In ICTBroadcast, user can customize message for SMS and Email campaigns. ICTBroadcast user can use following tokens in their message

Following tokens are available for each type of campaign: [campaign:callerid] [campaign:callerid_name] [contact:first_name] [contact:last_name] [contact:phone] [contact:email] [contact:address] [contact:custom1] [contact:custom2] [contact:custom3] [contact:description]

How to use tokens in SMS Campaign 1. Create contact group from "Contacts" menu and add contacts into that newly created group. 2. Create a Text message from "Messages" menu. 3. Now user can create SMS campaign with contact group and text message.

While creating SMS (Text) message, user can use above mentioned token variables to send a custom message to each contact / prospect. For example: "Hi [contact:first_name] [contact:last_name] this if a notification message from Company/Bank to inform you that your current balance is [contact:custom1] "

In above example, values of [contact:first_name], [contact:last_name], [contact:custom1] will be replaced at their places. Similarly, you can use any of the above mentioned token variables.

Transactional & Promotional Messages

You can send Transactional & Promotional SMS through ICTBroadcast SMS Campaign.
Transactional SMS is the one that sends important information like booking and order alerts to its registered users. This type of SMS is not intended for marketing.
Promotional SMS is for marketing. These SMS are used to send offers, discount promotions to new and existing customers.

Message Delivery Support in SMS Campaign

Message Delivery Support in SMS Campaign provides a delivery report every time a message is delivered to a number. The purpose of Delivery report of a message is to notify user if the message has been sent or not.

How To Use SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting with ICTBroadcast