There are the following four agents’ performance/evaluation reports, that can be used by user/admin to check / monitor system progress.

  1. Queue Statistics: Live statistics about queues
  2. Live Statistics: Live statistics about agents
  3. Agent Statistics : Agent activity logs / statistics
  4. Campaign Statistics: Campaign related activity logs/statistics

Although the reports are self-explanatory, the following explanation may help regarding understanding the individual fields.

1: Queue statistics

Queue Statistics show the list of numbers added in queue while the call wasin process. It gives the information about the offline agents, ready agents, busy agent, maximum calls and the maximum wait.

Queue Statistics

2: Live statistics

Live Statistics show the information about currently processing calls. It shows the campaign, Agent, Extension, Status, Duration, time when agent logged in, for how much time the agent is login and operations.

Live Statistics

3: Agent statistics

Agent Statistics show the overall summary of each agent. It shows the agent login time, logout time, the time that agent takes to answer the calls and each and every thing that we want to monitor about the agent. We can also filter out the desired agent result of some selected date.

Agent Statistics

4: Campaign statistics

Campaign statistic shows the detail of each campaign. The list of the Campaign will be displayed. We can also filter the desired result according to our own need and requirement.

campaign statistics