ICTBroadcast user can create various email templates for Email broadcasting campaigns. Email template is a sample email text where user can provide subject of the email, email body, alternate email body (optionally for receivers who don't have html support), file attachments, use custom tokens in place of receiver's name, email and contact information etc. Once email template is complete, user can use it to broadcast to its contact list of an email campaign.

Template name:
Name of the template as it appears in campaign form
description of the template (optional)
Subject line of the email that user wanted to send to its contact list
Message Body:
Actual message (email body) to send
Alternate Message:
Alternate message without any html tags (optional)
Any number of attachment files to send with email. To attach a file, select it from choose file field and click save button at the top of the page. To remove an attached file, simply check the select box against it and click save at the top of the page.

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