increase the satisfaction level of your client.

What Benefits We Can Get From Automated Phone Call System

An individual and organizations get a ride from manually calling each person on the subscription list. The automated phone call system allows you to upload contact lists and pre-recorded messages and simply run the campaign. It automatically dials each contact number on the giving list. You can also check the call detail report of answer, busy, fail calls.
It provides the facility for automatic scheduling. You can schedule your voice call to start and stop on a particular date, or time, as well as setting days of the week.
Through phone call automation you can remind your clients about important events. This is easy in the phone automation system just upload subscriber contact list and pre-recorded voice message or use TTS (text to speech) and run the campaign.
Automated phone call systems installation is easy and installs in a few hours. They are available in on-premises and hosted options.
An automated phone call system has the option of call retries if the first time your call is not answering you can use a retry option number of times. It even allows you to send voicemail and hang up call on the detection of AMD (Automatic Machine Detection)
Another benefit of using the automated phone call system is you can use the custom caller id. It provides benefits if you are dialing from their phones and not want to show your identity.

Try It

By using the ICTBroadcast automated phone call system you can get all of the above and many more benefits. It is a complete automated phone call system for business needs. For more features explore this link. Now download the automated phone call system free for a 30-day trial.