In the following article, you will discover how caller ID works and how you can change your business caller ID information.

What Is Caller ID?

Caller ID is a phone feature that, if available, provides the name and number of a calling party. Technically, Caller ID only includes the calling party’s phone number, but its use as a term has essentially rendered it popular with the calling name, too. A service named CNAM actually provides the name of the calling party.

How does Caller ID Work?

The originating phone switch sends the caller’s number when a call is made. Then, the SIP service providers are responsible for looking up the name of the caller’s subscriber with the caller’s number.

How do I change the name and number of my company caller ID?

VoIP software allows you, in addition to the name, to change the caller ID display number. ICTBroadcast also allows you directly to customize the caller ID via a web interface.

Change Caller ID & name with ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast allows its user to set Custom Caller ID that changes the outgoing Caller ID according to the destination. This allows users to be identified as if they are dialing from their personal phones. This could also be used to hide the identity of the caller that is we discourage ethically, however.

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Multiple Option to set Caller ID with ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast allows various options to set Caller ID in different scenarios. For example, Caller ID can be set while outbound broadcasting and similarly, you may also need to set Caller ID when a call is transferred to the agent. Administrators can set these options from system configurations.

Default CallerID

Sets default caller id for outbound campaigns. Admin can set any value here and it will be used as a global caller id. Admin can also use tokens (variables) here such as [campaign:callerid]. It tells the system to use the caller id set by individual campaign.

Default CallerID Name

Set default caller id title for outbound campaigns. Similar to above, admin can use any value or token ([campaign:callerid_name]) in this field CallerID on Transfer: Set caller id on transfer. For example, when a call is transferred to the call center / Agents. Admin can use [contact: phone] to show call recipient’s phone number when they are transferred to agents.

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DID Based Caller ID in ICTBroadcast

Caller ID is the number that appears when a call is received by the recipient. while running telemarketing campaigns through ICTBRoadcast, the admin assigns a unique DID to each user for inbound campaigns, and said DID numbers can be used as CallerID.

When a call center receives an Inbound call, a Caller ID is used to identify the caller by matching their phone number to information in the call center software database and integrated CRM. Once this caller has been identified and relevant information about the caller has been acquired, the call is routed to the most appropriate Agent based on this information.

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