Recording Studio

DIDs Administration
1. Add new DID’s
2. Select [System] as “Assigned to” and select [Recording Studio] against “usage” and save it
3.Publish these DID at your website or Email these DID’s to update users to use these DID’s for recording purpose

Using Recording Studio
1. Click on “My Account” at main menu and note account # and pin code
2. Dial one of available DID
4. On answer, IVR will ask to enter account number, Please enter account number and then press # key
5. IVR will ask to enter pin code , Please enter pin code and press # key
6. After the tone, Record your message and when done press # key
7. Now newly recorded voice message will be played which allow user to
press 1 for confirmation
press 2 to listen recorded message
press 3 to rerecord message
8. if user selects 1 then system will save message, otherwise the message will be discarded

How to record your message through DIDs

How to prepare Voice Recordings