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How To perform Fax Broadcasting - Marketing Automation Solution

Fax broadcasting is an old method of marketing. It is a direct method of communication between organizations. It is an easy and fast method of marketing companies, products, and services. By using a fax broadcast you can target a huge number of clients either these are local, national or international. It gives a great opportunity to connect with businesses and send documents.
Advancement in technology has a great impact on the mechanism of faxing. Now fax broadcast becomes automated. No need to use the fax machine for fax sending, by using fax software you can send fax online. Online faxing is quite a simple, easy and quick way of faxing

Fax Broadcasting Report

Let's see how to Run a Fax Broadcasting Campaign

These are the steps of to run a fax broadcasting campaign in ICTBroadcast

  • Prepare Contact list
  • Upload Fax Documents
  • Preferences Options
  • Schedule Campaign

Prepare Contact list

First of all, for fax broadcasting, you need to prepare a contact list. You can create different contact groups to target specific areas, cities, provinces, and countries. The fax broadcast system allows you to import a contact list. Many fax broadcast software like ICTBroadcast allows you to upload the Do Not Call (DNC) contact number. If you want the system does not dial a specific number, you can add these numbers to the DNC.

ICTBroadcast contact group

Upload Fax Documents

Fax applications allow you to upload your fax documents in different file formats. You can upload fax documents in PDF and Tiff, JPG, etc file formats.

ICTBroadcast Fax Document

Preferences Options

Some broadcasting systems allow you to select the option of a call retires. If your fax is not received on the first, second, or third try you can retry several numbers time. Some of the advanced fax applications like ICTBroadcast allow you to select the option of customer caller-id.

ICTBroadcast Fax Option

Schedule Campaign

Once you have created a contact list, uploaded a fax file, and selected all the preferences and options, now the time is to broadcast your fax message. You can broadcast your fax message immediately or can schedule your campaign. It allows you to start campaigning on selected data and time and stop campaigning on selected data and time.

SICTBroadcast Fax Schedule

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