We are pleased to offer absolutely free licenses of ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition up to 50 concurrent calls / channels licenses.

The free auto dialer and call centre licenses are full licenses of ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition

Following licenses are being offered as free licenses

  • ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition 5 channels.
  • ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition 10 channels
  • ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition 50 channels.

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ICTBroadcast is multi tenant auto dialer software and call center software, it features Unified communications, Voice, SMS, Fax and Email communications. It is an all one software solution based on open-source asterisk communications switch. It features multiple dialling modes such as progressive dialling, predictive dialling, power dialling, preview dialling as well as manual dialling through WebRTC web phones to improve your call centre’s efficiency and productivity. ICTBroadcast automated dialer automatically dial contacts and transfer them to agents, so you can focus on providing excellent customer service.


ICTBroadcast Enterprise Edition Features:

Following are the Unique and Advanced features of ICTBroadcast :

Unified Broadcasting:

ICTBroadcast is a unified communication autodialer and telemarketing software. It supports bulk Voice, SMS, and Fax broadcasting.

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add new voice broadcasting campaign 


Improved IVR Designer:

ICTBroadcast is bundled with a web-based IVR Designer enabling you to design your custom IVR menus as you choose, with our simple Drag and Drop feature. ICTBroadcast then plays these IVRs to your customers.

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IVR Studio


Advance User Management:

ICTBroadcast supports advanced user management features like user switching, balance management, real-time billing, live monitoring, and managing user campaigns. Admin can also manage system resources in an efficient and easy manner, including assigning or de-assigning extensions and DIDs to users.

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Call queueing support is provided in ICTbroadcast and you don’t need to integrate any other third-party call queuing system. Press 1 Campaign also known as Interactive voice broadcasting can be created in simple steps. On pressing 1 it forwards the calls to Agents that were in a queue.

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Create new Agent



For more Detail Visit (https://www.ictbroadcast.com/ictbroadcast-features/)