Contact Center provides following features:

  1. CTI:COMPUTER TELEPHONY INTEGRATION A technology that enable a computer and telephone systems to interact together.CTI use a computers to manage all telephone calls, these calls in turn leads to increased efficiency and better results.

  2. ACD:AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTOR The recognization,answers,and routes of the incoming calls to the terminal or agent that is best suited to handle the caller's need is through a system as ACD. ACD help companies in meeting customer need more efficiently.

  3. INTELLIGENT CALL-BACK Automatic Call Back feature in call center allows the callers to select the call-back option, hence they don’t have to wait in a queue on the phone. Hence the caller can return to what they were doing, and the agent will call back as soon as possible.

  4. IVR:INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE An automated phone system allows the incoming callers to access the information they need without having to talk to a person. Callers help themselves by entering information via a touch-tone keypad or speaking into the phone.

  5. UNIVERSAL QUEUING Goal is to pool all the customers on hold into a single waiting list, as how the customer contacts your business (phone, email, chat, social media, etc.). To have one universal queue of customers brings increased consistency and efficiency for the customer.

  6. IV:INTERACTIVE VIDEO Businesses can use the IV technology to play videos for advertisements, promotions or entertainment while callers are waiting on hold.

  7. CALL RECORDING SYSTEMS A recording system is used by call center to capture all the customer interactions. It is helpful for an agent or manager need to review what happened on a call. As the Advance recording systems can record calls, as well as any other interactions associated with the call, such as emails and chat sessions.

  8. VOICE BIOMETRICS Voice has become a reliable way to authenticate person’s identity, as it is unique to each individual. Voice biometrics software prevents from fraud and save time and money for organizations.

  9. CMS:CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM It is most helpful for outbound call centers. This software provides the agent a contact list, or other info needed to make calls to the right people.

  10. ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE It is a web application that makes it easy for a contact center staff members to manage a server.

  11. QM:QUALITY MANAGEMENT QM is an application that give managers an insight, to the employee performance so that any areas of weakness can be identified. It ensure that agents are adhering to internal policies and procedures.

  12. SMARTPHONES Mostly people dial numbers today from their smartphones. Smartphone computers in advancement of call center are playing very important role by offering more convenient customer service options such as intelligent call back, interfaces and automated per-call questions for more efficient problem-solving.

  13. DISPOSITION CODECS Feature tag the outcome of every call such as Not interested,Transferred to IT support, Refunded and so on. A code from a special menu is selected by the agents, and attach it in the profile of a particular caller.

  14. PBX For advance CTI, IVR, ACD and Predictive Dialing add cloud contact center software to your existing PBX infrastructure.

  15. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT To view the contact center performance with dashboards that showcase data from CRM and other sources. The added bonus will keep agents engaged and productive.

  16. WHISPER COACHING A great feature for call center managers that seek to optimize agent training. It allows managers to drop in on a live call to speak with the agent without the caller knowing. It is extremely helpful for training new agents.

  17. CONFERENCE CALLING A feature that allows distributed teams to work effectively. Call conferencing allows three or more people (callers, agents, managers, etc) to talk with each other. It is a feature that eliminates the trouble of transferring calls to another department when addressing more complex issues.

  18. HISTORICAL REPORTING It is essential when making staffing decisions, scheduling agents and assessing the performance of agents, teams, departments and the call center as a whole.

  19. DIALED NUMBER IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (DNIS) Use of a DNIS in telephone service, sales department can easily identify the number caller dialed. It is a common feature of 800 or 900 numbers and is helpful specifically in industries with multiple product lines.

  20. WRAPPING IT UP Successfully running of a contact center is similar to the juggling with knives. Failing of the track,leads in time and absence of right tools can downgrade contact center performance and might lead to the loss of business revenue.

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