An Internet telephony service provider provides communications services using digital telecommunications medium such as VoIP to either residential users or commercial enterprises. Anyone having a general knowledge of ICT's can setup an IP Telephony Service Provider ( ITSP) business. There are three main components required to setup your own ITSP setup.

1) Hardware infrastructure

Hardware infrastructure may consist of dedicated servers, switches , routers , internet bandwidth etc . The hardware infrastructure can be on rental basis from third party hardware provider or it will be owned at your premises.

To start offering cloud based / hosted ICT services and solutions to your business customers , following are minimum hardware requirements

servers farm

Dedicated servers with minimum specification of Quad Core 3.2 ghz processor , 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Hard drive also in case of more than one server network switches, routers and backup power management setup needed

internet bandwidth

Sufficient symmetric internet bandwidth, taking into account that a single g.711 call consumes about 87.2 kbps

operating system

Fresh installation of CentOS 7.x without any additional software installed

2) Software

It consist of two main components , first main marketing website with products listing with self services customer web portal and eCommerce functionality and second, a white label multi tenant ICT service portal to offer cloud based / hosted ICT services to your customers and manage their billing and accounts separately.

We do offer various business solutions to our customers, you can have one or more business solution to offer hosted ICT services to your customers, Following is list of ICT business products and solutions that we do offer to internet service providers to start offering ICT integrated services and solutions to their customers

3) Telecom carries / Gateways

Voice/Fax gateways / voip providers

That includes wholesale Voip / SIP termination and origination providers and telecom pstn carriers to offer voice and fax based services , for Fax based services providers / gateways need to support T.38 fax protocol or G.711 pass through support .

Important consideration while selecting a communication carrier provider is in which countries of the world it provides services. Particularly in your target market before engaging their services. Factors such as quality and the availability of support should also be given careful thought before any decision is taken. Many companies will offer automated support as part of a free package and some companies even offer free support from human operators. With a large number of VoIP carriers in the market, it is worth spending some time comparing the features and support packages that come as standard. See the list of VoIP service providers.

SMS providers / Gateways

SMS providers / carries with SMPP protocol required for SMS based bulk communications , providers need to support both inbound and outbound SMS marketing / messaging with global coverage caled a-z coverage.

Email providers / Gateways

Email server need to setup for email marketing , SMTP email gateway need to be setup and anti spaming and security meaures need to be taken to setup email server properly.

Software products

In this section, we will discuss multiple ICT's based software products that will enable you to offer variety of business services to your customers and start your business as ITSP. A complete Ip Telephony Service Provider solution will require 1) Provisioning portal it includes marketing of products and services, client management, billing, CRM and support services 2) communication service portal it provides user and admin web portals to use the communication services. Below we will discuss these two main components accordingly.

Below we will discuss Softtware produts and their capabilities // features required to setup your own Internet Telephony Service Provider business one by one

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition

What services you can provide with ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition ?

With ICTBroadcast, Service providers can provide a wide range of services to their customers. Some of them are listed here.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is mostly used for direct marketing of products or services. It can also be used as an emergency notification system. There is virtually no limit on the number of contacts to dial in a campaign. A single campaign can dial hundreds of thousands of contacts within few minutes and spread your recorded message anywhere in the world. Another variant of voice broadcasting is "Press One" method. It can be to used to connect with a live agent or sales representatives.

Fax Blasting

Most people think that this technology is dying but, in fact, faxing has a re-birth since the advent of internet telephony. Fax campaign in ICTBroadcast dials numbers from contact lists and on answer by the recipient, transfers fax documents.

SMS Messaging

This campaign, just like any other campaign, broadcasts a text message to all the numbers from a contact list.

Voice Call Surveys and Polls campaign

ICTBroadcast also provides survey campaign feature that enables you to run voice-based surveys asking call recipient multiple questions, and then creating useful reports from the survey responses.

Appointment Reminder campaign

ICTBroadcast can be used as an automated appointment reminder software that can help to remind different events.

