Direct Inward Dialing (DID) provided by telco companies which allow outside caller/customer to directly connect with a company inside the sales team through Private Branch Exchange(PBX). DID is a direct method of marketing, PBX consist of one or more DIDs number and it allows the caller to connect the system and navigating the different extensions and departments using voice menus and other interactive response features.

Direct Inward Dialing Features

  • Save Time
  • Save Cost
  • Local and National DIDs
  • Flexibility

Save Time

The main benefit of Direct Inward Dialing is it saves the time of both caller and receiver. A caller who knows the extension number where he wants to reach the destination saves the precious time of the caller because the caller does not need to wait for the receptionist or any other middle man who forwards the call to the desired extension. So we say that DID is a time-saving method in communication.

Save Cost

Another big benefit of Direct Inward Dialing is a cost-saving method of communication. It not only saves time but also saves your cost. Most of the companies offer DIDs number which is toll-free. It saves customer costs and increases customer credibility as well.

Local and National DIDs

Companies can use DIDs in many countries to capture international customer bases. It is a good method to provide your customer local as well as international DIDs to interact with you about your product and services.


Flexibility is another major benefit of Direct Inward Dialing. You can customize the length of your DIDs number according to your need. You can set DIDs number of 8 digits,4 digits or 3 digit, etc. Small digit numbers are easy to absorb in mind.

DID And ICTBRoadcast

ICTBroadcast's inbound campaigns that allow Direct Inward Dialing to a supplied DID number. Once the call is received, ICTBroadcast plays an IVR or recorded message (optionally), and forwards interested callers to Live Agents for further support.

ICTBroadcast’s Inbound Campaign is a pioneering innovation in automated telemarketing. Inbound Campaign is one of the best marketing practices because it brings genuine leads rather than reaching outbound to cold and questionable targets. The inbound campaign ensures high conversion levels at minimal cost, it does, however, take ample commitment and patience to get you the desired results. The idea behind these techniques was to get in front of cold leads and warm them up to the point where they would try your product or service.

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