ICTBroadcast Version 4.3 release, the unified communications auto dialer and call center software

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of unified communications automated dialing and call center software ICTBroadcast Version 4.3

Following are the new additions / features introduced in ICTBroadcast Version 4.3

Three level user account supported.

ICTBroadcast Version 4.3 now supports Admin account , company / tenant account and sub accounts under tenant account.

ICTBroadcast Version 4.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of ICTBroadcast version Version 4.2 with advanced features such as a powerful webrtc agent dashboard, manual dialing, preview dialing, agent interaction and business automation and IVR studio enhancements .

Now ICTBroadcast is a complete inbound and outbound contact center software solution with support of unified communications, predictive dialing, auto dialing, power dialing, preview and progressive dialing as well as manual dialing support.

How to setup ICTBroadcast to broadcast telephone calls or SMS Messages to GSM Networks / Mobile numbers

We offer two editions of ICTBroadcast as discussed below

1. ICTBroadcast Enterprize Edition suitable for enterprises and organization for their own marketing and mass communications needs

2. ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition is a B2B business application suitable for ITSP / telecom carriers to offer hosted telemarketing services to third party organizations and bill them for their services

ICTBroadcast Enterprise Life Time License For USD 20 Only

Complete Call center & Telemarketing Software for USD 20

We are offering a huge discount on all one-time ICTBroadcast License with the latest auto dialing features such as WebRTC based web phone for agents, IVR Studio, SMS, Email, Fax, and Voice-based auto dialer and predictive dialer scenarios.

We also offer up to 37% discount on ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition time licenses and related addons

ICTBroadcast integration with remote applications | webhook notifications | push call status

Recently ICT Innovations released Integration addon, Integration addon enable ICTBroadcast admin/user to configure campaigns to post or send call-related events to remote systems / third party applications also called push call status/webhook notifications. ICTBroadcast can use 3rd party APIs to communicate with remote systems.