Sure, here is a list of rules that apply to auto dialers in different countries.

1. USA : In the united states, there may be a central authority employer called the Federal Communications commission (FCC) that guarantees that computerized dialing systems follow the policies of the smartphone consumer safety Act (TCPA) and the Telemarketing income Rule (TSR). these guidelines require organizations and companies to get written permission from clients before making automated telemarketing calls or sending prerecorded voice messages. The FCC has a special list referred to as the national Do now not name Registry. This listing we could people decide if they need to prevent getting worrying telemarketing calls.

2. Canada : In Canada, a government corporation referred to as the Canadian Radio-tv and Telecommunications fee (CRTC) controls using auto dialers. they have got certain regulations to stop annoying smartphone calls. those rules kingdom that organizations and corporations must ask clients for permission before making computerized telemarketing calls or the usage of pre-recorded voice messages. The CRTC is also in rate of the country wide Do no longer name listing. This listing allows people to select not to receive telemarketing calls.

3. European Union : Within the European Union, rules called the Common Information Security Direction (GDPR) control auto dialers. These rules say that companies and bunches must get clear consent from individuals some time recently utilizing automated telemarketing calls or prerecorded voice messages. The GDPR moreover says that businesses must deliver clear and brief data around why they are calling and get authorization to utilize any information amid the call.

4. Australia : In Australia, there are rules for automatic phone dialing systems. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is in charge of making sure these rules are followed. They enforce two laws called the Spam Act and the Do Not Call Register Act. These rules say that businesses and organizations need to ask for permission from people before they call them with automated telemarketing or leave a prerecorded message. The ACMA is in charge of the Do Not Call Register, where people can choose not to get telemarketing calls.

5. United Kingdom : Within the UK, the Data Commissioner’s Office (ICO) makes rules for auto dialers. These rules are made to ensure people’s security and are called the Security and Electronic Communications Directions (PECR). These rules cruel that companies must inquire for your consent some time recently making automated telemarketing calls or utilizing pre-recorded messages. The ICO too runs the Phone Inclination Benefit. This benefit lets people select not to get telemarketing calls.