How to become an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), Start offering ICT services and solutions to your customers

An Internet telephony service provider provides communications services using digital telecommunications mediums such as VoIP to either residential users or commercial enterprises. Anyone having a general knowledge of ICT’s can set up an IP Telephony Service Provider ( ITSP)business. There are three main components required to set up your own ITSP setup.

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Hardware Infrastructure

Hardware infrastructure may consist of dedicated servers, switches, routers, internet bandwidth, etc. The hardware infrastructure can be on a rental basis from a third-party hardware provider or it will be owned at your premises.

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It consists of two main components, first main marketing website with products listing with a self-services customer web portal and eCommerce functionality, and second, a white label multi-tenant ICT service portal to offer cloud-based / hosted ICT services to your customers and manage their billing and accounts separately.

Telecom carries / Gateways

That includes VOIP/SMPP/SMTP/PSTN carriers for voice terminations, SMPP carriers for SMS messaging, and email gateways. The admin needs to select a VOIP/PSTN/SMPP carrier that will provide bulk call origination and termination services.

Software products

In this section, we will discuss multiple ICT’s based software products that will enable you to offer a variety of business services to your customers and start your business as an ITSP. A complete Ip Telephony Service Provider solution will require 1) Provisioning portal it includes marketing of products and services, client management, billing, CRM and support services 2) communication service portal it provides user and admin web portals to use the communication services. Below we will discuss these two main components accordingly.

ICTBroadcast service provider edition

What services you can provide with ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition?

With ICTBroadcast, Service providers can provide a wide range of services to their customers. Some of them are listed here.

  • Bulk automated Voice Communications supporting multiple scenarios
  • Bulk SMS Messaging
  • Fax blasting
  • Email communications
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Center
  • Unified Communications Contact Center
  • CRM communications integration
  • Business communication automation
  • Voice-based automated Surveys
  • IVR Studio to design custom IVRs
  • CTI and personalized communications
  • Auto, Predictive, progressive, preview, power, and manual dialing
  • Rest API’s to integrate CRM or any third-party application
  • Voice-based Appointment reminder
  • Auto-provisioning of products/services
  • Interactive / press 1 campaign



ICTBroadcast Main features


ICTBroadcast has a super advance and super user-friendly IVR Designer / IVR studio that allows you to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The user can pick any application from the toolbar area, then drag it to the main drawing area and drop it. This will create that application at the dropped location. Click here for more information IVR Studio


ICTBroadcast support different type of telemarketing and broadcasting campaigns fulfilling requirement of multiple business scenarios .ICTBroadcast is a web-based unified communication autodialer and telemarketing software. It supports bulk SMS marketing, Fax blasting, and Voice broadcasting. ICTBroadcast offers smart autodialer and smart predictive dialer capabilities. Learn more about unified communications.

Rest API’s and Webhook /
Push call notifications

ICTBroadcast uses REST based API to ensure communication and automation between our products and third party applications is a seamless and simple process. Customers can make the most of third party applications without compromising the quality of service ICTBroadcast provides. Learn more about Rest API’s

Voice Call Surveys and Polls campaign

An ideal customer survey voice would provide a business-wide platform for gathering, evaluating, and acting on feedback. The great news is, the customer’s voice affects the entire company, including every unit and every department working together to solve customer concerns or to meet customer requirements. Learn more about Voice Call Surveys and Polls

Appointment Reminder

ICTBroadcast is a unique auto dialer that can be used as an automated appointment reminder software. Appointment reminders in simple words are devices, software applications,s or alarms that help remind us of different events. Appointments are necessary and thus part of every walk of life. Learn more about Appointment Reminder Campaign

CNAM Support in

ICTBroadcast facilitates its users to implement the LCR technique in Routing. LCR synonym of Least Cost Routing is a process to find the most inexpensive way to route phone calls. It is the process of analyzing and selecting the most economical path of outbound and inbound communications traffic. Learn more about CNAM Support

outbound Call Center with
Predictive dialer support

ICTBroadcast predictive dialer includes complete and advances call center functionalities such as inbound call center and outbound call center with power dialer, predictive dialer, press 1 dialer, Robo dialer, dynamic dialer modes.Learn more about Outbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

ICTBroadcast also supports inbound campaigns that allow inward calling to a supplied DID number. Whenever there is an incoming call received, ICTBroadcast plays an IVR or recorded message (optionally), and on keypress, ICTBroadcast forwards interested callers to Live Agents for further support.Learn more about Inbound Call Center

