Dedicated Trunk and Role Support in Autodialer ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast is a multi-tenant autodialer that can send thousands of voice messages, text messages, emails, and fax simultaneously through campaigns. All this data is transmitted when Trunks is configured in ICTBroadcast. There are two ways to configure trunks:

Central Trunk

By default, Central Trunk is configured in ICTBroadcast. In this configuration, all the users are assigned only 1 trunk. It is the sharing trunk all the users share this one trunk to send data. Admin adds only one trunk and all the users send data through this one Trunk.

Dedicated Trunk

Dedicated Trunk has to be configured in ICTBroadcast. Unlike Central trunk, each user is provided with a separate Trunk and they transmit and receive data through a specific trunk.

A trunk is a port that is responsible for carrying the traffic. In a PBX thousands of calls/data are being transmitted and received by Trunks. Providers give access to trunks and these Trunks are configured in ICTBroadcast to make calls. Admin configures Trunk in ICTBroadcast and assigns it to the users.

Role Support for configuring Trunks is also added in ICTBroadcast.

The trunk can be added in AdministrationGateways

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