##### Note : Please configure Gateway / sip provider account , add contact and voice recording before going through these instructions

Create Agent through Admin / User Portal

– Visit https://your-domain.com/login.php?action=user
– login as admin
– create extension in ICTBroadcast

Goto Administration Menu ==> Click on Agent / Extensions => Click on “New Extension” button
Enter Agent Name, Agent Number and Password then click on save button

Crate Queue / Skill Group

Goto Administration Menu ==> Click on Agent / Extensions => Click on “New Extension” button
Enter Agent Name, Agent Number, select “Skill Group” from “Forward To” and select Agents for this Queue / Skill Group and then click on save button

assign extension and Queue to some user

Goto Administration Menu => User Management
click on Drop-down arrow of any user under the “OPERATIONS” column
Select agents and skill-group and then click on assign button

Agent Portal Steps

– Now login as Agent from different computer
– Visit https://your-domain.com/login.php?action=agent
– Enter agent number and agent password
– click on ready button from agent phone portal
– when agent ready, you can listen music in background

Lunch Agent / Interactive Campaign

– Goto Admin / User Portal
– Create new interactive / agent campaign

Goto Campaign Menu ==> Campaign Management ==> Add New
click on agent / interactive (press 1) campaign
enter campaign name, select contact group and select Queue / Skill Group in Agent / Operator Extension and enter other required details and click on save button

when call recipient press required key while voice message being played then call will be transfer to free / live agent

Using webphone

User can even access integrated webphone by selecting the desired extension from top **Agent Panel** dropdown

Select Extension

Set agent status

ICTBroadcast provides an option to change the status of Agent as well.
You can set the status of the agent by clicking **status button**. You can set the status either **available or leave**

Note: Only **Available** agent can receive forwarded calls

Agent Presence

### Call Transfer
Transfering a call is not an issue now as call can be transfered to the desired extension by clicking the **call transfer** button and then selecting desired **extension**

Call Transfer

Load Contact

You can view and edit prospect details by clicking on **load contact**.
Please note that it is different from popup URL. Instead of popup it will redirect current window to ICTBroadcast’s internal contact record where user can edit / update it accordingly.

Keypad / DTMF

Handy keys are provided to the agent for operating webphone.
A List of useable key sequences that agent can use for different purposes is given below:

* For hangup press *0
* For call transfer press #1 and then enter target extension number alternatively (without pressing any key) agent can select target number from transfer drowdown button
* For attended call transfer press #2 followed by the target extension


[Forward to Agent on Answer](/Forward-to-agent-on-answer-without-playing-IVR-OR-forward-to-agent-with-IVR-on-key-press)

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