Automatic voice call recording support in ICTBroadcast for both inbound and outbound broadcasting scenarios | Auto dialer and call recording software

ICTBroadcast does support automatic call recording for all types of voice broadcasting and telemarketing campaigns including, inbound z, press 1 campaign, agent campaign, and other types of telemarketing campaigns. Admin can retrieve/export all call recording data from MySQL database accordingly also admin can configure automated call recording options as per his requirements. ICTBroadcast also support custom IVR based campaign where user/admin can design telemarketing campaigns as per his custom requirements with drag and drop tools

As an example, while performing the press 1 campaign when a call recipient press desired key to connect with a live support agent at a call center, his all voice conversation will be recording that later can be retrieved and analyzed accordingly.

Simple Voice Broadcast, as well as Interactive Voice Broadcasting support (press 1 voice broadcasting)

Inbound Voice Campaign support for inbound telemarketing

Multi-tenant platform for Enterprise / Service Providers / ITSP

Smart Autodialer and Smart Predictive Dialer capabilities

Scheduling of campaigns on the basis of selected days of the week and particular times

 Set up, Configure, and Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Custom CallerID with personalized Name

Answering Machine Detection also playing a custom message for Answering Machines

Scalable to generate thousands of calls; capable of handling heavy loads

 Real-time Management of the number of concurrent channels available for active campaigns

Interface with multiple long-distance carriers and gateways

Control rate of concurrent calls for multiple campaigns

Web-based IVR Designer