ICTBroadcast is a comprehensive unified communications platform that serves as a dialer, including predictive, progressive, power, and auto-dialer functionalities. The software is built over the open-source Asterisk communication engine and incorporates other open-source projects.

ICBroadcast presents an innovative solution in the realm of communication technology with its free Asterisk-based auto dialer. This cutting-edge tool combines the power of Asterisk, an open-source communication platform, with the efficiency of an auto dialer, providing users with a seamless and cost-effective solution for managing outbound calls.

ICTBroadcast leverages open-source Asterisk PBX for Fax and Voice Broadcasting, and it utilizes the open-source Kannel gateway for SMS messaging. Learn more about ICTBroadcast and its capabilities.


Included in ICTBroadcast is a powerful IVR Designer / IVR Studio developed using advanced open-source JavaScript libraries like JQuery and RaphaelJS. RaphaelJS supports vector graphics, providing an interactive web-based designer for custom IVR creation. With simple drag-and-drop tools, even non-technical users can design personalized IVRs tailored to specific business requirements.

IVR Studio enables the design of custom IVRs, making it easy for users to create persona-driven interactive systems effortlessly. We are currently offering two-channel free licenses for ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register now to experience the best dialer solution in the market and install the free version of ICTBroadcast autodialer.

ICTBroadcast Packages and Pricing Information

Explore the various packages and pricing options available for ICTBroadcast. Find the plan that best suits your business needs and take advantage of the features offered by this versatile dialer solution.


The Unified Communications dialer provided by ICTBroadcast supports multiple mass communication technologies, including Voice broadcasting over SIP protocol, Fax broadcasting over T.38 (SIP) protocol, SMS messaging over SMPP protocol, and email marketing over SMTP protocol. This all-in-one solution for mass marketing and bulk messaging allows users to run and manage multiple campaigns using different communication technologies from a single platform with ease.


ICTBroadcast’s progressive dialer is an automated system that presents contact information to sales representatives before dialing the phone number. It initiates the dialing process only when an agent becomes available, ensuring personalized agent-based communications.


The predictive dialer in ICTBroadcast is designed to maximize agent productivity by placing phone calls even before agents become available. This approach ensures more efficient talk time, ultimately increasing the call center’s overall productivity.


Also known as a Rapid Dialer, the Power Dialer in ICTBroadcast dials a contact number instantly after a call is completed. This feature eliminates the need for agents to search for phone numbers manually, ensuring a seamless calling experience.


Auto dialers, a form of software for predictive dialers, come in various types and perform different roles. They are particularly useful for rapidly dialing telephone numbers, especially when time is of the essence or when allocating an agent is impractical.


Asterisk is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX). It was created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium. Like any PBX, it allows attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services including the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Its name comes from the asterisk symbol, “*”. Programmers used “*” characters to show any possible combination of characters when capturing patterns. Most widely used for wildcard ‘*’ in Unix/Linux. This is a notation used for flexibility. Hence, we also strive to achieve that flexibility in ICTBroadcast as an Auto Dialer that is scalable, flexible, robust, simple, and easy to integrate with any third-party application by using REST APIs.


Running on Linux and using scripting and networking programming languages, Asterisk creates gateways and maintains secure communication across VoIP networks. Its flexibility, scalability, and ease of integration with third-party applications through REST APIs make it a robust solution for ICTBroadcast as an Auto Dialer. Striving for the same flexibility as the asterisk symbol “*”, ICTBroadcast aims to provide a scalable, flexible, and easy-to-integrate dialer solution.

ICTBroadcast packages and pricing information