Subscription campaign to register customers automatically through voice broadcasting campaign

ICTBroadcast Subscription Campaign enables businesses to automatically invoke software registration process or other application with just one key press from recipient / customers. With the help of Subscription Campaign, another software or application can be integrated. It plays pre-recorded voice messages offering customer / recipients to press required key and when interested customer presses that specified key, ICTBroadcast invokes registration process and calls API of other software/Application automatically.

CNAM Support in ICTBroadcast

To implement LCR, some information is required from HLR for which ICTBroadcast has a module CNAM.CNAM query gets the information about that number through OCN, on the basis of that information route is selected.

Inbound and outbound Call Center

ICTBroadcast supports both types of Call Centers :

  • Inbound Call Center
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Inbound Call Center

    Inbound call centers are the ones that deal with incoming calls, emails, texts, and live chat inquiries. An easier concept to understand is, your customer calls you instead of you calling them. These calls are originated by the client, they can provide a great opportunity to delight them with exceptional service.
    See more technical detail on ICTBroadcast SP edition.

    How ICTBroadcast can help you in your ITSP business?

    ICTBroadcast service provider (SP) edition has all the features of enterprise-grade software for its customers who want to become Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services (such as voice, sms, fax and email) to their customers. ICTBroadcast is productive, scalable, fault-tolerant and secure software and also comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading and support services. Some other features that ICTBroadcast SP edition have to support your business are listed below:

    Scalable and Redundant platform to offer services globally

    ICTBroadcast can be scaled with ease to fulfill customer's need accross multiple servers on different locations as well as ICTBroadcast does support full fail-over support , if one node fails , other node will take up its position automatically .

    Multi-tenant and Multi-campaign

    ICTBroadcast SP edition is a multi-tenant system that provides separate web portal for users and administrators. Every user can create unlimited number of campaigns running simultaneously.

    System monitoring

    ICTBroadcast SP edition provides all system monitoring features at one place (i.e. Dashboard) allowing Admin to monitor overall system resources, including nodes, users, channels and campaigns statistics.

    Multi-service Billing

    ICTBroadcast SP edition also provides various billing related reports that is a must have feature of multi-tenant environment. Apart from that, a summary and comprehensive detailed report of every campaign is also created that shows statistics related to the campaign.

    Resource Management

    ICT Broadcast SP edition helps to manage rates, routes, payments, channels, users and their permissions. Administrator can also manage system resources such as assigning or un-assigning extensions and DIDs to users.


    ICTBroadcast SP edition is multi-lingual system with built-in support of many of the mostly used languages on Internet as well as ICTBroadcast support multiple time zone , each user will have its own timezone settings .

    Third Party Integration

    ICTBroadcast SP edition provides easy to use RESTful APIs to integrate with a third party software such as CRM.

    Overall ICTBroadcast SP edition is a complete solution for anyone seeking to start their own business as an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).



    we are also offering other business solutions to our valued customers, Most of these solutions are ready to offer however few are still under development.

    ICTContact Service Provider Edition, offer cloud based inbound / outbound call centre solutions

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer inbound and outbound call center solutions to their customrs , It offers various type of call centre campaigns from simple agent campaign to advance interactive campaigns along with advane WEBRTC based softphone and agent panel support integrated with his CRM.

    ICT Innovations offers ICTContact SP Editon based on number of concurrent channels capacity say one server / 500 channels packages.

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    contact center, progressive dialer, WebRTC, Agent Dashboard

    What services you can provide with ICTContact Service Provider Edition ?

    1. unified contact center supporting voice,sms and email
    2. outbound call center
    3. inbound call center
    4. crm cti integeration services
    5. progressive dialer for CRM
    6. communications api services

    ICTFax Service Provider Edition, provide Email to fax and Web to fax solution

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer complete fax solution including Email to Fax and Web to Fax. With the advanced GUI you can send fax within few seconds without the need of any fax machine.

    ICT Innovations offers ICTFax SP Editon based on number of concurrent calls / channels capacity.

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    fax software, email2fax, web fax, fax2email

    What services you can provide with ICTFax Service Provider Edition ?