Subscription campaign to register customers automatically through voice broadcasting campaign

ICTBroadcast Integration campaign is latest innovation in telemarketing and auto-dialling industry , It empowers sales managers to automatically register new customers , book orders, sale packages or upgrade their existing packages . ICTBroadcast Integration campaign enables businesses to automatically invoke software registration process with just one key press from recipient / customers. It plays pre recorded voice messages offering customer / recipients new packages / services / offerings and ask customers to press a specific key if interested and when interested customer press said key , ICTBroadcast invokes registration process calling specific URL / API’s that automatically register new customers, orders or register them for packages accordingly . Learn more about Integration Campaign

How ICTBroadcast can help you in your ITSP business?

ICTBroadcast service provider (SP) edition has all the features of enterprise-grade software for its customers who want to become Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services (such as voice, SMS, fax, and email) to their customers. ICTBroadcast is productive, scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure software and also comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading, and support services. Some other features that ICTBroadcast SP edition have to support your business are listed below:

ICTBroadcast is a web-based multi-tenant auto dialer software that offers separate web portals for Administrators and Users. It facilitates complete campaign management for every user. Each user can manage, monitor, and run multiple campaigns separately and independently. Learn more about ICTBroadcast
ICTBroadcast has different broadcasting campaigns each and everyone targeting your telemarketing needs. These broadcasting campaigns make it a complete unified broadcasting platform where you can broadcast Voice, Fax, SMS, Email, Survey, and IVRs. Following are a list and a brief description of various campaigns that ICTBroadcast support:
White-label software is standard products manufactured for many different businesses by a third-party supplier and rebranded. The company which sells the white-label software will put on it their logo and trademarks on software.
Multi-Service billing offers customers a rich and online billing interface that provides access to consolidated accounts and electronic billing information. This is a powerful feature and its reporting capabilities enable users to take control of their communications services. Multi-Service billing enhances the loyalty of customers, reduces operational and support costs.
You can add funds to a user account and the user can then run campaigns within the available budget. Each outgoing call will check to ensure that sufficient funds are available.ICTBroadcast also offers a REST-based API that allows billing and payments to be made from a web portal. So you don’t need to worry about all the web portal-related matters. ICTBroadcast has complete Service Provider features that make it unique a solution in the telephony and broadcasting domain.
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Other Software products to setup ITSP business

ICTFax Service Provider Edition, provide Email to fax and Web to fax solution

ICTFax is an open source fax solution which helps in sending and receiving faxes via internet. ICTFax provides the facilities to its user to send or receive faxes through its Email to fax and fax to email services.User may send a fax directly from email to a fax machine or user can even receive fax sent through a fax machine in his email inbox by the use of ICTFax solution.

What services you can provide with ICTFax Service Provider Edition?


ICTContact Service Provider Edition, offer cloud-based inbound/outbound call center solutions

ICTContact is advance contact center solution featuring predictive dialing, progressive dialing, IVR studio, multi tenant and white label support, inbound and outbound communications, unified communications and CRM business automation and integration supporting Voice, SMS, Email technologies suitable for contact centers, entrepreneurs and Service Providers.

What services you can provide with ICTContact Service Provider Edition?

  • Voice Communications
  • SMS Communications
  • Email Communications
  • Unified Communication
  • Accessibility
  • Bulk Operations

icTcrm Advanced Open Source CRM with unified communications integrated

ICTCRM is the modern unified communications integerated Customer Relationship management (CRM) software system for running any type of Business.  It features complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and text messaging to connect Staff conduct voice calls based questions and make real time surveys, broadcasting important notifications or invitations, connecting Business and Customers in such a way that never imagined before.

What services you can provide with ICTCRM Service Provider Edition?

  • Unified contact center supporting voice, SMS, and email
  • Outbound call center
  • Inbound call center
  • CRM cti integration services
  • Progressive dialer for CRM
  • Communications API services


An open source unified communications framework designed for developers and integrators to rapidly develop ICT based applications using their existing development skills. By using ICTCore, a developer can create communication-based applications such as Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call, etc. They can program custom business logic that can control incoming and outgoing communication instances.

What services you can provide with ICTCORE Service Provider Edition?

  • Truly unified communications framework
  • Scenario Based Automation
  • Easy to extend
  • Ready to use
  • Multiple Gateways