Agents can be registered with ICTBroadcast system remotly using either softphone or IP Phone by using extension number , extension password and ICTBroadcast Ip address as proxy / registrar / domain

Free Softphone from zoiper or xlite are recommended to register with ICTBroadcast System.

Following is zoiper example

1. Download zoiper classic softphone (free) at your Desktop using following links

2. Unzip & install on Desktop

3. Double Click on zoiper icon to execute softphone

4. Click on "Options" tab.

5. Click on "Add new Sip Account"

6. Enter any suitable Name of account

7. Enter Domain Name / Ip address of ICTBroadcast System

8. Enter Extension number as Username

9. Enter Extension secret as Password

10 Enter any suitable callerid name .

11 Select your newly created account from drop down and click on "register" button to register.

and after registration you will receive calls automatically

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