How To Use Email Broadcasting

How To Use Email Broadcasting – Marketing Automation

Email broadcasting is an excellent method to market your product and services. It increases return on investment by creating more opportunities for your business. You can boost your business relationships with huge audiences. It provides a high level of lead conversion and also plays an effective role in email marketing strategy.
It allows their users to use it for different purposes, such as to send the newsletter, welcome message, special promotion, invitation email, etc. To send an email to a huge audience needed software. Some email marketing software like ICTBroadcast has the ability to broadcast thousand of emails at a time.

Let see how to use an email broadcasting campaign

Prepare Contact list

First of all, for an email broadcast, you need to prepare an email contact list. You can create different contact groups to target different cities, provinces, and countries’ businesses. Voice Broadcasting software allows you to import and export the contact list.

Create Email Template

To broadcast email you need to create an email template. This template is a sample email, text where users can provide the subject of the email, email body, alternate email body, file attachments. Some professional broadcasting software like ICTBroadcast provides custom tokens in place of the receiver’s name, email, and contact information, etc.


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Schedule Campaign

Once you have created an email contact list, created an email template, and selected all the preferences and options, now the time is to broadcast your email message. You can broadcast your email message immediately or can schedule your campaign. It allows you to start campaigning on selected data and time and stop campaigning on selected data and time.

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Interactive Email Marketing
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