How personalize communication helps you in business :

  • custom tokens are variable that replace their value dynamically during campaign running.
  • IVR Applications, SMS messages and email templates allow user to enter or select tokens.
  • Custom tokens are powerful part of ICTBroadcast automated call system.
  • Custom tokens are used into voice messages by using Text to speech.
  • Custom tokens are available in predefined variables.
  • By using custom token user can increase the engagement and satisfaction level of client.
  • Custom token provide personalized communication.
  • Custom tokens builds strong relationship with clients.
  • Custom tokens help to generate confirmation message such as contact id, contact name, contact email that help for client to know about sender or recipients.
  • Custom tokens increases the chance of engagement with customer.

Personalized Communication:

Personalized communication increase the interaction with clients and can lead to greater conversion rate. By offering custom token that is personalized to each visitor to your site then rate of conversion increases. If user add only client’s name, client’s email it increases the chance of dealing and engagement.

personalized email templates using custom tokens

personalized SMS messages using custom tokens

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Custom Token In IVR

Custom Tokens in IVR Applications

Creating dynamic messages and custom tokens with auto dialer