    1. Email to Fax
    2. Fax to Email
    3. Web to Fax
    4. ATA Fax
    5. Fax rest api's

    ICTCORE offers communications API services for sending Fax, Email and Placing Calls

    ICTCore is unified communications platform for advance users / developers to integrate their existing systems with unified communications portal to add communications capabilities using drag and drop IVR Designer or through published APIs with ease never offered before.

    ICT Innovations offers ICTCore SP Editon based on number of concurrent channels capacity.

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    What services you can provide with ICTCore ?

    1. Unified communications sms, voice, fax and email
    2. Communications API's provisioning services to web developers to add CTI features in their applications

    ICTCRM Service Provider Edition, offer cloud based CRM Solutions

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables service providers to offer cloud based CRM solutions to their business customers with complete integration of advance communications technologies . It can also be integrated with contact center to offer communication capabilities.

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    What services you can provide with ICTCRM Service Provider Edition ?

    1. ICT integrated advance CRM as SaaS
    2. CTI integeration services with CRM
    3. Voice,SMS and Email integeration with CRM

    ICTSchool Service Provider Edition, offer cloud based school management system

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer cloud based School Management System to educational institutes / schools / colleges / universities. It features mobile apps , complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and sms messaging that connect school teachers , parents and students in such a way that never imagined before. Feature of ICTSchool include

    • Multiple branch management
    • Fee management
    • Report management
    • Attendance management
    • and much more

    ICT Innovations offers ICTSchool SP Editon based on number of concurrent calls / channels capacity

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    School Management Software, Best School Software,Voice Notification, SMS Notification

    What services you can provide with ICTSchool Service Provider Edition ?

    1. School management software as SaaS
    2. Multiple branch management
    3. Fee Management
    4. Attendence management
    5. Accounts management
    6. Papers and Exam management
    7. Parents / Teachers communications
    8. Communications voice / sms integrations

    ICTUstad Service Provider Edition, offer on demand home services

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer cloud based on demand home services to their customers and earn commission from professionals. This platform connects professionals like electrician, plumber, handyman, carpenter and others with their customers like uber model with integration of communication technologies like voice calls and sms messaging.

    ICT Innovations offers ICTUstad SP Editon based on number of concurrent calls / channels capacity.

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    home services, on demand home services, plumber

    What services you can provide with ICTUstad Service Provider Edition ?

    1. On demand home services
    2. plumber services at home
    3. Electrical services at home
    4. Car mechanic services at home
    5. CCTV / security services at home
    6. handyman services at home
    7. cleaning services at home
    8. teaching / main services at home
    9. interior design services at home
    10. constructions services at home
    11. carpenter services at home
    12. painter services at home
    13. any other services at home

    ICTRoshni Service Provider Edition, offer on-line consultancy services

    It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer cloud based on line consultancy services to their customers in the field of Law, Education and Health and earn commission from consultants accordingly . It can be configured to offer other consultancy services . This platform connects professional like doctors, lawyers , educationalist and others with users seeking consultancy in any mentioned field using either real time communications like voice calls or text based communications
    ICT Innovations offers

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    consultant services, law consultant, health consultant

    What services you can provide with ICTRoshni Service Provider Edition ?

    1. online medical consultancy services
    2. online educational consultancy services
    3. online legal consultancy services
    4. online personal/family consultancy services
    5. online business consultancy services

    ICTHospital Service Provider Edition, complete hospital management system

    ICTHospital is the modern Hospital management software system for running any type of Hospital. It bundle Unified Communications. It features complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and text messaging to connect Staff conduct voice calls based questions and make real time surveys, broadcasting important notifications or invitations.
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    hospital management software, lab reports, lab management

    What services you can provide with ICTHospital Service Provider Edition ?

    1. Doctors management
    2. Pateients management
    3. Labortrary management
    4. Pharmacy management
    5. Human resources management
    6. Appointment management
    7. CTI integeration
    8. SMS , Voice calling and Email communications support

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