ICT Innovations has decided to offer free version of ICTBroadcast with 2 channel for one month. Now just download and install ICTBroadcast and then get free license key for one month

Free trial version is suitable for individuals as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs). This unlimited trial version is actually a perfect opportunity for SMBs to install ICTBroadcast on their premises and discover its features to get maximum benefit out of it. If SMBs find it useful for their businesses that would be a win-win situation for both businesses and ICT. Individuals and SMBs who are using ICTBroadcast free trial version, can upgrade anytime to a higher channels version and additional features without any hassle. Its simple, easy to use and easy to upgrade too.

To download and install ICTBroadcast follow the instructions given at this link. Once you have installed ICTBroadcast on your server, it will require a license key. To get free trial version license key, select the appropriate (2 channels) package given at this link. This process will require you to register with your information at our service portal. There are no hidden charges in registration process. It's absolutely free.

This free trial version has all the features of Enterprise edition of ICTBroadcast. These features include voice broadcast, fax broadcast, interactive voice broadcast, multiple campaign, multi-tenant, campaign scheduling, answering machine detection (AMD), do not call (DNC) and custom caller ID.