Email blast or bulk email is a method of marketing to promote business products and services. It is a good method of marketing because it reach to large audience with speed. For email blasting required special software which has ability to blast thousand of email at a time it take address from email list and automatically send email at given emails. ICTBroadcast is one of the best email blasting software solution.

Reason To Use Email Blast For Marketing

Build credibility

Email is a good method of credibility building.Through email blasting you can build credibility among business people by sharing information about your company news announcement and features.

Strengthen relationships

For building strong relationships with your value client it is important to use effective communication tool which provide ease in both way communication. If you have large list of client and you want keep in touch with these client than email blasting is best way to strengthen your relationship.

Look professional

Another reason to using email marketing is message written in email can design comprehensively. You have freedom email to customize your contents and use different colors to look like professional.You can also insert company logo in email message.

Attract new clients

Bulk email marketing not only allow you to connect with the people which are on your email list however you can share newsletters and announcement your own social networks to attract the new clients.

Benefits Of Using Email Blast For Marketing

Low cost

One of the main benefit of bulk email marketing is, it is cheap as compare to other marketing channels. You need to just invest on software which supported email blasting and automatically send email. ICTBroadcast is a good cheap software it provide bulk email blasting features.


Through email marketing you can focus on your target audience which interested in your brand. You can send email only those subscriber who meet your specific criteria. Email segmentation is also good way for companies who want to gain information about their subscribers.

Easy To Track

Another benefit of blast email you can analyze bounce messages, un-subscribers, click-through. It is a good technique to measure the open rate and get positive and negative response. Finally you can correlates sales with marketing.Email also provide opt in and opt out features. People which are interested in your company gives you email. And people which are not interested use the opt out or unsubscribe option.


Email marketing is good solution to run interactive marketing campaign.Email allow you to send audio,video,graphics,games and quizzes to your target clients. ICTBroadcast provide personalized interactive email solution.It allow you to customize your message by using different token variables.